Unique Couple Gifts

September 20, 2019

Looking for unique couple gifts? Let us just first congratulate you on your generosity, because we know how hard it can be to shop for couples and find gifts that aren’t hokey, presumptive, or downright weird. Serious, it’s OK, you can admit it: finding unique couple gifts is actually very difficult. After all, while it makes sense to feel super happy for a close friend when they find a significant other that they really love, it does come with one specific downside: It can take years of friendship to know exactly what kind of gift to get someone, and when they shack up with someone, it totally scrambles the gift-giving process! And so, giving unique couple gifts is so much harder than buying unique gifts for one person, especially when you only really know one half of the couple well.

Even if you do know both people in the couple fairly well, it still can be quite a challenge to find unique couple gifts that they will both want (or don’t already have). Whether opposites actually attract will probably always be up for some debate, but it’s undeniable that not all couples share all (or many) of the same interests. We can tell you for certain that sports fans don’t always date and marry sports fans, and nerds don’t always date and marry nerds (opposites attract, right?). So you really have to thread the needle to find unique couples gifts that make both people happy — but believe us, it can be done!

How do we know? Well, we at MASSE work hard to put together great lists of gift ideas based on recommendations and reviews from real people who have really given and/or received the items in question. We are driven entirely by authentic shoppers who love to share their very informed opinions on products they love (and don’t love). We don’t allow paid reviews or sponsored posts, so you can be sure all the unique couple gifts are the real deal and will win you a grateful thank you note, not a pair of awkward grins.

A few quick ideas and guidelines for unique couple gifts: you can get them something for their home, especially something they may have thought about putting on a wedding registry (if they’re that far along, of course) but ultimately figured might be too fun for a boring list like that. Activities are also great ways for couples who are so busy with work to really come together and spend quality time together. And gifts that help them preserve the memories they’ve already made and remind themselves why they’re a couple — there are few sweeter gifts than that.

  • DIY Craft Kits Subscription Box


    By Adult & Crafts

    As the old saying that we definitely didn’t just make up goes, the couple that crafts together, stays together. We really believe that — there are few things as effective at building teamwork, trust, and fond memories as working toward a shared goal, especially when it’s low-stakes, creative, and mutually beneficial. The DIY craft kit subscription box from Adult & Craft is a perfect unique couple gift because it presents a new craft every month, giving couples the opportunity to work together, utilize their respect skills, and make something fun for their home that’ll remind them of the good time they spent together. One MASSE shopper suggested it for long-distance friends, as it provides the added benefit of reminding your friends how much you care every month.

  • Salt Fat Acid Heat


    By Samin Nosrat

    This book is the perfect unique couple gift for any pair of people who love TV, loves to cook or loves to eat… so, really, just about everyone. Samin Nosrat is a world-renowned chef, food educator, and now TV star, thanks to her Netflix adaptation of her James Beard-winning cookbook. It takes food back down to the basics, teaching that there are just four essential ingredients (and they’re not even secrets — they’re literally in the title). The raves this book receives from MASSE users are endless — they rave about how much they learned from it and how wonderful the recipes are, too.

  • DIY Photo Album Scrapbook


    By BBwill

    Life can fly by, and sometimes, couples can begin to lose sight of all the reasons why they’re together. One of the most important parts of any healthy relationship is taking time to regularly appreciate one another, and oftentimes, the easiest and most direct way to do that is to look back and remember the moments that are truly worth remembering. A DIY photo album scrapbook is a great unique couple gift because it makes it fun and easy to spend time together and recall all the adventures they’ve gone through together. It’s got thick blank pages for maximum customization and a weathered, archival cover bound with rope to add some excitement and gravity to the project. It’s super-cute and more useful than you’ll probably ever even hear, even from very grateful couples.

  • Heritage Covered Rectangular Casserole Dish


    By Le Creuset

    Couples hosting dinner parties together marks a true milestone, and you can help both class up those parties and make the cooking much easier to handle with this impressive Heritage covered casserole dish from Le Creuset. It’s deep enough to handle meats, cheeses, and all kinds of other dishes, and it seals to keep the food juicy and tender. MASSE users love that they’re all hand-crafted, making for a very unique couple gift that will last for years!

  • The Voting Game


    By Player Ten

    Whether you’re living in a dorm or hanging out with your married friends, a fun game can take a boring night and turn it into a hilarious evening of camaraderie (whether you combine it liquor is your call). The Voting Game from Player Ten is an easy-to-play game — all you need is the deck of cards and some willing and honest friends, who will answer questions like “who gives the most awkward hugs?” It’s a great, unique couple gift, especially for couples who are quite confident and comfortable in their relationship. MASSE shoppers say it’s a really fun game that helps you learn a lot about people, and as we mentioned before, makes for a fun drinking game, too!