Best Oversized Tote Bags

September 20, 2019

Tote bags are no longer just for the public radio and PBS crowd (though shoutout to those very smart, educated people for also being on the cutting edge of both practicality and fashion, we really should listen to them more often). Now, pretty much everyone can, should, and does carry an oversized tote bag, both because they’re very stylish and very versatile — they range from canvas totes to stylish and large purse-style bags. You can get oversized tote bags for almost every occasion, in all manner of designs.

In fact, with so many oversized tote bags on the market, it’s now suddenly hard to figure out which one will work for you — and you probably don’t want to risk finding out if your tote bag isn’t strong enough to hold your stuff while you’re out and in the middle of using it. But there’s good news: Like a very durable and stylish oversized tote bags, MASSE is absolutely filled with real reviews and great recommendations from real people who have really used the products. Our list of the best oversized tote bags is no different — it’s compiled from only expert and satisfied customers, with no sponsored posts or paid reviews allowed.

We’ve also curated the list based on different needs — oversized tote bags are extremely useful and versatile, but not everyone uses them for the same variety of purposes. Maybe you’re looking for an oversized tote bag to take to the gym, or maybe you want one to pack up for the park on a glorious fall afternoon day. You would definitely get a different oversized tote bag for work — you’ll want a higher-end bag that looks more like a purse, and lots of them come with special compartments for laptops and chargers. You can even get oversized tote bags for special occasions, thanks to a growing array of leather (and faux-leather) oversized tote bags. And you can find tote bags in everything from solid colors to fantastic, high-end print designs. The possibilities are endless — thanks public radio!

  • Legend Tote


    By Dagne Dover

    Dagne Dover’s Legend Tote earns its name by being durable, versatile, and very cute. Its coated canvas exterior comes in a number of colors, ranging from black through several grays, blues, and more colorful options, and its polyester is broken up into different pockets, which our users absolutely love. This oversized tote’s compartments hold 15’ laptops, keys, wallets, phones, and even a change of shoes and clothing, so it can be your go-to bag! One MASSE shopper called it an “absolute DREAM” for people who love organizing, which can be pretty rare for a tote bag!

  • Roxana Large Tote Bag


    By Loeffler Randall

    Remember when we said oversized tote bags could be fashion-forward? Feast your eyes on this leopard print Roxana tote bag from Loeffler Randall! It’s guaranteed to make a splash, but it’s also incredibly convenient and comfortable to wear. It’s not so big that you feel dragged down, but it also holds a lot of items and keeps them safe with a magnetic closure. MASSE shoppers are really into this oversized tote bag because, as one reviewer said, you can definitely use it as a purse while on a trip, because it doesn’t look like traditional luggage.

  • Transport Tote


    By Madewell

    Madewell’s Transport Tote is simple, sturdy, and very sophisticated. It’s going to hold a whole lot of weight thanks to its tanned leather body, has plenty of room inside, and its eight inch strap makes it viable as a shoulder bag and top handle bag. MASSE users praise this oversized tote for its interior space — good for laptops and lots of other everyday items — and how well its made. “Classic” is a word that comes up a lot, for good reason!

  • Duck Bag


    By Baggu

    Baggu’s Duck Bag is a fantastic casual option for everyone, but it’s an especially great oversized tote bag for anyone who uses Apple products. The tote, which comes in a variety of fun patterns and colors, holds a 15’ Macbook and has an interior zip pocket perfect for an iPhone Plus. You can pack a lot in this smart cotton canvas oversized tote, and its strap is “super comfortable,” as one MASSE user put it. The tote is also “versatile, easy to clean, and subtle,” making it a really perfect daily bag.

  • Day Market Tote


    By Everlane

    Need to class it up, but still carry a lot of stuff? Everlane’s Day Market Tote should be the perfect fit. This oversized tote is made of 100% Italian leather and comes in six different subtle, matte colors, including black, blue, dark brown, and light brown. It has a larger interior than some of Everlane’s other oversized totes, and MASSE shoppers really love the leather, calling it beautiful but also great for everyday use. As one reviewer said, it’s “chic and simple,” which pretty much nails it.