Best matte liquid lipstick
July 26, 2019

Just by virtue of the fact that you’re looking for matte liquid lipstick, it’s clear that you’re a true lipstick connoisseur. Liquid lipstick that actually stays on your lips is a relatively new phenomenon, so you obviously keep up with developments in fashion. And because you’re looking for matte liquid lipstick, you definitely know how to rock colors, shades, and styles that not everyone can pull off. Wearing liquid lipstick sends a real message, and you’re the sort of person who can back that message up. The long and short of it: you know what’s cool.

All that being said, no matter how soft your lips and how much you know about the cutting edge of beauty products, not every matte liquid lipstick is created equal. Some have colors that are too dull, others really dry out your lips, and still others just don’t last very long. That’s why we’re here — think of MASSE as your best shopping buddy, offering only the best recommendations gathered from all our other shopping buddies. We feature reviews and recommendations from real people who have really used the matte liquid lipsticks they’re talking about, and no one’s allowed to post a paid review or sponsored item.

What that means is that you can trust that we’re going to give it to you straight and present only the best in matte liquid lipsticks. There are a whole lot of great matte liquid lipsticks out there, in many different shades and colors, so not only do you need a guide to help you avoid the bad ones, you’ll also need some help discovering which matte liquid lipstick will look best on you. After all, traditional lipstick has a far different finish — those colors shine, while matte lipstick colors are far less glossy, though not quite flat. Additionally, some matte liquid lipsticks feel different on the lips than others, so it’s not just about how they look, but also how they sit. With the right matte liquid lipstick, your subdued, sexy lips will help the rest of your look shine.

Powermatte Lip Pigment
Hollywood Lips Liquid Lipstick - Screen Siren
Charlotte Tilbury
Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour - Peachy Nude
Ultra Satin Lips
LipSense Liquid Lip Color
There are a few important, distinct features of NARS’ Powermatte Lip Pigment. First and foremost, it comes in well over a dozen shades and colors, ranging from a nude tan rose to wild rose to brown, so you can match this matte liquid lipstick to virtually any pair of lips. It’s also silky smooth and remarkably, so while everyone notices your gorgeous lips, you’ll barely remember that you’ve got any lipstick on at all. And it’s even easier to apply, thanks to NARS’ patented applicator, so you don’t have to worry about smudging or running.
It’s not often that you find such rich color coming from a light lipstick that doesn’t sit heavy on the lips, so you know that Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Lips Liquid Lipstick is special. With a beeswax base, it is super-light but still has deep colors that range from matte to bold pigmentation. The colors will make you look like a movie star on the red carpet — they call it “Hollywood Lips” for a reason — and as a bonus, it goes on easy, so you don’t have to risk looking like a movie star without a stylist who put their makeup on in the car en route to the movie premiere.
It takes a special pair of lips to wear a nude matte liquid lipstick, and even those that can pull it off need to be careful to find the very best out there. MAC’s retro matte liquid peachy nude lipstick is a bold statement in the most subtle tone possible. It lasts eight hours, which is awesome, and as our users point out, it’s able to shine without making teeth look discolored, which is a big risk with nude matte liquid lipsticks!

Ultra Satin Lips

$10.00By: Colourpop
Colourpop’s Ultra Satin Lips is an affordable matte liquid lipstick option that does not skimp on gorgeous, bold pigments. It comes in dozens of shades and colors, and no matter which you choose, you’ll get a creamy, smooth liquid lipstick that is going to stay on all day, no matter how many times you lick your lips or, if it’s a really great day, get kissed. Our users often buy these en masse thanks to their great price point and color variety, and rave about their lip-feel and formula!

LipSense Liquid Lip Color

$20.20By: SeneGence
SeneGence makes a few big guarantees to smart shoppers who opt for its LipSense Liquid Lip Color: This matte liquid lipstick, the company says, “won’t kiss-off, smear-off, rub-off or budge-off,” so if you’re looking for something that’ll last all day, you’re headed in the right direction. But that’s only half the battle — obviously, you also want a matte liquid lipstick that looks gorgeous, and this one delivers there, too. MASSE users love this lipstick, and as one user puts it, “you won’t be disappointed” if you try it!