Best Primer for Combination Skin

September 27, 2019

So you’ve got some high-end makeup — lipstick, mascara, blush, the whole package — and even patiently apply foundation that matches your skin tone. So why aren’t you achieving the look you want? Why does your makeup seem to melt and even highlight your blemishes? Chances are, you’re not using the right primer, especially if you have combination skin. The best primer for combination skin can be a game-changer for you, diminishing blemishes and allowing makeup — and your face — to shine.

So, what is primer, and how is it different from foundation? ferent from other facial products like foundation? Primers are the first product you put on your face every morning, before you begin applying the rest of your makeup. Primers come in cream, gel and powder form, and they’re used to prime — get it? — your face for further makeup. It shrinks your pores, tightens your skin, smooths fine lines, and creates a more even and amenable surface for your other makeup. With the best primer for combination skin, you can take care of both your more oily and drier spots with a single product, ensuring that there’s no obstacle to looking your very best. And the best primers for combination skin are also allergen-free, so you won’t run into any unintended outbreaks (not that any outbreaks are intended).

So, how do you find the best primer for combination skin and begin using this miracle product? That part is even easier: MASSE is here to provide you recommendations for the best primers for your combination skin, based on reviews and comments from real users who have really used the primers. We’ve culled their insights to pick the primers that they like best, with special consideration for combination skin and other specifications. We don’t allow paid reviews or sponsored posts, either, because the truth is too important to risk some shady product placement. You can trust our recommendations for the best primer for combination skin, because they’re really the recommendations of people just like you!

  • Dawn Patrol Classic Primer SPF 30


    By Coola

    Coola’s Dawn Patrol Classic Primer creates a perfect surface for applying makeup while also providing some serious protection from the sun. As a primer for combination skin, it is a game-changer, as it smooths wrinkles and fine lines without leaving a trace of greasiness, and also blurs away your pores. You don’t even need to apply makeup afterwards — MASSE shoppers say that because it’s so clear and so non-greasy, “you can easily wear it alone,” as one user raved.

  • Your Skin But Better Oil Free Makeup Primer


    By IT Cosmetics

    IT Cosmetics’ Your Skin But Better Oil Free Makeup Primer employs bark extract to improve your skin quality, glycerin to hydrate and moisturize, and ginger root extract to smooth it out, creating a healthy and thriving environment for your makeup. It lasts all day and ensures your makeup stays in place, no matter your skin type. It’s a brand new product and quickly becoming a favorite of MASSE shoppers.

  • Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer


    By Fenty Beauty

    MASSE shoppers say they “love” Fenty Beauty’s Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer because it minimizes their pores big-time while avoiding both leaving skin too dry or too greasy. It also lasts all day, providing an amazing surface for makeup — it’s not too matte, so your skin will look healthy and glowing even before you layer other products on it. It’s a great primer for combination skin, and especially great for oily skin, as MASSE users suggest.

  • Double Duty Base Tape Hydrating Face Primer


    By Tarte

    Tarte’s Double Duty Base Tape Hydrating Primer is very aptly named, and in more ways than one. First, the double duty part: The primer hydrates thanks to coconut extract, jojoba, and grapeseed extract, locking in moisture. Plus, it holds for a whopping 12 hours, ensuring that your face is smooth and ready for makeup, whether you have combination skin or more oily skin. This primer ensures makeup sticks on all day and night, too. MASSE shoppers rave about its coconut scent and now it “makes your makeup look flawless.”

  • Mineral Infused Face Primer


    By e.l.f. Cosmetics

    The Mineral Infused Face Primer from MASSE shopper-favorite makeup brand e.l.f Cosmetics is great at filling in fine lines, rejuvenating all skin types, and creating a healthy glow without leaving a greasy surface. This primer is silky smooth and feels great on your face, too, even as it provides a foundation that’ll hold your makeup foundation for hours and hours. You’ll love the way you look with this primer — one MASSE shopper says she gets lots of compliments on its “airbrushed look,” and that’s even before she puts on makeup!