Perfect and Thoughtful Mother's Day Gifts

August 9, 2019

Being a mom is just about the busiest job in the world, and let’s be honest, moms don’t always (or even usually) get rewarded the way they deserve to be rewarded. Sure, a “thanks, mom!” or fingerpainting from school is a nice gesture, but sometimes, a mom deserves to truly be treated to something special. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show the mom in your life how much you appreciate her. And sure, we’re quite a ways away from Mother’s Day, but that only makes it easier to find perfect and thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts — after all, moms love to plan ahead, so it’s really in her honor that you’re doing the same.

At MASSE, you’ll find the perfect Mother’s Day gifts for all the moms in your life thanks to a wide variety of recommendations from real shoppers. Our goal is to connect people with products they’ll love, and the best way to do that is to source products that their peers already rave about. When it comes to giving the choosing the perfect Mother’s Day gift, it’s even more important to get sound advice, because they tend to say “oh, I don’t need anything,” and while it’s a nice sentiment, it’s also not all that helpful for shopping!

Moms are as diverse as any other group of people, with a wide range of interests and personalities, but there are some products that just seem to appeal to all mothers anyway. Most common are practical and functional Mother’s Day gifts, like bags and picture frames, which can be used on a day-to-day basis. Those kinds of Mother’s Day gifts are always fun, because not only are they helpful, they also serve as a constant reminder that the recipient’s hard work and devotion is very much appreciated. And those everyday reminders are their own kind of special gift.

Moms also seem to universally love a bit of decadence and luxury. It’s hard to blame them — there’s probably no more draining job than being a mom, and there’s definitely no job that affords less sleep than full-time motherhood. Slippers, spa products, and other plush items that can provide a fun escape from the everyday stress. Exact preferences may vary, but with great recommendations from gift-giers like you, you’re bound to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

  • CV x Every Mother Counts Tote Bag


    By Clare V.

    Clare V. is a unique brand that’s grown from laptop cases to an entire line of stylish, French-inflected products. Each Clare V item reflects a down-to-earth yet still stylish aesthetic, and the company’s totes are especially popular. Women of all ages love Clare V. products, and their partnership with the amazing nonprofit Every Woman Counts make for perfect Mother’s Day Gifts. Our users especially love the tote emblazoned with the words “maman je t’aime,” which translates to “mommy I love you.”

  • Classic Cashmere Slippers


    By Arlotta

    Luxury means different things to different people, but stepping into a soft pair of slippers is pretty universally accepted as a glorious and luxurious experience. And few slippers are as comfortable and luxurious as Arlotta’s Classic Cashmere Slippers, which are made from 100% inner Mongolian cashmere, so you know it’s the real thing. Take it from MASSE users, who love how cozy these slippers are!

  • Deco - Banho, Ilyria & Madrigal Soap Trio


    By Claus Porto

    Claus Porto makes soap sets that are gorgeous in every way. Their classic Deco wrapping will add color and smart detail to mom’s bathroom, and then each bar fill it with gorgeous natural scents. The three pack comes with the citrusy Banho (notes of lemon, orange, and grapefruit), Illyria (honeysuckle), and Madrigal (water lily). One Masse user raves that “these are always a winner,” and we can’t argue with that.

  • Washable Silk Set


    By Lunya

    Oftentimes, the best gift you can get a mother is some time alone and a pair of pajamas that’ll help her luxuriate in that “me” time. While we can’t help you with that free time part, but our readers can recommend an essential set of silk pajamas from Lunya that’ll have the mother in your life smiling every time she wears them. These silk short shorts and tank help keep the body cool and moving with lower back ventilation and side slits, and as a bonus, they’re machine washable. They’re “so pretty and easy to care for,” raves one MASSE user. They’re also available in a number of monochromatic colors, making them a perfect and thoughtful Mother’s Day gift for moms with many different personal styles.

  • The All-In-One Facial Starter


    By Hanacure

    Beauty crazes come and go, but it seems like face masks are here to stay. And with good reason — a good face mask is a fast, convenient, and super-effective way to give yourself a facial at home. And few brands are as beloved as Hanacure, which makes an All-In-One Facial Starter that brightens and cleanses skin until it’s soft and radiant. That kind of pick-me-up makes for a perfect Mother’s Day gift!

  • Leather Travel Case Set


    By Cuyana

    High-quality travel sets are in that genre of clutch items that nobody thinks to purchase until it’s the night before a big trip and they’re filling up plastic bags with their most valuable and necessary possessions, or worse, they get to the airport and have to overpay for low-quality items with bad zippers. Help mom avoid that fate with one of Cuyana’s gorgeous Leather Travel Case sets, which are slim, stylish, last forever, and keep intimate items organized. You can monogram Cuyana products, which also include wallets, passport holders and keychains, providing mom a sweet reminder of the people who love them back home. As MASSE users say, it’s “beautifully made” and “makes for a great gift,” combining the practical and the personal.

  • Brass and Wood Display Box


    By Artifact Uprising

    In the age of smartphones and Instagram, an entire life’s worth of photos are conceivably available on demand, always just a few swipes away. But there is still something indelible about a physical photograph, because it’s a permanent, physical reminder of a loved one in happy times. Artifact Uprising is the most recommended brand for photograph related gifts on MASSE, because not only are their frames, photo albums, and calendars beautiful, they’re also customizable. If you’re looking for a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift that will last for years, Artifact Uprising’s Brass and Wood Display Box offers both storage for many photographs and a beautiful frame for a treasured picture in one piece, which MASSE users call “timeless” and “super high quality.”

  • Staycation Suite Blush Gift Box


    By Simone LeBlanc

    It can be hard for people to take time for themselves these days, and that goes extra for mothers, who worry about everyone else before even thinking about their own wellbeing. Simone leBlanc makes amazing products for hard-working moms, like this Staycation Suite Blush Gift Box, which will enable the mom in your life to steal away an evening of pure bliss right in her own home. Gift boxes in general are great, thoughtful presents because you can choose ones that match the recipients’ interests, and this relaxing set has a warm vanilla-cedar candle, elegant bath sampler, and other luxurious items.

  • Tata’s Daily Essentials Set


    By Tata Harper

    Stress can wear you down, and it’s especially tough on your skin. And no one is more stressed than a mom. Help the mom in your life revive her skin and feeling of wellbeing with Tata Harper’s Daily Essentials set, which includes every step of a daily facial routine. They’ll be glowing at the thought, then glowing from the scrubs and serums!

  • The Book of Mom


    By The Book of Everyone

    Moms spend so much time trying to remember their children and preserve every moment of their childhoods that it can be all too easy for them to forget their own interests, passions, and pasts. The Book of Mom helps them rediscover everything they love, and proves that the people around them take note and truly care. Fill it up with fun facts, photos, memories, and mementos for an incredibly thoughtful Mother’s Day gift.