Our Manifesto

Shopping online means scrolling through endless options. With millions of items and thousands of reviews to sort through, the simple task of picking out a stroller or earbuds can feel overwhelming. So how do we choose what to buy?

When we first started shopping online, anybody could share their opinion. And a lot of people did. This was the promise of internet democracy: no ads or spin, just us. But as e-commerce grew, brands started skewing the results. Marketers seduced influencers and social media stars; they paid for positive reviews and found ways to cover up negative ones. We noticed something wasn’t right in e-commerce. While reviews were plentiful, they were faceless - some fake, some bought, very few trusted.

At MASSE, we believe the best way to find a product is to ask the people we trust. Looking for that perfect something? Imagine searching for it and only seeing results recommended by people like you. No paid-for posts. No bots. No sponsored pages. Just real people talking about what works for them.

MASSE brings all those recommendations into one place, and organizes them in a way that’s actually useful—so you can find what you’re looking for. This is the future of consumer-centered e-commerce: a community of shoppers you can trust.

Join us at MASSE.

Community Guidelines

  • Credibility

    We have zero tolerance policy for any paid-for or sponsored posts. We ask that users not review or recommend products from brands that they receive compensation from.

  • Authenticity

    We ask that all users share honestly about the products they are recommending and the experiences they are describing.

  • Kindness

    We ask that users treat others as they would like to be treated

How We Moderate Our Platform

Ensuring that we can live up to our Community Guidelines is important to us at MASSE. We use a combination of automated flags and crowdsourcing from our community to identify content that might be in violation of these guidelines. We have real people on the other side reviewing flagged content to identify if it meets the MASSE standard. If you see any content on MASSE that you think is inauthentic or offensive, please flag in our app, and we'll review right away. We don't claim to be perfect, but we will do our best to ensure that the content on MASSE is credible, authentic, and helpful.