Best Hair Brush for Thick Hair

September 6, 2019

Every kind of hair has its advantages and disadvantages, and no one knows that better than people with thick hair. Having thick hair means always have a rich, luxurious mane that stays styled for days. But on the flip side, thick hair can be a little bit hard to flip — thick hair gets tangled, frazzled, and knotted up pretty easily, and when you wash it, thick hair can take what seems like forever to dry. Quite often, having thick hair just feels like an absolute ton of work — but with the best hair brushes for thick hair, you’ll be thankful for your dense ‘do and looking good with minimal effort.

Hair brushes for thick hair are designed to handle coarse locks that don’t always want to cooperate. That can happen for any number of reasons, from the weather — thick hair tends to get all frazzled and frizzy in the humidity — to more intimate and personal elements, from sweat to choice of hair products. In the same way, some hair brushes for thick hair are better at handling other challenges than others, from working through forests of locks to handling and harnessing flyaways and frizz. You’ll often find hair brushes for thick hair in paddle brush form, given how much pure space they require, though straightening brushes can come in a number of different styles.

With so many possibilities, MASSE is here to help you find the best hair brush for your kind of thick hair and preferred style. We base our recommendations on real reviews from people who have really used the brushes, too — you already have to push through a whole lot of coarse hair, so the last thing we want to do is make you also wade through paid posts and sponsored reviews. You won’t find any paid reviews on MASSE, so you can narrow down your choices for best hair brush for your thick hair and get shopping!

  • Duo Brush - Original and Mini Hair Brush Detangler


    By Wet Brush

    One issue so many people with thick hair face is that hair brushes tend to pull hard at their hair, especially when their hair is just the slightest bit tangled or frizzy. MASSE users are in love with Wet Brush hair brushes for thick hair because they work like “magic,” in the words of one user, providing the strength to detangle knotty hair without tugging hard, causing pain, or pulling out any hair. The Duo Brush does it with a combination of firm bristles that have patented SofTips on their tops, providing a massage for your scalp instead of a harsh pull.

  • Pro Paddle Brush


    By Wet Brush

    Did we mention that MASSE shoppers love Wet Brush? Here’s another one of their “magic” hair brushes for thick hair, this time in paddle brush form. Paddle brushes are really effective on extra thick and very knotty hair, which can be quite prone to painful yanks while brush. Yet as you’ve come to expect from Wet Brush (since reading the entry above, of course), this paddle brush is very gentle on even the thickest hair, massaging and detangling without pulling. In the one words of another MASSE shopper, “Wet Brush really are the best on your hair.”

  • Glide Thru Detangler Brush


    By Crave Naturals

    So, we were just writing about how paddle brushes are fantastic for thick hair, but let’s be clear, they are far from the only brush shape that excels at handling thick hair. Crave Naturals’s Glide Thru Detangler Brush has a very natural, sleek, unique design that — you guessed it — glides through the hair, with different bristle lengths that separate hair to gently detangle it without pulling hard. MASSE shoppers especially love to use it after showering, saying that it gets out small knots and detangles without causing any pain. “This brush has saved me so much time and tears dealing with my hair,” she wrote, and saving tears has to be the best endorsement of all!

  • Wooden Paddle Brush


    By Aveda

    OK, back to paddle brushes for thick hair. As one happy MASSE shopper said, “finding the right brush will depend on the texture of your hair,” and for thick and unruly hair, Aveda’s classic Wooden Paddle Brush, with its extended bristles that guide wavy hair and help gently detangle knots, is very often the right choice!

  • Handy Bristle Brush


    By Mason Pearson

    Mason Pearson introduced and patented this hair brush for thick hair over 100 years ago, and they’re still selling big-time for one simple reason: They’re awesome! They have fancy boar bristles, which are super gentle on the scalp, which is only enhanced by the pneumatic cushion on top that follows the contour of your scalp and cushions it as you brush, making for a very easy and relaxing styling session. MASSE shoppers with thick hair say they’ve had theirs for years, so it’s a great investment!