Best hydrating sheet mask
August 16, 2019

Now that we’re heading into fall, you’re likely in need of a hydrating sheet mask (or five) more than ever. Let’s be honest, we’re all in the same place, having spent a whole lot of time out in the sun these last few months. Whether it’s been at the beach, the park, the ballpark, or just hanging on the stoop or your backyard, you’ve soaked in plenty of rays, which has given you a magic glow — and, let’s be honest, likely led to some pretty dry skin. On the one hand, that’s a sign of a life well-lived, but at the same time, dry skin is itchy, flaky, and not necessarily the most flattering. Again, we get it — we lived it up this summer, too.

All this summer sun means you’re in need of some serious hydration — and a great hydrating sheet mask is the absolute fastest, most convenient way to infuse your skin with moisturizing nutrients and smooth out dry patches. We love hydrating lotion and moisturizers, too, but hydrating sheet masks get the job done quickly and efficiently without leaving a mess or making it impossible to do anything with your hands for long stretches of time. Just put on a hydrating sheet mask for about 15 minutes, enjoy the sensation of your face being nourished with gentle intensity, and then take it off and behold the glow!

Hydrating sheet masks have been a staple beauty product in Asia for years, and the market for them has exploded in the west over the last few years as people have discovered their amazing benefits. That has led to both Asian companies setting up shop in the United States and American brands either importing products or creating their own hydrating sheet masks. The net result has been a huge influx in the number of hydrating sheet mask options available, and since they’re still a relatively new product here, you could wind up a little bit confused as to which ones to trust and which will work for you. Luckily, you have MASSE on your side.

Here at MASSE, it’s our goal to provide recommendations for the best hydrating sheet masks, as chosen by people who have really used them. The last thing we want is to let you take any risks with your complexion, so we’re not going to risk anyone giving you bad advice. With that in mind, we don’t allow any paid reviews or sponsored posts, so that the hydrating sheet masks we’ve laid out below are only the best of the best.

Vital Hydra Solution Deep Hydration Mask Sheet
Dr. Jart+
Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack (Box of 10)
Luminous Dewy Skin Sheet Mask
Forever Glow Mask
Joanna Vargas
Does it All Sheet Mask
100% Pure
Dr. Jart+’s Vital Hydra Solution Deep Hydration Mask Sheet is made with a secret weapon: biocellulose. It’s technically a product of bacteria, but before you let that gross you out, think about it this way: the reason why it works so well for hydrating sheet masks is that because it comes from a living creature, so it molds to your skin, ensuring that they cover every nook and cranny of your face — something that doesn’t always happen with a paper mask. MASSE users love how hydrating it is and use it in all situations, whether it’s before bed or before a big night!
Speaking of layering your face with living cells, Benton’s Snail Bee High Content Mask is absolutely filled with nourishing natural ingredients. Most prominent are snail mucin — basically, the soft goo that snails leave in their wake, which hydrates and creates super-soft skin — and bee venom extract, which is great for firming up skin texture. MASSE users absolutely love this hydrating sheet mask — they literally use the word “love” a ton in their reviews — and say it leaves their skin glowing for hours on end.
This hydrating sheet mask veers away from the semi-living cells, and instead, Tatcha’s Luminous Dewy Skin Sheet Mask is infused with a high concentration of botanical oils and extracts as well as nutrient-rich lightweight rice germ oil. The botanical oils and extracts are super-hydrating, while the rice germ oil infuses your skin with vitamin E and essential fatty acids. A hydrating face mask from Japan, the Tatcha is based on age-old, proven skin care techniques, and MASSE users have only good things to say about how much it reduces lines and soothes the skin’s surface.

Forever Glow Mask

$75.00By: Joanna Vargas
Joanna Vargas’s Forever Glow Mask is a premium hydrating sheet mask that is very much worth the price tag. There is no hydrating sheet mask we’ve seen that has more nourishing nutrients or hydrating ingredients. One of its core ingredients, kelp, contains vitamins A, C and E, as well as many B vitamins, while its gingko biloba and olive leaf extracts are antioxidants that help rejuvenate your skin. Hyaluronic acid rushes moisture to your skin, too. Wear one of these hydrating sheet masks and you’ll experience “real results and an insane glow,” as MASSE users rave.

Does it All Sheet Mask

$6.09By: 100% Pure
Hey, remember when we said that the Joanna Vargas Forever Glow Mask had more nourishing ingredients than any hydrating sheet mask we’ve ever seen? Yeah, scratch that, 100% Pure’s Does It All Sheet Mask is at least on the same level. As its name implies, this hydrating sheet mask is absolutely loaded with all kinds of top-shelf nutrients, including retinol, vitamins C and E, rosehip oil, and hyaluronic acid. All together they make for a hydrating sheet mask that not only infuses the face with moisture, it reduces lines and wrinkles, increases collagen production, and provides many more benefits. It only takes 20 minutes to work, and MASSE shoppers note just how much it helps restore their damaged skin as well as soothe and calm it.