Best toner for sensitive skin

September 27, 2019

Skin toner has been a staple in medicine cabinets and makeup kits for generations, but it wasn’t always so useful for everyone. In fact, old skin toner often did more harm that good, because years ago, skin toner was mostly just alcohol, which would leave faces dry, peeling and stripped of their essential oils — a pretty steep cost for just wanting your skin clean. With such harsh outcomes, skin toner was just not a good idea for people with sensitive skin or other complexion issues (or really, anyone else). Thankfully, leading cosmetic brands that make skin toners have figured out that so many of us can’t (or just don’t want) to apply heavy alcohol to our faces every night, and then they went and developed incredible skin toners for sensitive skin.

In fact, these skin toners for sensitive skin are actually a whole lot more than just skin toners. They’re really full-service skincare products, because they don’t just remove makeup — these skin toners for sensitive skin are also helpful in refreshing your skin, bringing it back to its natural smooth, healthy, vibrant state. Still, you’ve got to choose your toner wisely, because not all of them work on the same kinds of sensitive skin. But don’t worry — we here at MASSE have you covered. We provide recommendations for the best toner for sensitive skin, all based on reviews written by real people who have really used those skin toners. There are all kinds of various ingredients in different skin toner brands, and it’s our goal to make sure that you line up the toner that works best for your skin.

Skin toners serve so many different purposes, you could call them the Swiss army knife of facial skincare. We recommend a holistic, multi-product skincare routine, but skin toner definitely has to be at or near the top of the list of products to buy. Toner is generally applied after someone washes their face, because it’s still great at removing leftover makeup, dirt, and oil, basically finishing the job that cleansers are unable to complete themselves. But instead of stripping and drying out skin, these new skin toners for sensitive skin are formulated to replenish and remoisturize users’ faces. Not only that, they also deliver important anti-aging nutrients, and whether you have sensitive skin or not, you’re gonna want to sign up for that. And as if those weren’t enough, a good skin toner also serves as a pre-moisturizer, as it gets skin ready to receive and absorb further facial creams and products.

With all those benefits, toner really serves as the key to a whole world of healthy skincare. But when you have sensitive skin, you do have to be extra careful to make sure the toner you’re buying isn’t going to dry out or damage your skin. That’s what we’re for here at MASSE, providing recommendations for the best toner for sensitive skin, so you can look your best and feel great about it.

  • Glow Tonic with Aloe Vera & Ginseng


    By Pixi

    Pixi’s Glow Tonic isn’t just a gentle-but-thorough skin toner that cleans out your pores, it’s also a heavenly moisturizer that leaves your skin soft and smooth. It’s a great skin toner for sensitive skin because it’s made to exfoliate and repair at the same time thanks to its combination of 5% glycolic acid and aloe vera and ginseng. MASSE shoppers really like this skin toner for sensitive skin, saying that it improves skin texture and prevents breakouts.

  • Beauty Water


    By Son & Park

    The very aptly named Beauty Water from hugely popular Korean cosmetic company Son & Park delivers on the promise of its name. It’s a three-in-one toner, as it cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates. It’s one of the best toners for sensitive skin because it uses zero harsh ingredients; it exfoliates with ingredients such as willow bark and papaya extract while hydrating with lavender water, rose water, and orange fruit, which honestly sounds delicious. Our shoppers can’t stop raving about this stuff, using words like “perfect” to describe how much it helps brighten and smooth out skin!

  • Aloe BHA Skin Toner


    By Benton

    You’re getting multi-level cleansing and relief with Benton’s Aloe BHA Skin Toner. First, the aloe barbadensis leaf water calms sensitive, irritated skin; then, the BHA clears it up of any toxins and pollutants. Our shoppers say they’re “obsessed” with this toner for sensitive skin and “swear by it,” because it “keeps pores clear but isn’t drying.” Some say they can’t even live without it, which is pretty much top of the line as far as endorsements for anything goes!

  • Raw Sauce


    By May Coop

    This Korean beauty product has a name that sounds like something you’d find on a dinner table, and while we don’t recommend dipping your french fries in the stuff, it is made from natural and frankly delicious-sounding ingredients. May Coop’s Raw Sauce is a three-in-one toner, emulsion and essence made from 93% maple tree sap, fructan powder, and Asian herbal and fruit extracts. MASSE users say it makes their skin super soft and feels really refreshing, making it a year-round must.

  • Hydrating Rose Skin Tonic


    By Aromatherapy Associates

    If you want a luxe skin toner, Aromatherapy Associates’ Hydrating Rose Skin Tonic is the way to go. It’s perfect for sensitive skin, as it’s distilled from thousands of Bulgarian rose petals, which help clean, nourish and hydrate your skin, making it look as gorgeous as it sounds. MASSE users sing its praises for the way it helps prevent oily skin and removes detritus and sebum, while also hydrating and smelling to die for. Users say they “swear by this toner” and that it does wonders for their skin, keeping it smooth without a hint of dryness.