Best Gifts for Frequent Travelers

October 4, 2019

You can always spot a frequent traveler not so much by their luggage but their lack thereof. People who don’t do much traveling tend to have big, clunky suitcases or even multiple bags, with odd-shaped gear sticking out at all ends. They’re the people who take forever at the baggage check and slow the line at the TSA security check-in down to a crawl as they juggle their different wires, chords, passports, blankets, and whatever else they’ve stuffed into their bags. Frequent travelers, on the other hand, know how to maximize their space, even if they’re heavy packers.

We’re all jealous of frequent travelers, and if it’s not because they’re on the go all the time (some people are just homebodies) but because of how chill and organized they seem when they’re in transit. But we know their secret: keeping things small, light, flexible, and convenient. So if you want to find a great gift for frequent travelers, think along those lines. When you’re shopping for gifts for frequent travelers, what you’re really doing is looking for items that’ll make their lives easier, their bags lighter, and help them out in a jam. Think of yourself as Q from the James Bond movies, except you’re not a genius inventor but a savvy shopper who they’ll be thanking when they’re waiting on connecting flights or squishing into way-too-small seats on a train.

Whether the frequent traveler in your life is on the road a lot for work and staying in classy hotels, backpacking across the world and sleeping wherever they can find a bit of shade, or taking a road trip and bunking with friends, you can find them the perfect gift with MASSE. We’re a shopping platform for and by frequent shoppers and offer recommendations based on reviews from people who have really used the products in question. That’s especially crucial when you’re buying gifts for frequent travelers, because there’s no such thing as practicing travel — if something doesn’t work when you’re on the road, that’s that. You will never find any paid reviews or sponsored posts on MASSE, either — just honest advice from honest shoppers just like you, so you can find the best gifts for frequent travelers around.

  • Baby Alpaca Square Edge Cape


    By Cuyana

    As frequent flyers will tell you, it’s just about impossible to predict the temperature of a plane, other than the fact that you can be rest assured that it’s going to be one extreme or another. And if it’s freezing cold, there’s nothing worse than ponying up for an expensive but cheaply made airplane blanket. Instead, any frequent traveler would love this snug, warm, baby alpaca square edge cape from Cuyana — it’s stylish, doubles as a warm blanket, and works well for a night on the town once you reach your destination. MASSE shoppers love this cape — they call it breathable and perfect for any outfit. “I use mine for everything from as a blanket on planes to a shawl for going out to dinner on vacation,” one shopper wrote in their very on-point review.

  • Ease Inflatable Travel Pillow with Luxuriously Soft Washable Cover


    By AirComfy

    Here’s a hard truth about travel pillows: No matter how plush they seem, they almost never work properly. Whether it’s because the seat back is too rigid or the seat curvature is too deep or they throw off the rest of your body or some other reason, even the fanciest looking pillows are rarely a match for an airplane seat. That’s why AirComfy’s Ease Inflatable Travel Pillow is so clutch — not only does it have a luxurious cover, it allows you to adjust its size and firmness so that it fits exactly as needed, ensuring both neck stability and lumbar support. Both major travel publications and MASSE shoppers love this travel pillow, both for its comfort and ability to deflate and fit right in your bag. An amazing gift for frequent travelers who don’t want to rough it!

  • Multi-Purpose Travel Passport Wallet


    By Zoppen

    It’s always good to keep your ID, credit cards, and cash close to you, but it’s a total necessity when you’re traveling. And if you’re a frequent traveler, you really know the value of an all-in-one storage solution. This multi-purpose travel passport wallet from Zoppen is a great gift for frequent travelers because it’s a fantastic tri-fold wallet that holds absolutely everything you need — credit cards, cash, a passport and even boarding passes. It even has a cell phone pouch! It’s “durable as hell,” one MASSE user writes in their review, so you’ll know it’ll last a very long time.

  • Jet Lag Mask


    By Summer Fridays

    Whether you’re flying first class or in the far back economy seats, just being on a plane and sitting in that recycled air can do a number on your skin, not to mention your nerves. For the longest time, there was basically no way to avoid that icky post-flight feeling, but Summer Fridays’ innovative Jet Lag Mask is now here to make it a thing of the past. It’s a light cream mask that re-hydrates the skin and helps revive any traveler’s complexion, while providing a fresh scent that revives the senses. Plus, it’s clear, as one MASSE shopper points out, so frequent travelers who wear it won’t look like they are turning their plane seat into their own personal bedroom. Another MASSE user says they use this mask “religiously” on long flights!

  • Fold-Up Bag


    By Paravel

    Paravel’s Fold-Up bag is like carrying around a little magic trick — it offers plenty of space when you need it, then just about disappears when you don’t. The bag folds absolutely flat, making it super clutch for people relying on carry-ons and backpackers who need to make every inch count. It’s made of nylon so it’s super light, but also very durable, and MASSE shoppers note how helpful it is when they’re doing some shopping on the road (hey, it’s a lifestyle). It’s a great gift for frequent travelers who like to travel light and those who really just can’t help but want to take as much stuff as possible.