Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Friends

October 4, 2019

Now that it’s officially fall, the holiday season is officially on the way. Before you know it, it’ll be cold outside and you’ll be looking for Christmas trees — and presents! Now, let’s be honest — you’re probably going to gravitate toward thinking all about the Christmas gifts you want to receive, because who wouldn’t? We’re making gift lists all year (and not just because it’s our job). But as they say, it’s better to give than to receive, and whether or not that’s true, you’re likely going to be doing a lot of Christmas shopping sooner rather than later, so it’s super smart to get started ASAP. Not that it has to be work — some Christmas gifts, like Secret Santa Santa gifts for friends, can be a blast to buy!

Of the many, many Christmas traditions that involve potential awkwardness and crossed fingers that you made the right decision, Secret Santa is definitely the most fun and low stakes. With Secret Santa gifts for friends, you don’t have to break the bank, as you generally have a relatively low price limit. That’s a relief on your wallet, which is crucial at this time of year, though it can be a challenge to your creative brain, especially if you’ve already bought a lot of other presents. Finding good Secret Santa gifts for friends can sometimes take some deep thinking, significant shopping around, and a good knowledge of what’s trending. OK, so coming up with Secret Santa shopping gift ideas for friends can be a bit of work too — but don’t worry, that’s what we at MASSE are here for.

At MASSE, we bring you amazing Secret Santa gift ideas for friends based on recommendations and reviews from people who have really given, received, and used the products. Whether you’re involved in a Secret Santa exchange with work friends, family friends, or your best friends, you want to find fun gift ideas that will make people smile and actually be useful. You can trust that the Secret Santa gift ideas for friends that you find at MASSE are the real deal because we don’t allow any sponsored posts or paid reviews — all our Secret Santa gift ideas for friends are legit, not shady items placed there by people with ulterior motives.

  • Large Plain Notebook - Black


    By Moleskin

    Moleskin has set the standard for classic and classy notebooks for the last two centuries, and this slick and smooth notebook helped start it all. The notebook comes in a variety of sizes — we’ve picked out the large one here, because that fits most peoples’ handwriting — and different page designs. You can also get it in several different cover colors, making this simple yet customizable. It’s a great Secret Santa gift Idea for friends who are writers, as well as a great Secret Santa gift idea for friends at the office!

  • Jenga Classic Game and Connect 4 Game Bundle


    By Hasbro

    Board games are back! We are all plugged into our digital screens basically around the clock, so it’s absolutely essential to be able to escape from them whenever possible. As part of their digital detox, millennials have been seeking out some tactile fun, and many have turned back the clock and embraced board games once again. Some of them get pretty complicated — think Dungeons & Dragons and a million new knockoffs — but classic board games are also great. This Jenga and Connect 4 game bundle from Hasbro will make for a fantastic Secret Santa gift idea for friends of all ages, but especially those ranging from 23-35. “Oldies but goodies bring out the competitive streak in everyone,” as one user wrote in their review, and that sounds about right to us.

  • PopSolo Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone


    By Tzumi

    You know what makes for a fantastic Secret Santa gift idea for friends? A Secret Santa gift that can help bring your Christmas party to the next level! Karaoke is one of those party activities that just about everyone loves and now, you don’t need to visit a bar or drag around big equipment to make it happen. This PopSolo wireless bluetooth karaoke microphone from Tzumi had a range of 30 feet and comes with an iPhone app that plays music, streams lyrics, and turns just about every Christmas party (or hey, any meeting) into a karaoke party. It’s “always a party favorite,” as one MASSE user put it, and you’ll be super popular with everyone if you’re the person who brings it.

  • Stainless Steel Luxury Wine Opener



    The holiday season is a time for drinking (and drinking heavily, depending on how much time you have to spend with family). The easier it is to open a bottle of wine the better, and doubly so when you’ve got a very classy wine opener. That makes this stainless steel Luxury Wine Opener from INNOKA a lovely Secret Santa gift idea for friends — it’s got the word “luxury” right there in the name. Our MASSE are very into this; one said she got it as a Secret Santa gift at work last year and uses it all the time. She must be having fun!

  • Brass Easel & Desk Calendar


    By Artifact Uprising

    If your Secret Santa gift exchange price limits are just a nudge higher, you can really take your gifting to the next level with this brass easel and desk calendar from Artifact Uprising. It’s an amazing, fully customizable tear-off monthly calendar that features 12 photos of your choice. What you choose for those photos is up to you — it depends on how close you are with your Secret Santa recipient! — but it is no doubt a fantastic Secret Santa gift idea for good friends!