Best Knife Sets under $100

August 30, 2019

Ask most people where they got their knife set, there’s a pretty good chance they’ll tell you that someone bought it off their wedding registry. But if you’re not getting married any time soon (or just really need a lot of knives, presumably for cooking purposes) and are looking to upgrade your kitchen, you can get a bit of sticker shock looking at the cost of many knife sets at big retailers. But don’t sweat it — with a bit of help, you can absolutely find plenty of fantastic knife sets for under $100, which is an incredibly affordable price, especially if you consider the cost-per-knife ratio.

That’s great news, right? Here’s some even better news: MASSE is here to help you find those amazing knife sets under $100. (We’d say that we’ll help you slice through the fat and find the best knife sets, but we know that joke just wouldn’t cut it.) MASSE has a huge community of shoppers and food lovers who like to outfit their kitchens with the best of the best without blowing their budgets, and we base our recommendations on their reviews. We don’t allow paid reviews or sponsored posts, either, so you know that you’re getting great advice.

If you’re a chef or fervent foodie, you probably know what you want in a knife set. If your cooking skills aren’t so sharp, don’t worry — we’ll walk you through the best knife sets under $100 and help you decide which fit your needs. In some cases, you’ll be looking for larger sets, with a wooden block that can handle over a dozen different knives; in others, you’ll be better off focusing on a few good multi-purpose knives and saving the space on your kitchen counter. And yet others might just need a set of good cheese knives, and we can help with that too. No matter how you slice it, MASSE is the one-stop shop for all your knife shopping needs!

  • 15-Piece Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Block Set


    By Cuisinart

    If you’re looking for a full-on knife set for under $100, with everything you need for cooking a huge meal and then serving it to a table filled with guests, look no further than Cuisinart’s massive (but not obtrusive) 15-piece stainless steel knife set. This is the gold (or, steel) standard for big kitchen knives sets, with a large chef knife, a large slicing knife, a utility knife, and a number of steak knives, among the other featured knives. They’re hollow, too, so they’re light and easy to store, too. One MASSE user put it best: “stylish, affordable, and practical.”

  • Hampton Forge Raintree Cutlery Set


    By Hampton Sun

    If you’re looking for a slightly small knife set for under $100 and want to add some style and flair to your kitchen, the Hampton Forge Raintree Cutlery set is a perfect choice. It’s a 10-piece knife set that includes several santorum knives and all-purpose knives, and its copper metal is sure to impress any guests. As one MASSE user wrote, they never dull and serve their purpose very well!

  • 3-Piece Knife Set


    By Open Kitchen by William Sonoma

    If it’s from William Sonoma, you know it’s top notch, and this 3-piece knife set is both high quality and classy. The Open Kitchen knife set includes an eight inch chef's knife, eight inch serrated bread knife and three inch paring knife — basically, the three knives you’re most likely to need and use the most. They’re stainless steel and sturdy, with triple-riveted handles. “They look great in your kitchen,” one MASSE user raved, and we won’t argue with that assessment — this knife set is gorgeous.

  • Revolution Series 3-Piece Ceramic Knife Set


    By Kyocera

    Here’s another three-piece knife set with the absolute essentials: a six inch chef’s knife, five inch micro serrated blade, and a three inch paring knife. They’re lightweight and ultra sharp, or as one happy MASSE shopper put it, “so sleek.”

  • Mikata Cheese Knives, Set of 3


    By Anthropologie

    Hosting a party? You’ll impress everyone from the get-go with this 3-piece set of cheese knives from Anthropologie — yes, they sell kitchen items and hostess gifts, and yes, they’re both high quality and chic. A lot of MASSE users also say these are a great gift idea, so you can help spread the love of fromage and great hosting.