Best high chair for toddlers

October 11, 2019

Kids grow up so fast these days, which means you’ll need a high chair that grows with them! The first year or so doesn’t involve much time at the table for your baby, but soon enough, you’ll have a little one who can sit straight up enough to sit in a seat of their own. They will definitely be your most adorable dining partner, but to feel truly feel good about it, you’ll want to have them in the best high chair possible. Yet with so much on your plate in that first year of parenting, you don’t want to be spending too much time shopping for a high chair for toddlers — every minute you spend shopping for a high chair is a minute you aren’t spending with your toddler.

That’s where MASSE comes in! We’re a shopping platform that runs on real reviews written by real people, including parents who spend a lot of time thinking hard about the best products for their children. Our recommendations for high chairs for toddlers are curated from real reviews left by real parents — we don’t permit sponsored posts or paid reviews and work hard to make sure none sneak in there. This is your toddler’s safety, security, and dinnertime we’re talking about here — we want to make sure you’re making memories (and cleaning as few stains as possible!) so we only allow recommendations for the best high chairs for toddlers.

Unlike the classic one-size-fits-all high chairs, new high chairs for toddlers come in all shapes, sizes, and modes, and many of them are fully customizable. A big key is finding a high chair that grows with your child. Let’s face it, you’re constantly buying new clothes and other items as your baby becomes a toddler, and so anything and everything that lasts more than a few months is worth its weight in gold (especially if it doesn’t cost nearly as much as gold). Some high chairs can handle babies still in rockers, others can be adjusted to pull straight up to a table, so you can use it up to the point where your child is going to kindergarten.

With so many high chairs out on the market, you’ll need some help finding the one that works best for your situation. We can’t babysit for you, but we’re here to make sure you get the right high chair in your price range. Below, you’ll find the best high chairs for toddlers, as named by real parents, so happy shopping!

  • Fast Table Chair


    By Inglesina

    What’s better than a high chair you can use at home? How about a high chair you can use anywhere. Inglesina’s Fast Table Chair boasts an ingenious design that is absolutely perfect for both homes with a limited amount of space and just about any situation on the road. It’s a bit different than traditional high chairs, in that it’s more than a seat than full chair. It attaches to tables so your baby and toddler can sit right up there with the family, and its safe construction means that you don’t have to worry about any safety issues. MASSE families use it all over, even on their kitchen islands, and love that the cover comes off so you can put it through the washing machine.

  • Steps Chair with Baby Set & Tray


    By Stokke

    Swedish furniture has a well-earned reputation for being simple, streamlined, and highly functional, and Stokke’s Steps Chair definitely fulfills that expectation. It’s smart and uncomplicated, but works with many different attachments and grows with your child. The top half can handle everything from a bouncer to a harness attachment, while the included tray slides right above the simple seat. MASSE parents also love that it converts to a chair for older children and that it’s very easy to clean — a must with toddler seats, as you know!

  • High Chair


    By BabyBjorn

    BabyBjorn is best known for the smart, snuggly, front-facing infant carriers that parents and caretakers sling across their chests, but they make other great childcare items, too. That includes this fantastic high chair, which is compact, convenient, and comfortable. It folds up easily into a very slim profile, which makes it great for small spaces and city living — our users in NYC really sing its praises — and it’s extra safe thanks to an internal harness and a locking tray. It’s also very easy to wipe clean and our shoppers love that its tray can even go into the dishwasher.

  • Anitlop High Chair


    By Ikea

    When you’re shopping for a high chair for your toddler, you’re likely thinking about how it will fit into your home. And while that is of course an essential element of high chair shopping, you might also want to consider how a high chair will function outside the house — at some point, you’re going to want to start going out to restaurants or dinners at a friend’s house, and sometimes, you’ll have to take your toddler with you (babysitters are expensive!). High chairs like this Antilop high chair from Ikea are simple, sturdy, and easy to fold up and take on the go, which will make it far more likely that you’ll actually get out of the house for a meal or two. MASSE parents also love its low price point, so you can afford some dinners out!

  • High Chair


    By 4moms

    The 4moms brand is best known for the mamaroo, a chair that makes simulates the comforts and stimulation of being in utero.The company’s high chair is perfect for a baby and toddler’s next step, when they’re ready to join the family in the kitchen… but not quite ready to eat with utensils or keep their bowl in one place. This is one of the best high chairs for toddlers because not only does it have a number of adjustable heights, it boasts a magnetic system that keeps bowls and plates in place as kids are learning to feed themselves. That minimizes messes (a godsend!) and whatever splashes of food do happen are easy to clean thanks to a replaceable tray liner and foam seat insert.