July's Top Emerging Brands on MASSE

August 5, 2019

We’re back again, spotlighting the next group of emerging brands everyone is talking about on MASSE. July brought in great under-the-radar finds in the eco-conscious space - both in beauty and lifestyle.

All new, all chosen by you, all great summer favorites. Check out July’s Emerging Brands below, and tell us about your new discoveries on MASSE.

  • Maple Holistics

    By Maple Holistics

    MASSE members swear by Maple Holistics products for their hair care concerns. Check out their Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth. One MASSE user says, “I’ve tried everything to grow my hair and I swear by this!” Their Pure Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is a top recommendation for a cleansing shampoo that also soothes. One reviewer exclaims, “I love this one! It feels refreshing, but doesn’t dry out my hair”.

  • Stasher

    By Kat Nouri

    Stasher is helping the MASSE community move away from single-use plastic. Users point out that the brand’s products are eco-friendly and multipurpose, “Stasher reusable bags are a great plastic food bag alternative. They seal great, can be used to cook/steam with, and are dishwasher safe! I love mine.” Stasher’s bags come in multiple sizes to store everything from midday snacks to last night’s leftovers. As one MASSE member says, “I have these for everything!”

  • Sand & Sky

    By Sarah & Emily Hamilton

    MASSE users can’t get enough of Sand & Sky’s Australian pink clay formulas. The Porefining Face Mask is a favorite, even among selective product junkies. One reviewer writes, “I’m a face mask junkie! I fell in love with this mask recently. It clears up my face, sucks out impurities and shrinks pores over time”. The Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment also lives up to its name. MASSE members point out that the treatment is “a great refresh for your skin without any harsh ingredients”.

  • Sdara Skincare

    By Christina Stevens

    Looking for a radiance reboot? MASSE users will point you to Sdara Skincare. They love the brand’s Microneedle Skin Roller and note that it’s “very effective for evening out skin tone and getting rid of dark spots” to help provide a glowing complexion. Interested in minimizing fine lines while you unwind? MASSE members recommend the Eye Gel Mask, “these eye gel patches are soothing and also have an anti-aging formula! Great to use in the morning or when relaxing before bed”.

  • Cocokind

    By Priscilla Tsai

    This San Fran-based brand has a strong clean beauty following. One MASSE member raves, “I’ve been using Cocokind for about a year now and love it! Their products are clean and simple and work very well on my skin!” Check out the MyMatcha All-Over Moisture Stick. As one MASSE reviewer notes, “I replaced my lotion with this and love it. Non-greasy, absorbs well, and clean ingredients!”