Best Small Wine Cooler

July 12, 2019

Imagine this: It’s a perfect summer night, you’ve got some friends over, everyone’s laughing and having a good time. It’s a bit hot out, but that’s OK — you’ve been saving a great bottle of wine for a long time and this is the party where you’re going to finally crack it open. But when you go fetch the bottle, your heart begins to sink… the wine is warm and everything is going to be ruined. How could you have let this happen?!

OK, now take a deep breath — it was just an imaginary scenario. And if you don’t want to live out that wine nightmare, the good news is that there is an easy solution: A small wine cooler that can keep a few bottles comfortably chilled and ready for you and your friends to pop open at any time. You don’t need to have a giant wine cellar or massive fridge to keep your prized bottles of bubbly chilled and ready for your next big party — in fact, a small wine cooler is just as effective at ensuring your wine is cool and ready to go, and way easier to manage.

Still, easy is relative. It probably comes as no surprise that, as with all other things pertaining to wine, it takes some careful consideration to find the best small wine cooler for your needs. Size matters, as do the number of bottles it holds and how chilled each small wine cooler keeps your bottles. But here’s even more good news: MASSE provides recommendations for the best small wine coolers, from people who have really used them. It’s all well and good to be told a small wine cooler is effective by a manufacturer, but unless you’re hearing it from people who own them, you can’t totally trust it. We don’t allow any paid reviews on small wine coolers or sponsored posts, so every wine cooler you find here is the best of the best.

  • Stone Cold Marble Wine Chiller


    By CB2

    CB2’s Stone Cold Marble Wine Chiller is the perfect small wine cooler for hosting guests because it snugly fits your finest bottle while also serving as a fantastic design piece. It’s made from white banswara marble, which keeps wine naturally chilled, and its solid body means it can serve as a vase when you’re not cooling vino in it. As one MASSE shopper points out, it makes for a great gift, too!

  • Silent 18 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator Slimline with Upright Bottle Storage


    By Wine Enthusiast

    Are you a wine collector who likes to keep a fair number of bottles on hand but don’t have the room for a huge cellar? Or do you have a big wine cellar but want to keep a dozen or so handy upstairs? Either way, this wine cooler from the aptly named Wine Enthusiast will provide great refrigeration without taking up too much space. It’s smartly designed — our users love the way it allows bottles to sit horizontally stand upright, allowing you to both display and chill your wine efficiently.

  • White Marble Wine Cooler


    By Pottery Barn

    This small wine cooler from Pottery Barn is a classy addition to any home and makes for a great display during a party. It holds one bottle, but it can handle up to 33 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about this white marble wine cooler tipping over or having trouble with your bigger bottles. It’s a favorite gift for our users — and as one notes, it can also fit a vodka bottle.

  • Bolly Wine Cooler Bucket


    By Alessi

    Some of the best wines you’ll ever taste come from Italy, so it stands to figure that they also make some pretty good wine coolers over there to keep their vino fresh. Alessi, a leading Italian housewares brand, has combined their natural know-how with the insights of renowned French champagne producer Bollinger of Ay to create this stunning stainless steel mirror small wine cooler, which one of our shoppers called “modern yet timeless.” Makes for a great gift, too!

  • 25 Bottle Wine Fridge Stainless Steel


    By Whirlpool

    This small wine cooler is really more of a small wine fridge of the highest quality. From Whirlpool, the company you rely on for all your appliance, this 25 bottle stainless steel refrigerator allows you to lay down your bottles in different positions, creating both a smart organizing system and solid display. The see-through door also makes it easy to choose what you want without letting out all the chilled air, which would defeat the purpose of owning this in the first place. One of our users said it best — this wine cooler is a great way to treat yourself!