Best hair dryer for thin hair
May 17, 2019

Maintaining healthy, gorgeous hair is hard work no matter what kind of hair you have, dry hair included. In fact, when you have dry hair, it can take a little bit of extra mindfulness to keep it healthy and vibrant. There are certain shampoos and conditioners that are rough on thin hair, but those aren’t the only factors to keep in mind. Thin hair is generally very sensitive, fragile, and susceptible to heat damage, which makes finding the best hair dryer for thin hair an absolute necessity.

What this really means is identifying the very best hair dryers, period, because the big problem with bad hair dryers in general is that they fry and frizz hair. You just have to be a bit more conscious of quality when you’re looking for the best hair dryer for thin hair in particular, and that’s where we come in. At MASSE, we provide recommendations for the best hair dryers for thin hair based on reviews written by people who have really used them. Many of our users have thin hair, so we prioritize their reviews to ensure that you find hair dryers that will definitely work for your thin hair.

There are a few things to look for when searching for the best hair dryer for your thin hair. The upside of thin hair is that it can appear incredibly silky — when you take care of it. To do that, you’ll want either an ionic hair dryer or, failing that, a hair dryer that has a high ion count. Here’s a super quick science lesson: Ionic hair dryers produce negatively charged ions, which in turn counteract the positive charge of the water sitting on your hair. That way, it zaps the liquid without damaging the underlying hair, ensuring that it’ll remain frizz-free.

You’ll also want to look for hair dryers that work fast, because the longer you keep the hair dryer on your hair, the more likely it is to dry out, frizz up, and just generally damage it. It also helps to have a cold shot button so that you can set your hair once it’s styled and avoid any frizz creeping up. You want to take care of your hair and ensure it reaches its maximum potential, and we’ll help make sure it happens.

Nano Titanium
Supersonic Hair Dryer
Pro Dryer
Harry Josh
Featherweight Compact Folding Hair Dryer
Professional 1875W Lightweight Hair Dryer
Pro Beauty Tools

Nano Titanium

$79.99By: BaByliss
Babyliss’s Nano Titanium hair dryer is a mid-sized wonder. It packs 2,000 watts of power in a body that weighs less than three pounds. It’s also built on ionic technology, so all that power is focused on the water you’re looking to zap, not the hair that you’re trying to treat right. But that’s not all — the Nano Titanium is also one of the best hair dryers for thin hair because it has six different power and heat levels, so you can really customize your care.

Supersonic Hair Dryer

$399.99By: Dyson
Faster. Lighter. Livelier. Dyson’s Supersonic Hair Dryer is a marvel, constructed with cutting edge technology to deliver fuller, thicker hair in a fraction of the time that most hair dryers require. The secret is its V9 digital motor, air multiplier technology, and styling concentrator, which produce a powerful jet stream and then steers it in a concentrated direction. That’s especially key for thin hair, as less time with the heat means less frizz and damage, as MASSE users will tell you. They have nothing but raves for the Supersonic Hair Dryer, which they call “the absolute best,” “amazing,” and brilliant. Plus, reviewers confirm the speed with which the hair dryer works, too, and also love that it maintains steady heat levels, making for an easy hair drying experience.

Pro Dryer

$349.00By: Harry Josh
Celebrity hair stylist Harry Josh is beloved by A-listers like Olivia Wilde and Karlie Kloss because he knows how to find the best look for every hair type. Like all wildly successful stylists to the stars, he now has his own product line, and while sometimes skepticism is warranted with these things, his Ultra Light Pro Dryer is the real deal. It has a motor that revs up to 94 mph so your hair dries fast — as one MASSE reviewer says, “it cut down on my drying time and no frizz!” It also includes a silencer to make sure your ears don’t have to suffer for style. It also has customizable ionic function, which allows you to toggle between voluminous and sleek. It all adds up to one of the best hair dryers for thin hair.
There’s nothing not to love about T3’s Featherweight Tourmaline Hair Dryer, especially if you have thin hair. Its name is apt, because this hair dryer is small even before you factor in the folding handle, which makes it a perfect traveling hair dryer. And you’ll want to travel with this hair dryer, because it’s both fast and effective. Instead of blasting your hair with hot air, it’s got a special fan that whirls air around, charges it with negative ions, and directs it exactly where you point it, helping to eliminate frizz. As MASSE users will tell you, it also dries hair super fast, making it absolutely one of the best hair dryers for thin hair.
Looking for a steal? Pro Beauty Tools’ Professional Lightweight Hair Dryer puts the power of salon-level hair dryers in your hands for a fraction of the cost of a single blowout. Its Tourmaline Ceramic Technology is built to reduce frizz and increase your shine, while its light weight will make it easy drying your hair even easier. If you want one of the best hair dryers for thin hair but don’t want to thin out your wallet, this is a great option.