Best Portable Wireless Speakers

September 6, 2019

Whether you’re designing your dream home theater, setting up a dorm room, or trying to bring the party on the road, having the right set of portable wireless speakers is absolutely essential. Everyone from expert filmmakers to event planners to DJs will talk your ear off about the importance of sound quality — it’s probably the most crucial element of watching a movie or TV show. Seriously, the picture on a movie or TV show can be immaculate, but unless the sound is good, it’ll hardly matter at all. Audio is the center of everything, from big screens to parties on the go, which means that having good portable wireless speakers is really key to guaranteeing a good time.

It used to be that your sound quality was restricted to not only the power of your speakers, but the length of the wires, plugs, and other hookups, as well. But with wireless portable speakers, you can bring the sound just about anywhere (as long as they’re charged, of course). They’ve proven so popular that most electronics companies seem to make some kind of portable wireless speakers, which is excellent for consumer choice, but also more than a little bit confusing. But here’s some news that should be sweet music to your ears: MASSE is here to help you sort through all the portable wireless speakers and find the best set for you. We feature only real recommendations from real shoppers who have used the speakers, with no paid posts or sponsored reviews allowed.

Not all portable wireless speakers are appropriate for every situation. Sometimes, you need a small set of portable speakers — neither dorm rooms nor the front baskets on bicycles offer much storage space — and in other cases, having a big set with a whole bunch of speakers leads to an absolutely awesome auditory experience. The brand that makes the portable wireless speakers is also super-important, because some have really rich sound quality while others are tinny and terrible. Plus, you have to consider other features, like whether you want them to connect to other speakers or what kind of connection range you need. These are all crucial points, and we’re here to help you through it and get the party started as soon as possible!

  • Surround Wireless Speakers


    By Bose

    As MASSE users point out, Bose has “been putting out great sound for over 50 years,” and it’s only getting better with new cutting edge technology. These portable wireless speakers are small and easy to hide, but their sound quality is impossible to ignore. They work with any home entertainment system (though you may want to combine it with a Bose base) and have a range of up to 30 feet, so you can place these excellent portable wireless speakers throughout your home for a multi-room, single-DJ party.

  • Pulse Wireless Speaker


    By JBL

    JBL is known for creating high quality speakers with incredibly rich and textured sound, so any device you buy from them is bound to be awesome. This Pulse Wireless Speaker is no exception to that rule, as it boasts a built-in bass port for incredibly deep sound. It also does double duty with its awesome, ultra-colorful LED light design, which reacts to the music to create a trippy light show — MASSE users say it’s the best part of this all-in-one party machine!

  • Soundcore 2


    By Anker

    Anker’s Soundcore 2 portable speaker is as powerful sounding as it is simple to use. It’s a party in a small black box, with 12W of thumping audio connected with bluetooth technology. You can keep the party going all night, too, with its built-in rain protection and whopping 24 hour straight playtime. (If your party goes that long, let us in on your secret!) MASSE users rave about both the sound quality and its small size, which makes it a perfect wireless speaker for the beach and other outdoor events.

  • Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker


    By Ultimate Ears

    This little portable wireless speaker puts out big sound from a long distance! UE Megaboom’s Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker works from a range of up to 50 feet and lasts on one charge for up 10 hours thanks to its extended battery life. The sound quality on this thing is just stunning, and with the ability to link up to a mobile app and other speakers, it makes for a very smart choice for people looking to save some space but not skimp on sound.

  • WONDERBOOM Portable Bluetooth Speaker


    By Ultimate Ears

    With Ultimate Ears’ WONDERBOOM portable bluetooth speaker, you can not only take your party to the next level, you can take it to new depths. This portable wireless speaker works in up to a bit more than three feet of water, meaning that you can take this thing in the pool and bring the dance party to the pool (or make water aerobics class that much more fun). Plus, it’s got 360 degrees of speakers built on, so you’ve got instant surround sound capabilities. Our shoppers love both its sound quality and the range of fun colors it comes in!