Best matte red lipstick
August 16, 2019

Some makeup styles come and go with fashion, others are simply good for a certain season. And there is red matte lipstick, the most famous, versatile, and iconic makeup look of all. Matte red lipstick can be used for everything from everyday errands to important meetings at the office to making a big statement at a hot party or on date night. The right tube of matte red lipstick will be your secret weapon, helping you look your best no matter the situation.

There’s basically no scenario in which matte red lipstick won’t look great or save you in the clutch. Let’s say you’re sitting at your desk, doing some online shopping with MASSE, nothing out of the ordinary, then you hear that the higher-ups are in town and want you to make a presentation. You know what lipstick would make you look like a boss? Matte red lipstick. Or say get a text message: That guy you’ve been into wants to go out for drinks tonight — late into the night. What would look equal parts classy, alluring, and sexy? Matte red lipstick, obviously.

Here’s the thing, though: Because matte red lipstick is so versatile and iconic, just about every lipstick brand makes its own version of matte red lipstick. That means that there are some matte red lipsticks that are less than high quality — maybe their color is off, or maybe they’re low in pigments, or perhaps they just don’t last more than a short time. If half the point of matte red lipstick is to have a reliable shade, the last thing you want is a lipstick that you can’t count on. And that’s where MASSE comes in.

Here at MASSE, we’re determined to bring you the best of the best in everything, including matte red lipsticks. We want to ensure that you’re looking great without having to spend another second thinking about it, so we only take reviews and recommendations for matte red lipsticks from people who have really used them. We don’t allow any sponsored posts or paid reviews, either, so the matte red lipsticks you’ll find below really are the highest quality, no exceptions.

Ultimate Lipstick Love - Scarlet
Retro Matte Lipstick - Russian Red
MAC Cosmetics
Soft Matte Lip Cream - Monte Carlo
NYX Cosmetics
Generation G Lipstick - Zip
Matte Lipstick - Really Red
BECCA’s Ultimate Lipstick Love has a number of great matte red lipsticks, highlighted by its ultra-creamy, pure-red Scarlet lipstick. This shade of matte red lipstick is rich in pigments and hyaluronic acid that hydrates and moisturizes lips, leaving them smooth and silky (even when you take the lipstick off). It lasts a full eight hours without any sort of smearing, making this an all-day and all-night matte red lipstick. MASSE users love how creamy, moisturizing, and long-lasting it is, and also say checking out their other reds is worth your time, too.

Retro Matte Lipstick - Russian Red

$18.50By: MAC Cosmetics
MAC calls this the retro matte lipstick not because it’s outdated, but because it’s the lipstick shade that made the company famous. It’s a classic that still looks as modern as ever thanks to its perfect color level — MASSE users love that it’s “not too bright but still very rich” — and its ability to look good with any skin tone and color. MASSE users also call it their “go-to red” and favorite shade of red, and you just can’t argue with those kinds of reviews.
If you want to experience the great cosmopolitan cities of the world on an extreme budget, and look super-hot while doing it, NYX Cosmetics’s Soft Matte Lip Cream line is the way to do it. Every shade of this ultra-rich, highly pigmented matte lip cream set is inspired by a top luxury city, and its matte red lipstick boasts the colorful, stunning, and very classy look of Monte Carlo. MASSE users call it gorgeous and love the very low price tag, which is definitely not something you’d find in Monte Carlo. Sometimes, it pays to stay local while thinking global.

Generation G Lipstick - Zip

$18.00By: Glossier
If you want to keep it casual and look like having radiant red lips is just your natural state, Glossier’s new Generation G Lipstick is a perfect option. Their matte red lipstick is meant to have that just-blotted look, really more of a stain that offers a subtle color that looks so natural, it appears a bit different on everyone’s lips. MASSE users say they love how smoothly it goes on and how they can even use it under bolder lipsticks as they build up to the perfect color and coverage!
Revlon’s classic Really Red matte lipstick is exactly what the name promises! It maximizes its bold red color with smooth, flawless application, with no drag or resistance, and Revlon’s innovative technology helps ensure that its colors won’t fade for hours and hours. If you’re looking for an iconic look and statement matte red lipstick, Revlon is a great, very affordable option.