Best Wedding Gift Ideas for Friends

October 4, 2019

For the people getting married, a wedding is a sacred union between the two loving souls. For the guests, it’s a whole mess of crazy logistics, major decisions, and big credit card bills… as well as, hopefully, a whole lot of fun. Some of our favorite wedding traditions include flying to strange cities, steaming clothing in your rooms, eating extra cake, dancing with strangers, enjoying an open bar, and crying at seeing our friends so happy. The wedding tradition we don’t love so much? Agonizing over finding creative wedding gifts to buy friends.

If you’ve been to more than a couple weddings, you know we’re not kidding about the high stakes nature of wedding gift ideas for friends, either. After all, you feel honored to have made the cut and have been invited to attend your friend’s wedding instead of just seeing the photos on Instagram, so you want to say thank you by really nailing the wedding gift. There are easy solutions, obviously, including tossing some money into the honeymoon fund or just picking a random gift off a wedding gift off the registry, and those aren’t bad options at all. But sometimes, you really want to go above and beyond with your wedding gift ideas for friends, especially when you’re very close with someone or just need to shake it up for the eighth or ninth wedding of the season.

That’s where MASSE comes in. We’re like your secret shopping assistant — or, to be more accurate, we’re a huge community of secret shopping assistants. MASSE provides recommendations for the best wedding gift ideas for friends, based on reviews from real people who have really used the items or given them as gifts. We’re powered by people just like you, who have great friends and great taste and want to make sure you’re finding and buying the best wedding gift ideas for friends. After all, you’re trying to be a great friend, and one good friend deserves another — or really, a whole community of them.

We’ll help you find the best wedding gift ideas for friends so you can feel great about helping your friends move on to this amazing next stage in their lives. People remember the great wedding gifts they get for a very long time, so by helping you nail the great wedding gift ideas for friends, we’re really helping you to strengthen your friendship, and that’s the greatest gift of all.

  • Celine Throw


    By Sferra

    A wedding party should feel like a giant warm hug from friends and family, and some of the best wedding gift ideas make sure that feeling extends far past the end of the event. These Celine throw blankets from Sferra are a great wedding gift idea for friends if you want to ensure that they continue to experience that warm and fuzzy feeling for years to come (and remember that you’re responsible for it, natch). The soft, brushed cotton throw comes in a wide range of relaxing, almost pastel colors, presented in a herringbone weave. It’s a classic look with a modern feel and a perfect item for a newly married couple’s home.

  • Memo Paper with Custom Monogramming


    By Alissa Bell

    When we talk about the work surrounding weddings, we generally talk about the year or so of prep and planning that comes before the wedding. That makes sense, obviously, considering how much is required to prepare such a memorable event, but rarely do people talk about all the work that comes after the party — there’s everything from fully merging lives to writing the thank you notes. You can be a lifesaver by helping your favorite couple do both with this beautiful memo paper with monogramming from Alissa Bell, a local San Francisco papier that produces gorgeous custom stationary. With options for gold foil, black letterpress and blind emboss, you can set people up with years’ worth of note cards — perhaps their first as a couple — or make it easy for them to send thank you notes. Either way, it’s a great wedding gift idea for friends because it’s gorgeous and useful.

  • Instant Pot DUO30 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker 3-Qt.


    By Instant Pot

    The happy couple generally spends the first few weeks of their post-honeymoon lives eating leftover wedding cake (what a way to start a marriage!) but at some point, it’s back to reality. A reality filled with all kinds of new dishware and cutlery, but no new help with putting food on those fancy new plates. That’s why Instant Pot’s DUO30 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker is such a great wedding gift idea for friends — sure, you could get them yet more silverware, but they’ll probably be way more grateful for a kitchen device that combines all the essential ways of cooking in the kitchen into one handy device (and one that throws in measuring cups and spoons, to boot). From slowcooking to steaming and sauteing, this does it all, making it a great wedding gift idea for your friends.

  • House Cleaning - 2 Hours, Standard Products


    By Amazon Home Service

    You know what you don’t want to do right after you get married? Clean your home or apartment, that’s what — especially if you’ve got a lot of wrapping paper, clothing, and other stuff laying around after the big day. And because just about everyone comes home to a mess, getting a newlywed couple a two hour house cleaning from Amazon’s Home Service is an amazing wedding gift idea. As one MASSE shopper says, it’s a “life-saver” and “a wedding gift they will most definitely use,” which is definitely more than you can say for all those dish sets every single newlywed couple seems to get, no matter what’s on their registry.

  • Silver Plated Double Beaded Double Hinged 4x5 Picture Frame


    By Lawrence Frames

    If there’s one thing that every newlywed couple can count on, it’s having a gigantic pile of photographs (and that’s not even counting all the pics tagged on Instagram with their wedding hashtag). Your friends will likely have at least one photo album to store their favorite pictures, but like any couple, they’ll also probably want to display the absolute best photos (aka the ones they look best in). This beautiful silver-plated double-hinged 4x5 picture frame by Lawrence Frames is a thoughtful wedding gift idea for friends, family members, and really just any newlyweds, as it fits two wedding photos for double the memories!