May's Top Emerging Brands on MASSE

June 6, 2019

These are the brands you don’t know you love yet; the cult brands before they become ‘cult’. Maybe they’re new to the market, or have been simmering for a while and are just now taking off. We’ve noticed members of our community getting excited about them and we wanted to give them a special call out, so that you can discover these amazing, under-the-radar brands (before everyone else does!).

We’ll share this with you every month so that you can stay up-to-date on the latest & greatest.

  • Lord Jones

    By Cindy Capobianco and Robert Rosenheck

    MASSE members agree that Lord Jones is a clean, effective and trustworthy brand for those interested in exploring the health and wellness benefits of CBD. The brand offers CBD oils, lotions and tinctures. MASSE reviewers point out, Lord Jones products are “not just a part of the CBD hype - they really work!”.

  • Maelove

    By Jackie Kim

    Developed by MIT engineers, Maelove offers high quality skincare products at a fraction of the price - all products are under $30. MASSE users note that their favorite products, the Glow Maker and the Pure Marula Oil, make their skin look noticeably brighter and smoother without irritating sensitive skin. As one reviewer advises, “Maelove products sell out all the time - so be sure to buy when they’re back in stock!”.

  • Summer Fridays

    By Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores Ireland

    Launched in 2018, Summer Fridays is already making waves in the green beauty space. MASSE members love the Jet Lag Masks - a super hydrating mask that goes on clear “so no embarrassing face mask stares mid-flight”. Reviewers also love the fresh and clean product scents that help make traveling less stressful.

  • Mad Hippie

    By Dana and Sam Stewart

    MASSE users love Mad Hippie’s all natural approach to effective skincare. All of the brand’s products are free from parabens, GMOs, synthetic dyes and petrochemicals, allowing them to create products that are better for your skin and better for the environment. Mad Hippie’s Vitamin C serum is a clear favorite, standing out as the solution to reducing breakouts and redness, smoothing out fine lines, and hydrating dull skin. As one user proclaims, “It’s therefore an all around miracle worker”.

  • Megababe

    By Katie Sturino

    Megbabe tackles everyday female grievances, including thigh chafe, boob sweat, and funky pits, with non-toxic solutions. MASSE members recommend the Rosy Pits deodorant for anyone looking to switch to a natural deodorant - “it’s a baking soda free deodorant that actually works” and “it smells amazing, like fresh roses”.