Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

November 5, 2019

Sure, it’s better to give than receive, but it’s definitely not easier on your wallet. The holidays are a wonderful time of the year, filled with lots of the best things in life: friends, family, way too many desserts, and most prominently, shopping. Lots of Christmas gift shopping. Nothing is sweeter than making a loved one smile with a Christmas gift, but the longer your shopping list, the more expensive it can get. We all love jingle bells, but wince when it’s cash register that is dinging, it can really make you wince after a while. If you don’t want to feel too broke after the holiday season, finding thoughtful, surprising, yet inexpensive Christmas gifts can help keep your bank account as jolly as your uncle after too much eggnog.

Now, there’s a chance you’re thinking, “saving money sounds great! But I don’t want to be known for giving cheap Christmas gifts,” and we can understand where you’re coming from. But here’s the important distinction: inexpensive Christmas gifts don’t necessarily have to be cheap Christmas gifts. The point of a Christmas gift is to show someone that you care and think about them, right? That doesn’t mean you have to buy someone a super-expensive Christmas gift — an inexpensive Christmas gift can actually be much sweeter because a good one shows that you got creative and put some thought into it, instead of just relying on some bling to impress someone.

Not feeling creative, or just a little bit overwhelmed this holiday season? Don’t worry — MASSE is here to help. We’re a shopping platform that provides recommendations and reviews for amazing products, including inexpensive Christmas gifts. All our reviews come from real people who have really either used, given, and/or received the items in question, and we don’t allow any paid reviews or sponsored posts, so you can trust that you’re getting good advice.

Christmas only comes once a year, so you don’t want to mess around with shady spam or fake reviews — you need help finding inexpensive Christmas gifts, we provide all the insight you need. With a little bit of assistance from our elves (OK, shoppers), finding an inexpensive Christmas gift will be easy (not that you have to tell the recipient that!).

  • 2020 Planner Weekly and Monthly


    By Pretty Simple Planners

    An inexpensive Christmas gift that’ll last all year, this fun and colorful planner from Pretty Simple Planners is far more than the brand name suggests. It offers weekly and monthly spreads for both long-term and more daily planning. Plus, it’s filled with fun quotes, a notes section, and lots of those silly national holidays, so every day can feel like a celebration. MASSE shoppers approve, calling it a really great notebook and planner. Two for one!

  • Perfume Sample Set


    By Phlur

    Perfumes can often get pricey, so more often than not, women tend to stay with the same scent for years. Phlur solves that problem by putting together these terrific perfume sample sets, with three 2 mL bottles of different perfumes for just $18 (which is far more than the scented strip of paper you get at a store). If the recipient likes one of them, they can buy a whole bottle, with that $18 already applied to the total. Plus, as MASSE shoppers say, they last a long time and “have great, clean formulas that are good for your skin and smell amazing!”

  • Parisian Notebook Set


    By Rifle Paper Co.

    It’s too pricey for any sane person (or non-millionaire, at least) to give someone a trip to Paris as a Christmas gift, but if you’ve got a writer on your shopping list, this Parisian Notebook Set from Rifle Paper Co. will give them the feeling of being in a French cafe every time they use it. This gorgeous notebook is inspired by the City of Light and its beautiful botanical traditions, and it’s sure to inspire some great prose. It’s an inexpensive Christmas gift that’ll last a long time!

  • Mini Spices Set


    By La Boite

    The holidays are a great time to bust out your baking and skills skills, but after eating gingerbread cookies and traditional treats for a full month, people are probably going to want to try something a little bit new when the calendar turns to January. La Boite’s Mini Spices Set will do just the trick, providing five original, exotic spices for your favorite amateur (or professional!) chef. They make for a great inexpensive Christmas gift because it offers all kinds of new possibilities and MASSE shoppers rave about their taste!

  • Blokus


    By Mattel Games

    Blokus — a quick, colorful block strategy game — makes for a great inexpensive Christmas gift for kids, families, or your friends who take game night way too seriously and need to chill out with some simpler (yet no less enjoyable) activities. It’s made by Mattel Games, an industry leader, and MASSE shoppers say it’s great for all ages, making Blokus a fun gift you can give to just about everyone.

  • Save the Dolphins Pack


    By Purda Vida

    This is the rare win-win-win-win Christmas gift: the Save the Dolphins pack from Pura Vida is a cute, casual trio of braided and baubled bracelets that look great and serve a great cause. 10% of the profits go to the Oceanic Preservation Society’s efforts to save the oceans and its majestic creatures, and at just $30 for a set of three, you can give this inexpensive Christmas gift to lots of people and feel really great about it. Your recipients will feel great about them them too — one MASSE shopper says she’s never given these as a gift and not had people totally love them.

  • Party Dot Socks



    Finally, socks we really would want for Christmas! makes some super-fun, colorful, and quirky clothing, accessories, and home and office products (honestly we want them to design our entire lives) and these party dot socks are a confetti-covered treat. They’re inexpensive and very adorable, making for fantastic Christmas gifts!

  • Luxe Acrylic Modular Makeup System


    By The Container Store

    Whether someone puts on their makeup in a crowded and cramped bathroom or they have a giant makeup table with room for lots of products, the luxe acrylic modular makeup system from The Container Store will absolutely fit their needs. A stackable makeup storage tower, you can buy different levels to hold different items, making it fully customizable to suit everyone’s needs. It’s actually really affordable, too, and MASSE shoppers call the set cute and say it’s great for a growing makeup collection.

  • Guest Soap Box


    By Claus Porto

    Sometimes it’s the little things in life that bring the most joy, and honestly, this guest soap box from Claus Porto, with its colorful array of shea butter-infused soaps, is really making us smile right now. It’s packed with 15 soaps and a rainbow’s worth of colors, and it’s very inexpensive for how much it offers. Pretty much anyone with a sink and even the slightest bit of style will love it.

  • Modern One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book


    By Moglea

    To very loosely paraphrase Ferris Bueller, life comes at you fast, and if you don’t write it down, you’re not going to remember it years later. (We told you, it was a very loose paraphrase.) This daily diary offers a small space for you to write a few lines about every single day of the year for five full years. It’ll make for a great chronicle of someone’s highs, lows, and mundane moments, and it’s a great inexpensive Christmas gift for anyone that’s sentimental or just really forgetful.