Best Personalized Gift Ideas

September 20, 2019

They say it’s better to give than to receive, but let’s be honest, it’s a lot more fun to receive a gift — especially when it’s a personalized gift that really nails it. That’s the magic of a personalized gift: you’re not only getting something you really want, you know that it’s coming from the heart, given by someone who put in a lot of effort when they were buying it. And if you’re the one giving the present, there’s really nothing like choosing a personalized gift and really nailing it. In fact, when you really succeed with a personalized gift, it really is better to give than receive.

That being said, there’s a reason why people often don’t bother giving personalized gifts: it's hard to successfully pull off! The right personalized gift idea requires you to not only know someone well, but also know what would excite them to unwrap from you in particular. But don’t stress — there’s now a way to find fantastic personalized gift ideas without thinking and looking for days on end. And even better news: you’ve already found it!

MASSE is your one-stop shop for recommendations and personalized gift ideas, brought to you by real people who have both given and received these amazing items. We base all of our recommendations on reviews written by users, and because we don’t allow any paid posts or sponsored reviews, you can be really confident that our personalized gift ideas aren’t impersonal spam but seriously thoughtful, authentic suggestions.

Look, we don’t know the person you’re buying this personalized gift for, but we do know, thanks to our many, many great users, what makes for a great personalized gift. In many cases, we’re recommending quality products that can be paired with inside jokes and special moments between you and your planned recipients. In other cases, our personalized gift ideas are items that everyone would love, but only people who really care about you would think to buy. You know your recipient best, we’re just here to make it easy for you to make them smile.

  • Personalized Note Cards


    By ArtsyNikki

    Personalized stationery is the sign of a true adult with class, professionalism, and prestige… or just a really good friend who appreciates good graphic design and wants to help you feel like a truly classy and professional adult. These personalized note cards, with watercolor succulents, are sweet, subtle, and elegant. MASSE shoppers love them because they feel like vintage stationery, perfect for older recipients and younger people who like that throwback, analog look.

  • Custom Rocks Glasses


    By Love & Victory

    Make a toast to your friend, family member, or hey, yourself (you deserve it!) with these hand-engraved rocks glasses from Love & Victory. The brand will etch just about anything on their shot glasses, from initials to nicknames and dates to secret code words (provided they’re 13 characters or less). They make for great personalized gift ideas for newlyweds, pals who like to party, and collectors. They also can be given as part of a gift set; one MASSE user got them paired them with a personalized decanter and absolutely loved them.

  • Personalized Family Mugs


    By Uncommon Goods

    It’s hard to please everyone in a family, but this personalized family mug set from Uncommon Goods is pretty much guaranteed to do the trick. You can build a fun cartoon version of each family member receiving one of these mugs, with all kinds of customizable options, from skin color and hair type to clothing and accessories. You can emblazon each family member’s name on their respective mugs, making it super clear that this personalized gift is really custom-made for them.

  • Flowers Hand-Painted Notecards


    By Bernard Maisner

    Usually, a card is a bit of an afterthought, and at best a sweet addition to a gift that is the main attraction, but these bespoke, handcrafted notecards are gorgeous enough to be considered a gift themselves. Master calligrapher Bernard Maisner makes these stunning, hand-painted cards, complete with their gold engraving; no two cards are alike, so you’re not just giving someone a great personalized gift, you’re giving them a piece of art. As MASSE shoppers note, Maisner takes some requests and will even create a custom monogram, bringing personalization to the next level.

  • Maxfield Napkin Rings


    By Pottery Barn

    If you have a friend or loved one who loves to host dinner parties (or just get all decked out for a normal dinner at home, no judgment here), you can help make their events extra special with these monogrammed Maxfield Napkin Rings from Pottery Barn. You can get them personalized or add any letter to the silver ring, making for a smart, subtle, but always appreciated personalized gift idea.