Best onesie pajamas for babies

September 27, 2019

Having a baby is undeniably hard, exhausting work, but it does come with its little perks. High on that list is getting to dress your baby however you choose — infants and toddlers have no fashion sense, so they’re not picky, and the truth is that babies look cute in just about anything, so you can have a whole lot of fun with them. A baby onesie pajamas allows for a whole range of delightful options, from simple patterns to adorable designs depicting everything from animals to iconic cartoon characters. The only limit is your imagination (and how much you worry about your kid getting angry at Instagram photos years later).

Baby onesie pajamas also make for excellent baby shower and birthday gifts, in part because a baby grows so dang fast. Many children wear baby onesie pajamas up through early childhood, especially at night time, and even during the day, baby onesie pajamas can be worn as outfits for children up to two years old. Sure, it can be a pain to buy new clothing every three months, but the upside is that doing so provides plenty of opportunities to have a ton of fun. Let’s be honest — it’s not particularly fun to go shopping for car seats and other baby registry gifts, but finding baby onesie pajamas allows you to add a little bit of personality to your gift.

Still, like everything else about having and/or buying for a baby, finding good baby onesie pajamas can feel a bit intimidating. You need to be sure to shop for the right materials — that makes a huge difference — and understand which you need to avoid. Plus, as much as your imagination should be your guide when it comes to buying baby onesie pajamas, it’s helpful to know what’s considered stylish for babies (because yes, they have style, too).

MASSE is here to help with all those questions by providing recommendations for baby onesie pajamas from parents, relatives, and friends who have really bought and dressed their babies in the pairs they are reviewing. When it comes to parenting, getting advice from people who have experience is paramount, so all of the recommendations you’ll find below come straight from people who know best. We don’t allow any paid reviews or sponsored posts, either, so you’ll only find the best baby onesie pajamas, with no hidden agendas.

  • Unisex-Baby Organic Cotton Footed Overall


    By L’ovedbaby

    L’ovedbaby’s Unisex organic cotton footed overall comes in a variety of shades and colors, from muted greys and browns to brighter pastels, as well as a number of cute striped varieties. The company, which uses only organic and non-flammable fibers, also adjusts the baby onesie pajamas based on age range. The onesies for infants up to six months come with sleeve mittens to help avoid self-scratching, while the pajamas for babies up to a year old have little rubber dots on the feet to help them keep their balance. These are a perennial favorite, described best by one MASSE user who called them “cute, comfy, and good quality clothing.”

  • Magnetic Modal Footie


    By Magnificent Baby

    Magnificent Baby’s Magnetic Modal Footie is equal parts cute, comfortable, and convenient. This baby onesie pajama line comes in a large variety of adorable designs, with everything from cartoon animals and ballerinas to lil instruments, cityscapes, and colorful designs, making it a perfect fit for babies (or, let’s be honest, parents) with all kinds of interests. Its magnetic buttons, meanwhile, “making dressing and undressing sooooo easy!” as one MASSE parent raves, and when you’re getting up for late night diaper changes, that’s really all you want in baby onesie pajamas!

  • Infant Hathi Footie Pajamas


    By Roberta Roller Rabbit

    We focus so much on design and material that we don’t often pay enough attention to a very crucial element of baby onesie pajamas: actually getting the child into and out of the clothing. After all, as much as we love them, infants and even toddlers aren’t particularly helpful when it comes to tasks like getting dressed. The good people at Roberta Roller Rabbit kept that in mind while designing the Infant Hathi Footie Pajamas, gifting us with snap closures from the neckline, down the front of the onesie, and along the leg. Add in some “lovely patterns and materials,” as one MASSE user raved, and you have some great baby onesie pajamas!

  • Organic Baby Pajamas


    By 12|12

    It’s never too early to get a start on your baby’s education, and if they can absorb some of the quantum physics and computer programming code on these precious baby onesie pajamas, they are going to be very, very ahead of the game. 12|12 makes some super-cute pajamas with all kinds of smart, quirky designs and practical details like no-skid feet, making them “a unique gift” that everyone will love, especially geeky parents!

  • Baby Zip Wondersuit


    By Bonds

    You won’t find more imaginative, fashion-forward baby onesie pajamas than those put out by Bonds, an Australian brand that doesn’t treat baby clothing any different than its lines for adults. Their wondersuits are aptly named, as they come in bright base colors overlaid with smart designs depicting animals, mermaids, and more simple patterns. Our users love the designs and also rave about Bond’s down-the-middle zips and mittens for little ones. A majority of the reviews call these baby onesie pajamas “the absolute best” and it’s easy to see why!