November 2018
Introducing MASSE,
a New Shopping Platform Combatting Fake Reviews
February 2019
Meet MASSE, a Product Recommendation App That's Free of Paid Promotion
November 2018
Jet.com Alums Want to Harness the E-commerce Power of Facebook Mom Groups
Business of Fashion
November 2018
A New Social Network's Radical Proposal: Ban #SponCon
Architectural Digest
November 2018
New App MASSE Lets You
Ask Your Style Icons About
Their Favorite Home Decor
November 2018
MASSE seeks to improve
product recommendations by building a friends network
November 2018
MASSE Raises $3.5M to be the Ultimate Recommendation Engine Powered By Your Friends
Hey Mama Co
November 2018
Making the Transition from
Startup Team Member to Founder
Gotham Magazine
December 2018
Need a Recommendation?
MASSE has the answers
Yahoo Finance
November 2018
New Social Platform Called "MASSE"
Could Change The Way Consumers Shop
November 2018
MASSE Co-Founders Explain How
Their Experience at Jet.com Influenced
Their New Recommendation-Based Shopping Platform
November 2018
Rimmel is Decreasing its Reliance on Paid Influencer Marketing
Yahoo Finance
November 2018
'People are turning back to their friends': New shopping app skirts fake online reviews