Best first sippy cup

July 26, 2019

The transition away from bottle-feeding to first sippy cup is one of the most important and, frankly, nerve-wracking periods of time for new parents. It can feel a bit like a lottery, with random results; some babies have little problem adjusting to their next phase, but in other cases, babies are just not happy to give up that bottle. And as all parents who have experienced this can attest, a frustrated baby at mealtime can result in fusses and endless messes. It’s hard to believe now, but this was just an unavoidable reality until the 1980s, when an inventor named Richard Belanger descended from heaven with the first sippy cup. It really wasn’t all that long ago!

Sippy cups have come a long way since the good saint Belanger first licensed his ingenious invention to Playtex in the 1980s, so shopping is a bit more complicated. And added complications aren’t exactly what new parents need — they don’t exactly have a ton of time to spend picking out endless childhood necessities. MASSE is the fastest and easiest way to find the best first sippy cup for your baby, because we’re built on recommendations from shoppers who have been there and used the products themselves. Less time shopping online equals more time with your little one, and there’s no better deal than that.

There are now a variety of different sippy cups for different points of maturity, bottle attachment, and levels of coordination. Most babies are ready to start holding a sippy cup’s handles by six months, which marks a good time to start transitioning away from the bottle. Not every baby is going to super-excited about that proposition, so some of the best first sippy cups are really for training. These first sippy cups act a bit like bottles, with nipples, special valves, and spill-proof tops.

If the child is a little bit older, there are even more sippy cup options. The biggest differentiating factor is how the milk or juice is delivered. While those early first sippy cups use bottle-like nipples, more mature first sippy cups offer a multitude of sipping mechanisms, including a firm straw and a spout. As more attention is paid to the different micro-levels of early childhood development, there are only more first sippy cup options on the market. MASSE is here to let you know, from collective experience, which ones are best!

  • Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Sippy Cup


    By Munchkin

    If you’re starting the transition from the bottle early on, the Miracle 360 Trainer Sippy Cup really does live up to its name. One of the best first sippy cup options for younger babies, it allows children to drink from anywhere around the lip of the cup and has an inventive valve that ensures meal time will be mess-free. MASSE shoppers absolutely love the fact that they don’t leak and that they are super-durable, because let’s face it, babies aren’t always the most careful eaters!

  • Thinkbaby Toddler Straw Cup


    By Thinkbaby

    Those early years are ones of constant transition, and almost as soon as your baby has adjusted to the sippy cup, it’s going to be time to move on to the next stage and drinking implement. Luckily, Thinkbaby’s Toddler Straw Cup makes that easy by existing as a hybrid between a more mature cup and sippy cup, with intuitive handles and a straw that MASSE shoppers rave is easy to clean and use over and over.

  • Toddler Sippy Bottle with Silicone Sippy Spout


    By Pura Kiki

    Pura Kiki’s toddler sippy bottle is a perfect transition cup to take a toddler from bottle and/or breastfeeding to their first sippy cup. Its slow vent nipple helps keep feeding comfortable, and its screw-off lid allows parents to add a straw or spout as their child grows. It’s made of stainless steel so it won’t risk shattering or cracking like other sippy cups, too. One MASSE user said it best when they simply called it an “amazing cup.”

  • Baby Bot Straw Sippy Cup


    By Zoli

    As all honest parents will tell you, sippy cups receive so much wear and tear that they’re bound to leak sometimes. That said, Zoli’s Baby Bot Straw Sippy Cup may just be the cup most ready to handle the job, while also serving as one of the best transition cups out there. They actually look a bit like a little adult thermos (which is adorable), and MASSE users rave about their weighted straw, which makes it so much easier for learning little ones to drink. Plus, they keep drinks cold for the entire day!

  • Foogo Insulated Bottle


    By Thermos

    There are several major selling points for the Thermos Foogo Insulated Bottle. First and foremost, the brand name is a guarantee of a certain level of quality, so you know you’re getting a safe, well-designed, safe sippy cup that keeps drinks warm or cold with its advanced insulation system. This first sippy cup is also great because it can serve as a child’s second and third sippy cup, too, as it works interchangeably with other Thermos-brand sippy cup tops. Parents love how clean it is, too, both in that it’s easy to clean and stops spills with its lid.