Best Natural Looking Mascara

September 20, 2019

We love fun, funky, and loud mascara as much as anyone — and possibly a whole lot more than most — but we also know there’s a time and place for more natural looking mascara… and by that we mean that most times and places call for more natural looking mascara. A good natural looking mascara can be your go-to eye makeup for everyday use, from putting in time at the office to getting lunch with friends and wherever else life takes you.

Natural looking mascara is incredibly versatile, especially when you consider the wide varieties of them now available. A good natural looking mascara performs several core functions, including lengthening and thickening lashes, highlighting individual strands without going too bold, and build volume. And crucially, they don’t leave those mascara clumps that just absolutely drive you nuts when they start balling up in your eyes and making it look like you were crying. (Yes, we’ve been there, it’s still tough to talk about.) Instead, with natural looking mascara, you get smooth, long eyelashes that manage to be striking but not flashy, creating the perfect balance.

So, how do you find such a key mascara? You shop with MASSE, that’s how! (Not that you need us to tell you that — you’re already here, because you’re very smart. MASSE offers recommendations for the best natural looking mascaras, all based on reviews submitted by our broad group of shoppers. These are real people who really use the products that they’re reviewing, and they all have an eye for really great natural looking mascara (see what we did there?).

And here at MASSE, we don’t allow any sponsored posts or paid reviews, because we want you to get the best advice on natural looking mascaras — with no potential conflicts of interests or tricks. We’ll help you keep your eye on the prize: the best natural looking mascara!

  • Lash Sensational Washable Mascara


    By Maybelline

    Wanna know a great way of avoiding mascara clumps? Use a natural looking mascara applicator with a whopping 10 layers of bristles! Maybelline’s Lash Sensational line is not only waterproof and lasts for a long, long time, its layered applicator is also designed to make sure the natural looking mascara goes on evenly and makes each and every one of your lashes look full and thick. MASSE shoppers call it “high impact with both length and volume” and love how long it lasts!

  • They’re Real! Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara


    By Benefit Cosmetics

    Let’s take a moment of silence for all those eyelashes that were previously ignored by flat, unlayered mascara applicators. The very appropriately named “They’re Real!” Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara from Benefit Cosmetics pairs lustrous black natural looking mascara with a custom brush that layers its bristles, which helps easily curl, lift, and highlight not only your long and most prominent lashes, but also eyelashes you never knew you had. MASSE shoppers love the tiny precision bristles that it has on the end of the wand, which help highlight and separate hard-to-read lashes, as well.

  • Better Than Sex Mascara


    By Too Faced

    Praise for natural looking mascara — or anything, really — doesn’t get much higher than someone calling it their “holy grail,” and that’s exactly what one obsessed (in a good way) MASSE shopper called Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara, which evidently lives up to its name! Its hourglass-shaped brush has stiff bristles that hit every single eyelash, making sure to lift and volumize each and every one. It’s a great natural looking mascara that lasts all day and doesn’t smudge, and MASSE shoppers with all kinds of lashes, from long to short and everything in between, say it lives up to its name with reviews like “best mascara ever!!” and “totally worth the hype!”

  • Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara


    By L'Oreal

    MASSE shoppers are really in love with this natural looking mascara — they literally say so in their reviews — and it’s easy to see why: L’Oreal’s Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara has a whopping 200 soft, wavy bristles that volume and lift each and every one of your lashes with a waterproof, easy-glide formula. MASSE shoppers call it “hands-down the best” and “the perfect mascara,” and how can you argue with that?

  • Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara


    By Tarte

    With multi-length bristles and a jet black liquid base, Tarte’s Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara makes for long, thick, volumized, yet still natural looking lashes! It elongates and separates lashes, as MASSE shoppers rave about in their reviews — pretty much everyone mentions the lengthening thing — and it doesn’t clump, either. In fact, MASSE shoppers say it gets better as you use it!