Best Full Coverage Foundation Stick

August 30, 2019

Looking good and living your best life out in the world shouldn’t be mutually exclusive, and if you have the right full coverage foundation stick, you’ll never have to compromise on either one.

What a difference one product can make — it used to be that applying makeup was so involved and time-consuming, it was like having a part-time job. First, you’d spend far too much time layering on foundation, concealer, and other products; then, once you ventured out into the world, you’d have to return to the mirror every few hours to touch it up or even fully reapply the makeup. In a word, life before full coverage foundation sticks was a hassle, so we can’t stress enough just how clutch these full coverage foundation sticks truly are.

There is really no limit to the situations in which a full coverage foundation stick can make your life easier and, crucially, way more fun. Wake up late or need to rush out of the house? Apply your foundation on the go, whether that’s on the subway, at a red light (be careful!) or just walking with a compact mirror — it just takes a few swipes of the foundation stick and a little bit of blending (fingers are fine!) and you’ll be good to go. Need some sudden touch ups? Break out a full coverage foundation stick and quickly smooth out your look with no fuss at all.

You can also use the full coverage foundation stick when traveling; in fact, it’s the staple product of frequent flyers everywhere (because as we know, air travel is not all that kind on the skin). But as you probably know, since you’re here, not all full coverage foundation sticks are equally effective — some don’t have enough shades, others go on too thick or thin, and still others just don’t really work at all.

MASSE is here to help you find the perfect full coverage foundation sticks for your skin, with recommendations based on real reviews from real people who have really used them. We don’t permit any paid reviews or sponsored posts, either, so you know you’re getting the real deal recommendations here. You want full coverage, not partial truths, and we’re here to help make that happen!

  • Clay Stick Foundation


    By Tarte

    It’s hard to decide what we like more about Tarte’s Clay Stick Foundation: The fact that it has so many rich shades or its ability to handle oily skin without being too cakey. This full coverage foundation stick is also great at covering up redness without clogging pores, and its matte clay blends in super-easily; plus it even hydrates skin. What more could you want?!

  • Vital Skin Foundation Stick


    By Westman Atelier

    MASSE users have a ton of nice things to say about Westman Atelier’s Vital Skin Foundation Stick, but what really sticks out — along with the great job it does at hiding blemishes — is just how well it melts into skin without clogging pores. It’s a moisturizing foundation that makes your red spots and impurities disappear with ease, but you won’t find any unnatural ingredients like parabens or silicones. MASSE shoppers love those clean ingredients, just as much as they love the fact that it leaves skin “really glowy,” even after you wash it off.

  • Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick


    By Hourglass

    There are a full 32 different shades of Hourglass’s Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick, so pretty much anyone who needs a full coverage foundation stick can use this one. And they won’t be disappointed — this is a light-as-air waterproof foundation that lasts and lasts, up to a whopping 12 hours. And it’s not just that it lasts a long time, it also looks amazing, with double the pigments of normal foundation. And as MASSE shoppers also point out, you don’t need much of it to cover your entire face!

  • Flex Foundation Stick


    By Milk Makeup

    Chamomile and lavender sound like the makings of a pretty dreamy tea set, and as core ingredients in Milk Makeup’s Flex Foundation Stick, they provide just as much calming and soothing (for your face, of course). This full coverage foundation stick comes in 36 different shades, so it matches all skin types, evening out each and every tone with easy glide-on application. MASSE shoppers really love the coverage and the fact that it goes on easy!

  • Complexion Rescue Hydrating Foundation Stick Broad Spectrum SPF 25


    By BareMinerals

    BareMinerals’ Complexion Rescue Hydration Foundation Stick delivers on its name’s promise — and so much more. It’s a full coverage foundation stick that also provides SPF 25 protection, which is pretty heavy duty and will ensure that not only does it cover up any blemishes and red marks, it ensures you won’t have to deal with any sunburn or fried skin later, either. Plus, it’s made with mineral-rich volcanic seawater, which helps hydrate the skin, too. It’s a full-service full coverage foundation stick that MASSE users love!