Best 1 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts
June 28, 2019

Congrats! You’ve almost made it! A full year being married. How does it feel? It’s been a whirlwind, right? First you had to prepare for a wedding (even small ones or eloping take a lot of thought!), then perhaps a honeymoon, and then, let’s hope, the actual honeymoon period. It’s probably gone by so quickly and now you’re suddenly staring down your 1 year wedding anniversary and really need to find a great gift. After all, you want to keep the magic going, and sure, love and attention are most important, but a really great 1 year wedding anniversary gift will definitely help.

Here’s the tricky part: if this is your first wedding anniversary, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve never had to buy a wedding anniversary gift for a significant other before. And, even if this isn’t your first go-round on the marriage train, buying a 1 year wedding anniversary gift can still be very tricky. But don’t be stressed — we here at MASSE are here to help you find the perfect 1 year wedding anniversary gift! MASSE offers recommendations for 1 year wedding anniversary gifts from real people who have both given and received the items in question. And we don’t allow any paid reviews or sponsored posts, so there’s no chance they’re going to be shady.

So, what makes for a good 1 year wedding anniversary gift? Let’s start with what to avoid: you likely have a home filled with stuff from your wedding registry (a lot of which you probably didn’t want in the first place), so you definitely don’t need to buy a toaster or set of dishes. And you also don’t want it a 1 year wedding anniversary gift to be much like a birthday gift — there’s got to be a bit more romance in it than that. A 1 year wedding anniversary gift should be personal, special, and help keep the magic of that first year of that beautiful first year of marriage burning.

Below, you’ll find some great options for 1 year wedding anniversary gifts for both him and her, from gorgeous jewelry to items that can help you continue to make — and record — your memories together. Because in the end, the best 1 year wedding anniversary gift is the first step to celebrating a second wedding anniversary.

Women’s Beige Leather Strap Watch 32mm 97L146
Six Point Star Stud Earring (Single)
Knot Extra-Thin Bracelet in Brass with Gold Finish
Our Q&A a Day: A 3-year Journal for 2 People
Potter Gift
Camel Check Tie
Time seems to both pause and fly by when you’re with the person you love, both of which are amazing feelings that make having a watch even more necessary — after all, you’ve still got schedules to follow, even in the throes of love. But this Bulova beige leather strap watch isn’t just some utilitarian timekeeping device, but a gorgeous rose gold-colored stainless steel timepiece with a sunray dial and a warm strap. One very happy MASSE user, who received the watch as a gift, called it “simple classic style with not too much bling,” and we love that it’s understated yet elegant.
This simple six point star stud earring is equal parts stunningly stylish and sweetly symbolic. Made by Catbird, one of the hottest and coolest jewelry designers in New York, this star earring radiates out with gold points and sparkles with a diamond center, guaranteeing that your special someone will glow every time they wear it. This earring — which you should purchase in a pair — make for a great 1 year wedding anniversary gift because they’re really cool and classy.
Celebrate your first year after tying the knot with this adorable extra-thin knot bracelet from Celine. Made from brass with a gentle gold finish, it’ll sit well on any wrist and serve as a reminder of the love and fun times you’ve had in your first year of marriage. That makes this bracelet a really perfect 1 year wedding anniversary gift and something that can bring a smile to the person wearing it at any time.
Communication is the most important aspect of a marriage, but it’s not always easy to be open and honest with your partner. Our Q&A a Day, a lovely co-journal from Potter Gift, reopens those lines of communication by providing daily prompts for both people in the relationship, with questions that help you remember the things you love about someone while also offering opportunities to tell them things that might not come up in daily conversation. Plus, it only requires a sentence or two of writing, so it’s not at all a hassle. It has room for three years, and when you’re done, it’ll serve as a reminder of those wonderful early years of marriage!

Camel Check Tie

$190.00By: Burberry
Sometimes you want to go with a smart, timeless staple to celebrate a new marriage. As one MASSE user said in their review, this Burberry tie is a “classic” and looks great with both casual and more dressy clothing. Your wedding may be a year in the rearview mirror, but you likely have plenty more nuptials to attend over the next bunch of years, and this tie makes a great 1 year wedding anniversary gift — after all, deciding what to wear to those weddings should be way easier than figuring out what to wear at your own.