Unique Gifts for Wine Lovers

August 23, 2019

It’s not that wine lovers are necessarily more sophisticated than the rest of us, they’re just smart enough to know how to relax in a classy, classic way. Of course, so many of us love a good glass of wine, but being what we’d call a “wine lover” is a whole other level. Like wine itself, line lovers and wine lover culture is remarkably rich and varied, with many flavors and inimitable sophistication. And while there have always been vineyards all over the world, wine lovers now have access to their products as never before. This means all kinds of great vino, but also more to know than ever before. But don’t worry, just because you’re not a wine lover yourself doesn’t mean that your hopes of finding great gift ideas for wine lovers have to die on the vine.

Seriously, don’t worry if you don’t if you aren’t steeped in knowledge about different kinds of grapes or the climates of various parts of the globe. That’s where MASSE comes in. We’re entirely confident we can help you find amazing gift ideas for wine lovers because our community is filled with both wine lovers and the people who have bought gifts for them. You won’t have to worry about the funny business you find on so many other recommendation sites, either, because MASSE doesn’t allow any sponsored posts or sneaky paid reviews. When we say bottoms up, we’re only talking about wine glasses, not shoddy products.

If you’ve tried to buy gifts for wine lovers before, you’ve probably wandered around liquor stores and wine shops looking for a good bottle while terrified that you’re going to make a ridiculous choice. We get it — buying wine can be confusing thanks to all the different factors involved, from type of grapes to vintage to vineyards. That’s why we’re recommending great gift ideas for wine lovers that veer away from the bottle itself and focus more on accessories that will help them either enjoy their wines or show off their love for the stuff. From totes to glasses and wine bottle openers, we have recommendations for amazing gift ideas for wine lovers that will go down smooth and easy.

  • Calistoga Insulated Wine Tote


    By Mark & Graham

    What’s better than bringing a great bottle of wine to a party? Bringing a great bottle of wine in a cool and classy tote bag! Mark & Graham’s Calistoga Insulated Wine Tote is a great gift idea for wine lovers because each and every one of them will ultimately an efficient way to transport their wine that’s as sophisticated as the booze itself. This tote has room for two bottles, is well-insulated to keep them both safe and perfectly frigid, and comes with a strong shoulder strap to make carrying it even easier. Plus, you can get it monogrammed for the truly dedicated wine lover in your life!

  • Boston Goblet, Set of 4


    By Villeroy & Boch

    Forget sleek and streamlined, this set of four Boston Goblets from Villeroy & Boch will make any table look like it is hosting a true and proper festival feast. These crystal goblets are a great gift idea for wine lovers who enjoy a bit of pageantry and fun with their drinks, and really make for perfect dinner party drinkware. As one fun-loving MASSE user said, “I choose fashion over function,” and any wine-lover who feels the same way will get a kick out of these goblets as a gift.

  • Wine Opener with Foil Cutter



    Picture this: you’re with someone who has got this amazing bottle of wine and they’re dying to share it with everyone (and you’re very excited to take a sip or three). And then, the unthinkable happens: someone’s cheap wine opener breaks with the cork still in the bottle, rendering it absolutely impossible to try that new vintage. Sounds like a wine lover’s nightmare, right? Luckily, you can avoid that kind of catastrophe with INNOKA’s high-end wine opener, which also comes with a foil cutter for brand new bottles. Our users call it “super easy and efficient,” and that’s really all you want out of a wine opener!

  • Decanter with Drying Stand


    By Brew to a Tea

    You can help favorite wine lover enjoy their next bottle even more by gifting them this high-end wine decanter from Brew to a Tea. The act of decanting wine — or pouring it from a bottle to a second, more uniquely shaped glass flagon — helps aerate it, adding oxygen and playing up the flavor while leaving the sediment in the bottle. This decanter is the total package, as it comes with a drying stand, beads to clean its hard to reach places, and a cork stopper so that the wine you pour in there can last longer. It’s also made out of crystal, and as one MASSE user points out, that’s really much better than glass. You really can’t go wrong!

  • Tour Red Wine Glass


    By Crate & Barrel

    Sure, people swish the tiniest samplings of wine around their mouths at wine tastings, but once they’ve found a wine they love, there’s no reason to hold back. These Tour Red Wine Glasses from Schott Zwiesel make it easy for wine lovers to really embrace their favorite new vintage, as they are large and, thanks to their hard contoured shape, easy to drink from. They’re also sturdy, as they’re made from scratch and crack-resistant glass, so each goblet should last quite a while. MASSE shoppers not only love its size, they’re also enamored with its angular shape. This is definitely a great, unique gift for wine lovers.