Best Sports Water Bottle

September 20, 2019

Water is one of the essential building blocks of life, which makes a sports water bottle one of the most essential items you can own. Seriously — drinking water is probably the single most effective thing you can do for your health, and to make it a habit, you’ve got to find the right sports water bottle. That's especially true if you’re looking to get healthy without spending a ton of time or money on the process.

Sure, there are endless self-care regimens out there now, from different diets and nutrients to exercise routines and physical lifestyle changes, and a lot of them are pretty solid (some, well, not so much). Some are quite similar to one another (for example, paleo and keto are a bit like Atkins 2.0), while others are very different (hello yoga vs powerlifting), but no matter what, the common denominator is water. You already spend enough on that gym membership, so you can ignore the expensive sports drinks that just dehydrate you and go with a great sports water bottle as you work out. It’s better for your health, as well as your wallet!

Properly hydrating — read: drinking a ton of water — is at the core of all diets, exercise, and wellness routines. You can’t workout without lots of water, diets won’t digest properly without water, and even skincare programs won’t be the same if you’re not hydrating. So, as you can see, drinking water is crucial to everything, so buying the best sports water bottle is huge. Just what constitutes the best sports water bottle for your needs, however, is where things get tricky.

  • Glass Water Bottle with Flip Cap


    By Lifefactory

    You know what’s silly? Being all health-conscious and drinking lots of water, but doing so out of a sports water bottle that is made with so many hazardous materials, you’re actually doing yourself more harm than good. Lifefactory makes sure you’re not defeating the whole purpose of hydration self-care by making its bottles out of durable glass, with no plastics or metals involved at all. This glass water bottle also comes with a flip cap to make sure you’re hydrating your body, not your bag or floor. MASSE shoppers love that cap, as well as the different lids and variety of color options available for this sports water bottle.

  • Self-Cleaning Bottle


    By LARQ

    When trainers and doctors recommend you drink lots of water, they’re working under the assumption that you’ll be guzzling down bottled water or clean tap water. Unfortunately, clean water isn’t always readily available, which makes this self-cleaning bottle from LARQ so clutch. It uses UV-C LED light to purify the water — it eliminates 99.999% of contaminants — and then clean the bottle itself. As one MASSE user writes, “everyone needs a reusable water bottle,” and honestly, that includes people who have access to clean water, as well — just try going a few days without cleaning your water bottle and see how much detritus builds up in there. Actually, we don’t recommend doing that — just get the LARQ self-cleaning sports water bottle and enjoy your fresh, clean water!

  • Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle


    By Hydro Flask

    Ever find yourself on a run or bike ride, reaching for that cold, life-giving water, only to have the sports water bottle slip out of your hand? It kills the momentum and can ruin the workout! Thankfully, Hydro Flask’s vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle has a powderized slip-free grip, so you can hydrate mid-stride without giving it a second thought. It also keeps your water cold, so no matter how sweaty you are, you’ll feel refreshed upon the first sip. One MASSE shopper says this is the only water bottle that gets her drinking water on the regular — keeping it chilled for 24 hours tends to help — and encourages her to drink more water.

  • Collapsible Water Bottle


    By Anntrue

    Whether you’re stuffing your gym bag or trying to maximize space in your hiking backpack, water bottles tend to take up a whole lot of room. That was basically unavoidable unless you resigned yourself to a toxic plastic bottle that would get all crushed up in your bag. Luckily, Anntrue’s collapsible water bottle is an absolute game changer, as it folds up like an accordion when not filled with water to save you room and hassle. It’s made from high-quality, FDA-approved silicon and folds to just over five inches tall. You can also adjust it as you drink, as one MASSE shopper notes, and it doesn’t even spill when it’s full.

  • 20oz Glass Spencer Water Bottle


    By Ello

    One of the few downsides of having a regular sports water bottle is the fact that they can get somewhat gnarly if they’re made out of certain materials. Bad smells, weird stains, melted tops — all quite annoying… and nothing you have to worry about with a high quality glass water bottle from Ello. Their sturdy glass sports water bottles are odor-free, stain-free, and don’t allow for bacterial buildup, and paired with an easy-open lid and secure locking mechanism, it’s the complete water bottle package. MASSE shoppers shout out the silicone sleeve that keep the water bottle from breaking and the easy travel strap, as well — though it’s slim enough to put in a purse, which is super clutch!