Cute Housewarming Gift Ideas for 2019

October 4, 2019

It may seem like a minor gesture, but buying someone a cute housewarming gift can have an outsized impact. Moving is equal parts exciting, exhausting, and expensive. It can signify a lot of different things, too: a new chapter in life, a fresh clean start, or just a subtle shift in living arrangements. And no matter how far someone’s moving, whether it’s to an apartment down the hall or a new house across the country, a helping hand really makes a difference. So what can you do? Well, if you can’t help carry boxes, buying a cute housewarming gift is helpful not only as a way to make someone smile, while also making the transition easier. Buying someone a cute housewarming gift can make them feel more at home, while also filling an important need on their shopping list.

So what makes for a cute housewarming gift? At MASSE, we can recommend cute housewarming gifts for all kinds of homes, homeowners, and occupants. No matter what kind of new space you’re buying for, we know we can help you find something great. We provide lists of cute housewarming gifts based on reviews from our users, who have really received, given, or used those items. And crucially, we don’t allow any paid promotion or sneaky sponsored reviews. That way you know that the wide range of cute housewarming gifts you find here are truly honest and will really excite whoever receives the gifts.

What we’ve found is that people love housewarming gifts that are either useful or aesthetically pleasing (and in a very perfect world, both). The first thing people do when they’re getting ready to move is to throw out a ton of stuff — including things they’ll probably need again. And once they’ve moved into a new home, there’s a good chance people will need help filling up their new home with memories, mementos, and useful gadgets. Some of the best housewarming gifts are classy, useful items that people wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves. Think about what you’d love to own but can’t quite pull the trigger on buying, and you are probably thinking of a cute housewarming gift in the making./p>

MASSE’s selection of housewarming gifts include a lot of items in that sweet spot, like wine coolers, gorgeously scented candles, and monogrammed linens. They’re the kind of gifts that will make friends and loved ones smile and genuinely thank you, and you can smile knowing they’ll be in their new homes for years to come.

  • Pebble Medium Bowl


    By Mud Australia

    A dish from Mud Australia will class up any home, and the boutique houseware maker’s Pebble Bowl is especially sleek and stylish. It’s a porcelain bowl, glazed on the outside and raw on the inside, and available in a sumptuous milky white, making it a classy, understated piece that works as both decoration and for day-to-day use. As one MASSE user wrote, Mud Australia products “are great housewarming gifts that are gorgeous, and won’t break the bank!”

  • Recycled Glassware Pitcher


    By Hawkins New York

    Hawkins New York has a fantastic line of recycled glassware, which carry the twin benefits of being both 100% sustainable and totally cute. Moving often winds up being less than environmentally friendly, given all the cardboard boxes, plastic tap, and bubble wrap you use, so it’s especially nice to give one of these environmentally friendly pitchers as a cute housewarming gift. They come in different color tints and have unique markings and bubblings, making for a cute housewarming gift that everyone can feel great about.

  • Circa Rose Quartz S01 Box Gift Set


    By Cinnamon Projects

    Moving can be super-stressful, so any housewarming gift that helps alleviate that stress is always appreciated. Cinnamon Projects’ Circa Rose Quartz incense sets provide an absolutely relaxing scent and are aesthetically gorgeous, with holding discs cut from semi-precious stones. They’re cute housewarming gifts that are also incredibly useful, as they come with five different scents (all high quality, according to MASSE users) so that they can be used at just about any time.

  • Custom Frame


    By Framebridge

    You move in, get all your furniture set up, fill up the cupboards and kitchen, make up the bathroom, install your electronics, and then when you finally collapse on the couch, you have a horrifying realization: the walls are bare! Now, even if you’ve brought some framed art and photos along, you’re likely to need some new decorative additions, but there are few things that feel like more of a hassle than framing photos. That’s why a custom frame from Framebridge makes for such a cute housewarming gift — people can upload photos, pick out a frame, and Framebridge does the rest, sending a perfectly framed piece to the new home. MASSE shoppers rave about it, calling it both “personal/thoughtful” and, essentially, quite easy and affordable.

  • Apt/Townhouse Portrait


    By Jill Gill

    Instead of getting someone a cute housewarming gift for inside their home, why not get them a cute housewarming gift that shows off their new home to others? Jill Gill is a renowned artist whose unique work has appeared on a long list of the most famous magazines in the world, and now she takes commissions for her amazing apartment and townhouse portraits. She’ll paint a house or building in her iconic style and then turn it into stationary or send along a digital image so the recipient can do what they want with it. One MASSE user calls it “the best, most personalized housewarming gift” they’ve ever given!