Best shampoo for color treated hair

October 11, 2019

If you spend any time at the salon, talking with friends, or just reading about it on the internet, you’re going to get a lot of different answers about how to care for your hair — how to shampoo it, which products to use, and how often. And it gets even more confusing when you dye your hair, because finding the best shampoo for color treated hair brings with it a lot of caveats and requires a good deal of knowledge. Not only do you have to find a great shampoo that repairs your dry, damaged, or frizzy hair, you have to find a shampoo that won’t force the color to run or make it fade prematurely, either.

There’s so much to factor in, from the kind of hair you already have to the dye you’re using and even the shade of color you’ve dyed your hair. There are multiple steps you have to follow at different points in the color treated hair lifecycle, many of which involve using different shampoos for color treated hair at various times. Believe us, we know that figuring out the best shampoo for color treated hair and how to use it can feel a bit overwhelming, which is why we here at MASSE are here to help!

MASSE features product recommendations and reviews for the best shampoo for color treated hair, all written by real people who have tried each product. That means you’re getting honest opinions about the best shampoo for color treated hair, with no sponsored posts or paid reviews allowed.. The shampoos for color treated hair that we’ve got listed here were all selected by MASSE users, and since this is one of our most commonly asked questions, these are some seriously popular shampoos. And not only are they popular, but because no one likes having dry and frizzy hair, the shampoos our users choose really work.

Different kinds of hair come with different needs, so the best shampoos for color treated hair have to be multitaskers. Of course, it’s got to clean the hair, but that’s just the start. Color treated hair can often look dried out, especially when it’s been dyed over and over again, so it’s key that shampoo for color treated hair reaches down into each hair shaft to moisturize and nourish from the inside out. At the same time, you don’t want your shampoo to prove too abrasive, because that could lead to washing the color right out of the hair.

Before we get into the different shampoos for color treated here, let’s touch on a few facts. First and foremost, make sure you pump the brakes right after your color treatment, as you shouldn’t shampoo your hair at all for the first 72 hours after a dye job. That’s when the color treatment is most vulnerable, so you could wind up washing it out, even with the best shampoo for color treated hair. In general, you should be shampooing a bit less, and rinsing with cold water (not the most fun thing, but hey, we suffer for fashion). And when you are buying a shampoo for color treated hair, you’re better off with a sulfate-free shampoo.

Everyone wants a rich, shiny, volumized head of hair, but for so long, having color treated hair meant sacrificing the smooth, moisturized, healthy look. Now, though, you can find the best shampoo for color treated hair that will not only revive your hair, it’ll help ensure that your color stays in and stays bright. You deserve to look exactly how you want to look, and MASSE is here to help make it happen.

  • Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo


    By Redken

    Redken’s Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo does exactly what its name says, helping to extend the life of your color treated hair while gently cleansing it so that it stays filled with life and shine. It is able to cleanse each of the root, core, and tip while not stripping the hair of color, thanks to its sulfate-free formula and amino-ions, which actually help seal in the color. That’s exactly what you want out of a shampoo for color-treated hair! MASSE users have nothing but praise for this shampoo for color treated hair, with reviews that use words like “love,” “favorite,” and “my jam,” as in “this is my jam!”

  • Moisture Balancing Shampoo


    By Philip Kinglsey

    If you’re in the market for the best shampoo for dry hair because looking for help for your dry ends in particular, Philip Kingsley’s got you covered. The brand’s Moisture Balancing Shampoo does exactly what its name promises, sending different levels of moisture as needed to different parts of the hair, with dry ends getting the most focus. Our users can attest to the shampoo’s effectiveness, and not only does it properly moisturize, it leaves hair shiny and easy to detangle, with no frizz or fuss.

  • Advanced Hair Repair Moisturizing Sulfate Free Shampoo


    By Arvazallia

    This advanced hair repair shampoo is part of the larger Arvazallia hair care system, which is in large part focused on keeping salon--styled and colored hair in great, lively condition. The shampoo boasts both moroccan oil and argan oil, which are great for not only creating lustrous hair but helping promote further growth, too. Because it’s sulfate-free, there’s no risk of diminishing or stripping out color treatments, making for an overall great shampoo for dry and damaged hair.

  • Delicate Volumizing Shampoo with Rose Extracts


    By Christophe Robin

    You’re often told not to shampoo your color-treated hair every day, but if you’re looking for a daily cleansing, Cristophe Robin’s Delicate Volumizing Shampoo with Rose Extracts can be your new best friend. It’s gentle enough to be used daily because it not only cleans the hair, it preserves color and provides volume by fortifying the hair fiber with antioxidant rose extract, baobab leaves, and other natural ingredients. MASSE shoppers love both the fact that it restores moisture, “leaving hair shiny, smooth, and voluminous” and that it “smells divine.” Get ready for compliments about your styling and your scent!

  • Hydrate Sheer Moisturizing Shampoo for Color Treated Hair


    By Pureology

    If you’ve got thin and color-treated hair, look no further than Pureology’s Hydrate Sheer Moisturizing Shampoo. While it’s definitely god for all types of hair, thanks to its sulfate-free, multi-weight proteins and advanced hydration technology, it was specifically designed for people with fine strands of color-treated hair. It’s lightweight and makes your hair feel even lighter, and if you’ve got damaged strands, one wash will help finish off the frizz and get you back on track. In short, this shampoo restores your hair’s natural feel but protects its special coloring. Plus, MASSE users say they really love its minty smell!