Best baby swaddle blankets
August 30, 2019

As a new parent, you have two real goals: Wrap your little bundle of love in warmth and affection at all times, and do whatever is necessary to get them to sleep comfortably for more than a few minutes at a time. With a baby swaddle blanket, you can make both of your goals come true at the same time, which could even lead to a little bit of sleep for you! Forget all the newfangled varied nighttime routines, like videos, music, and any number of apps, and instead go with the one approach has stood the test of time: wrapping your little one in a baby swaddle blanket can help them relax and drift off in a comfortable environment. It’s the kind of old-school technique your grandparents or great grandparents might have used, but now improved with some smart new technology — the best of both worlds.

MASSE features real recommendations from real people who can tell you from first-hand experience which baby swaddle blankets worked best for them. As all parents know, there’s endless parenting advice out there, and not all of it is completely trustworthy (and that’s putting it nicely!). But MASSE doesn’t play that shady game — we don’t allow any paid posts or sponsored reviews, so you’re getting entirely honest advice from experienced fellow parents. You work so hard raising your baby, the last thing you deserve is to be cheated out of money and precious sleep.

People have been wrapping babies in blankets to create a soft, secure environment for centuries (and probably longer), but it went out of style for a bit before making a more recent comeback over the last few decades. Baby swaddling has become a popular approach to comforting newborns again because, well, it works. After all, newborns are still adjusting to the world and aren’t used to having such range of motion in an open-air environment. By wrapping them in soft blankets, they’re given a sensation familiar to being in the womb, which relaxes them, helping to avoid the uncertainty that comes with a new bedroom and time spent alone.

Baby swaddle blankets have come a long way since they’ve come back en vogue. They’re made of soft, strong, warm fabrics like cotton and can accommodate a variety of different physical needs. Swaddle sleep sacks make it super hard for babies to wake themselves up with sudden movements, while others allow for more flexibility in the arms; some are thinner, others are double-thick for winter. But no matter what kind of baby swaddle blanket you need, MASSE users have you covered!

Zen Swaddle Classic
Nested Bean
aden by aden + anais swaddleplus - meadowfox
aden + anais
Woombie Original Nursery Swaddling Blanket
Swaddle Blanket for Newborn to 14 months
Miracle Blanket
Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blankets, Set of 4, Pink Heavenly Floral

Zen Swaddle Classic

$29.99By: Nested Bean
Sometimes, babies just can’t seem to stay snoozing for more than an hour at a time. They don’t wake up frequently because they’re having bad dreams or just want to annoy their parents (they’re too perfect for that), but in many cases it’s due to something called the Moro Reflex. Basically, newborns get startled when they subconsciously realize they’re not being held and supported, like in the womb, and it startles them awake. With Nested Bean’s Zen Swaddle Classic, you can simulate that Moro Reflex, as it gives you the option to wrap your baby up tight or keep their arms out for more breathing room. It’s also made from 100% breathable cotton and quite light, so they’ll never feel too swaddled, and Zen also makes a sleep sack that you can switch to as your child gets older. Parents say that this baby swaddle blanket is the real deal, helping their baby sleep longer and comforting them throughout.
aden + anais make adorable baby swaddle blankets that are some of the softest and most comfortable out there. With a founder born and raised in Australia, the company imported the country’s tradition of swaddling with muslin blankets to the United States, where it’s become a favorite of parents and pediatricians alike. Their swaddles serve a number of different purposes and MASSE shoppers love how cute they are to boot.
Woombie’s Original Nursery Swaddling Blanket several advantages that make it absolutely one of the best baby swaddle blankets on the market. Swaddling is very soothing to babies, but even adorable infants have their limits when it comes to snugness, and being rendered completely unable to move their arms and hands at all is quite often a major problem. While the “peanut shape hugs nicely around the body,” as one MASSE user notes, it also allows your child to move their arms enough inside the swaddle to touch their hands and feel some freedom. That’s absolutely crucial, as is the fact that there’s no risk of this swaddle coming undone. It’s “a lifesaver,” according to MASSE users, and that’s not hyperbole when you’re trying to grab some sleep as a new parent.
A lot of these baby swaddle blankets allow parents babies’ arms to move freely, and in many cases that works out really well. But some babies, newborns especially, either don’t sleep well with their arms flapping all around, or even wind up hurting themselves with their free hands. Miracle Blanket’s Swaddle Blanket for Newborns is a lifesaver for those parents whose newborns can’t quite handle that much freedom. The wrap construction of this baby swaddle blanket ensures that even the strongest baby’s arms are snuggly pinned down, allowing for maximum comfort and peaceful sleep. It’s a total godsend to many parents — one MASSE shopper said “I absolutely could not have survived without this in the beginning months!”
With their dreamy patterns and their breathable soft cotton muslin, these swaddle blankets from SwaddleDesigns are adorable, comfortable, and made to keep your baby sleeping soundly. They come in four different designs, each of them as pink and sweet as your newborn. They’re also large and feature an open weave, which make them even more comfortable. MASSE shoppers love these swaddle blankets and note that they’re especially great for the hot summer months!