Cute Nail Polish Colors for Fall

September 27, 2019

There are few better quick pick-me-ups than a cute manicure. Whether you’re going to the salon or painting your nails at home, getting a fresh coat of a cute nail polish is a great treat that will automatically improve your mood. Applying some cute nail polish can give you tons of confidence before a big date, impress a potential boss at a job interview, and get you ready for a night out with friends. In fact, the right cute nail polish color can do all three!

Just about every category of cosmetics now boasts a huge variety of different styles and applications, and nail polishes are no exception. Cute nail polish colors run the spectrum from black to white and everything in between (hey, if you want vomit green nail polish, we’re not going to stop you, though we don’t recommend it). What’s more is that figuring out which nail polish color you want is just the beginning of your nail polish journey. Once you pick a nail polish color, it’s on to choosing which version of that color you want — there are light and dark, tinted and translucent, sparkly and matte, holographic and metallic, just to name a few options. Oh, and then there gel manicures, too, if you’re into that.

So yeah, there are lots of cute nail polish color options, right? But don’t be intimidated by the huge multitude of choices, because MASSE is here to help you find the cute nail polish colors that fit your style. We’re a platform for shoppers, by shoppers, built on reviews written by people who have really used the stuff they’re reviewing. We take those reviews and recommend the cute nail polish colors they love best — and because we don’t allow any paid reviews or sponsored posts, you don’t have to worry about any ugly colors sneaking on the list. We know how crucial it is to love your nail polish color, and below, you’ll find colors you will definitely love!

  • Brighton


    By Zoya

    Sometimes, just a little dash of magic can make all the difference. If you’re looking to shine but still keep it subtle, Zoya’s Brighton nail polish is an amazing choice. This cute nail polish color is a creamy nude with holographic sparkles, which keeps it professional and classy but, when the light hits it just right, reminds everyone of your magic touch. MASSE shoppers absolutely adore Zoya for its year-round selection of cute nail polish colors and its vegan ingredients that lack the harsh chemicals found in generations of older nail polishes.

  • Color Therapy Nail Polish - Red-iance


    By Sally Hansen

    You can’t go wrong with a radiant red manicure, and with Sally Hansen’s Color Therapy Nail Polish, your nails won’t just look great, they’ll feel great, too. Their Red-iance is a cute nail polish color that employs a bright red base and mixes in “the perfect amount of orange,” as one MASSE reviewer described. And the formula includes argan oil, which heal brittle nails and protects the polish from chips for a full ten days, giving you gorgeous nails and peace of mind.

  • No. 5 - Natural Nude


    By Cote

    Soft, subtle, and super classy, Cote’s No. 5 Natural Nude is a cute nail polish for times you want to look upscale without tipping the scales. It’s a non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free nail polish, as well, so you can feel as good as you look while wearing this very cute nail polish color. MASSE shoppers love all the Cote colors, so if you want something louder than nude, you’ll find some other great options, too.

  • Instadri - Expresso


    By Sally Hansen

    Need to look classy, and quick? Sally Hansen’s Instadri nail polish requires just one coat — it’s both base and top coat — and settles super-fast, so you can apply, shake dry, and get on with your busy life. There are a whole range of cute nail polish colors, and MASSE shoppers are especially into the Expresso shade. They all go on smooth and look good!

  • ColorStay Gel Envy - High Stakes


    By Revlon

    Revlon’s ColorStay Gel Envy promises quick results that last a long time. This line of cute nail polish colors goes on fast — you just need one coat! — and thanks to its gel formula, it stays on chip-free. One MASSE shopper calls herself “an evangelist” for this line of nail polish thanks to its wide range of 30 colors (the High Stakes green is a highlight) and its excellent longevity.