Best baby pacifiers

October 11, 2019

We believe in evidence-based parenting decisions, but we also think a baby pacifier might just be magic. If you consider the evidence, you’ll probably see where we’re coming from. A pacifier doesn’t look like anything special — it’s nothing but a bit of plastic and latex. But if a baby is crying (and they’re not hungry or dealing with something serious), a pacifier can bring relief almost instantly. It’s uncanny! There’s nothing that can soothe both a crying infant and exhausted parent quite as instantly or effectively. If that’s not magic, we don’t know what is.

Baby pacifiers are certainly not new technology, but they’ve absolutely changed over the years. An early version of the baby pacifier goes back to the early 1500s, which is absolutely insane, and they started to resemble what we recognize now. The advancement in baby pacifiers has really picked up over the last half-century, and there’s absolutely no doubt that the pacifier you used as a baby is going to look a lot different than the options laid out for your baby. First and foremost, there are a lot more baby pacifiers available now, with different designs and features that work best for babies of different ages and needs.

That said, it’s not exactly breaking news that parents are generally bone-dead tired and don’t exactly have the time to examine the relative pros and cons of different kinds of pacifiers. The whole point of a baby pacifier is to make life easier, so it shouldn’t be super-hard to pick one. That’s where MASSE comes in. MASSE brings you what is not only a wide selection of baby pacifiers, but the best baby pacifier brands available. As mentioned, there is a true abundance of baby pacifier options, and we present the best of them, based on recommendations from real people who have really used the products (or, in this case, had their baby use the products). We don’t allow and tricky sponsored posts or paid reviews, so you can trust our listed recommendations.

No matter what your baby needs, we’re here to help. We’ll explain why you might want a flat pacifier (it can be better for a baby’s teeth) or a round one (it’s more like a natural nipple). We’ll offer insight on how they’re constructed and the relative benefits of each type. When you’re done with our recommendations, you’ll know exactly which is the best baby pacifier for you (and, y’know, your baby).

  • Soothie Pacifier 0-3 months


    By Philips AVENT

    In those crucial first days after your baby is first born, it’s likely that nurses will be soothing your child with a Philips AVENT baby pacifier. And there’s a very good reason why doctors and hospitals choose Philips AVENT’s Soothie Pacifier: Its unique shape and odorless latex makes it more likely that your baby will latch on right away, and its single piece construction ensure there won’t be any complications or broken pieces. Our users say that professionals recommend this to them all the time and their children “love this thing,” which is a pretty solid endorsement.

  • Natural Rubber Baby Pacifier


    By Bibs

    Sometimes, keeping it simple is the smartest move you can make. Bibs’ natural rubber baby pacifier has a classic pacifier construction with a more advanced nipple construction that mimics the feel and texture of a mother’s breast. This model has been around for over 40 years, soothing generations of children (and their parents!), so it’s tried and true baby pacifier you can trust.

  • Elephant Pacifier


    By WubbaNub

    There are two things that most babies can’t live without: their pacifier and a cuddly stuffed animal. And because it’s never too early to begin to learn how to multitask, WubbaNub makes this absolutely adorable Elephant Pacifier, which is as useful as it is precious. It combines a Soothie pacifier made by Philips with a cute plush stuffed elephant that your baby with love to hold and play with. It sits on the baby’s chest and is carefully weighed to make sure it keeps the pacifier in place, too, so it’s not only fun, it’s actually helpful. MASSE parents say it actually stops the pacifier from falling on the floor and rave “getting this was a life-changer!”

  • Teethe-EEZ Teether


    By Nuby

    Nuby’s Teethe-EEZ is far more than a pacifier. Most pacifiers just help occupy and emotionally soothe a baby, but Nuby’s Teeth-EEZ is also designed to both clean and massage the gums. The stimulation can help encourage the emergence of their first set of teeth and soothe the soreness that comes with the teething process, too, so it’s really an all-in-one solution. With a soft looped handle, it’s also perfect for a growing baby that is able to hold their pacifier. Parents love how this baby pacifier calms crying and relieves oral pain, and MASSE shoppers also rave about its carrying case, which any parent will tell you is absolutely crucial if you want any hope of keeping a pacifier clean.

  • Glow in the Dark Night Orthodontic Pacifier


    By MAM

    One of the most frustrating things about even the best baby pacifiers is that when they fall out, they can be impossible to find — especially at night. With that all-too-common issue in mind, MAM combined its patented soft, skin-like nipple technology and symmetrically curved body with an adorable glow in the dark design to create the most convenient baby pacifier out there. The pacifier is easier for a baby to keep in its mouth thanks to the symmetrical nipple, and when it does fall out, it’s almost instantly recognizable. MASSE users say even their older babies, six months and up, can find these in the dark, which will save you a whole lot of trips back and forth from the nursery late at night!