Best stroller for infant and toddler
August 16, 2019

As a parent, you know that there is nothing more precious than spending time at home with your newborn. But eventually, no matter how much you treasure the experience, you’re going to want — and need — to get out of the house. And as with all other things, infants and toddlers aren’t exactly easy travel buddies. They’re bundles of love, but they also require a bundle of stuff, from diapers and cleaning products to blankets, toys, and extra clothing. With so many requirements, parents learn pretty dang quickly that a good stroller is absolutely key to surviving any trip with an infant or toddler. So, what makes for the best stroller for infants and toddlers? With so many different kinds of strollers, designed for different ages and needs, finding the best stroller for your infant or toddler can be almost as exhausting as traveling without one.

Luckily, MASSE provides recommendations and reviews from real users who have really used the strollers you’re thinking of purchasing. It’s the fastest way to find the best strollers for infants and toddlers because there are no paid reviews or sponsored posts, so you know you’re getting only high quality advice. Nothing’s more important than your baby’s safety and security, and when you buy a stroller recommended by fellow parents, you’ll rest easy. Plus, only parents with experience know just how difficult it can be to maneuver around with certain strollers, so we make sure to include their insight on convenience in there, as well.

So, what kind of stroller is right for you and your family? It all depends on what exactly you’re planning on using it for. A standard stroller is your classic, heavy duty squeals on wheels baby and toddler transportation system, able to handle busy city streets, broken suburban sidewalks, and even natural paths. They are strong, tough, grow with your child and often come with extra storage, so you can run errands and get things done without being weighed down by a diaper bag and all the other items you need for a day out with a little child.

Sometimes, however, you don’t want to lug around such a giant stroller, and that’s where travel strollers come into the equation. Umbrella strollers are lightweight and portable, perfect for folding up and stashing on planes and public transportation. They aren’t good options for newborns, so if you’re looking for a lighter load early on, stroller frames that attach to baby car seats might be your best option. It can seem a bit complicated, but MASSE users are here to help with their recommendations, below!

UPPAbaby CRUZ 2018 Stroller
City Mini® GT Stroller
XL Best Double Stroller
Nano Stroller
Mountain Buggy
Pivot Modular Travel System with SafeMax Infant Car Seat
Bugaboo Cameleon3 Classic Stroller

UPPAbaby CRUZ 2018 Stroller

$549.99By: UPPAbaby
If you’re looking for a solid, safe, bag-friendly infant and toddler stroller that’s a bit less heavy duty than the VISTA, UPPABaby’s Cruz checks off all those boxes. It’s more midsize sedan than SUV, and MASSE users love that it’s both narrow enough to traverse both narrow city streets, handle bad weather with its waterproof sleeve, and carry lots of stuff in its basket beneath.

City Mini® GT Stroller

$251.99By: BABY JOGGER
Think of the City Mini GT Stroller as your all-purpose, all-terrain, all-in-one infant and toddler movement machine. A three-wheel model can handle everything from grass and trails to hilly city streets, with a handbrake and adjustable handlebar to keep you in control. MASSE users call it “the easiest stroller ever” and absolutely love it thanks to its durability and the ease with which it folds up, making it one of the best strollers for infants and toddlers around.
Caring for two young children doesn’t mean that you have to be saddles with a giant, unwieldy stroller! The XL Best Double Stroller from Zoe offers all the important details and features of larger strollers for infant and toddlers — like two undercarriage baskets, reclining seats, and foot rests — while remaining super light weight. At just 19 pounds, it’s lighter than some single strollers. It folds with one hand — our users say they can even fold it while holding one of their kids — and it’s still super sturdy, giving you the best of all worlds.

Nano Stroller

$199.99By: Mountain Buggy
Many strollers come with car seat attachments. This innovative productive from Doona cuts out the middleman and serves as both stroller and car seat, and it’s incredibly easy to use. It clicks safely into a car’s seat and then opens with little effort when it’s time to get walking. MASSE users say this infant and toddler stroller is great at maneuvering in small stores and perfect for city life, especially in walkup buildings!
Evenflo’s Pivot Modular Travel System sounds a bit like a sci-fi spaceship, and frankly, it’s nearly that advanced. It comes with two main pieces: the stroller with cruiser tires and a large basket below deck for supplies, and a SafeMax car seat that boasts a three-panel canopy for maximum flexibility and an anti-rebound bar to keep the little passenger safe. It’s super-easy to adjust — one MASSE user describes how the car seat clicks right into the stroller frame, without having to even move the child — and folds up easily. This stroller for infants and toddlers is lightweight and works for years.
The iconic basket stroller, updated with all the latest designs and technology. Bugaboo’s Cameleon3 Classic Stroller has an old school style that’ll remind you of gorgeous mid-century street photography, but as MASSE users rave, it’s also lightweight, easy to fold, and compatible with most car seats. Its foam wheels are reliable and if you reverse the handlebars, the big wheels can be used on rockier terrain. It’s a sturdy, convenient classic, making for one of the best all-around strollers for infants and toddlers.