August's Top Emerging Brands on MASSE

September 3, 2019

Look good, feel good and our latest group of top emerging brands help us do just that. August brought us new clean and ethical beauty favorites to help us carry over our summer glow into fall.

All new and all chosen by you! Check out the next class of Emerging Brands below, and don’t forget to tell us about your favorite new finds on MASSE.

  • Grande Cosmetics

    By Alicia Grande

    Yearning for luscious lashes? Look no further than Grande Cosmetics. The brand’s Lash Enhancing Serum is a true crowd-favorite on MASSE. One user says that people see her lashes and stop to ask where she got her extensions! Another MASSE member notes “I’ve tried a bunch of eyelash serums, but this one is truly the best!”

  • DHC

    By DHC

    DHC combines the antioxidant power of olive oil with traditional Japenese herbology to create truly standout skincare and beauty products. One MASSE user discovered their Lip Cream during her recent trip to Japan and raves “It’s by far the best lip product I’ve ever used”. The MASSE community also loves DHC’s Cleansing Oil for an invigorating clean. One user exclaims “It’s AMAZING...The best cleanser ever and actually affordable.”

  • TULA

    By Dr. Roshini Raj

    Developed by Dr. Roshini Raj, TULA harnesses the power of probiotics. As the foundation of all TULA products, the probiotics help calm the stomach to promote the look of skin’s natural balance. Check out the Gel Face Toner. One user says, “I have dry but acne prone skin and this stuff is a life saver. My skin is glowing!”.The Toner also provides an extra glow, “glycolic acid is amazing for brightening skin!”

  • Andalou Naturals

    By Stacey Kelly Egide & Mark Egide

    Andalou Naturals is a beloved clean beauty brand among the MASSE community. The brand uses fruit stem cell science to develop gentle and effective skin, hair, and body care products that also smell delicious. Users love that their products enhance the look of feel of their skin, “the cream and serums from Andalou Naturals are amazing! Completely improved the quality of my skin.”

  • Purito

    By Purito

    Purito’s secret is their use of Centella, a medicinal herb that soothes irritation and inflammation. Users love the Centella Green Level Calming Toner, “it’s extremely soothing! It really takes down redness and also cuts the healing time of breakouts down by half”. Their Safe Sun SPF 50+ also receives two thumbs up, “this stuff is beyond GREAT, doesn’t leave a white cast, and all of its ingredients are clean.”