Great Graduation Gifts

October 11, 2019

Graduating from school is a momentous occasion. That graduation day walk to receive a diploma may not technically be all that long, but the journey to get to that point is like an ultramarathon across some tough (and awkward!) terrain. Accepting a degree is an amazing feeling, but isn’t a finish line — it’s the start of a brand new chapter. That’s an important thing to keep in mind when searching for the perfect graduation gift: instead of something to commemorate the past, a great graduation gift helps someone chart a course for the future.

Think of a graduation gift as an extension of a degree. Just as a degree unlocks a whole new world of possibilities, a graduation gift should make it easier to navigate. It sounds like a tall order, but don’t stress out, because there’s good news: MASSE has already done your homework for you. MASSE offers the best graduation gifts for graduates of all ages, as chosen by real people who have really used them. You’ll find reviews for great graduation gifts that range from the deeply meaningful to highly useful, and you can be sure that each review is an honest appraisal — MASSE doesn’t allow paid reviews or sneaky sponsored posts.

As with any present, the best graduation gifts can sometimes depend on the recipient. New high school grads often have different needs and interests than college or advanced degree graduates (this is a very gentle way of putting it). Plus, their interests can make a big difference — art students may have different tastes than science students or accounting majors, so if you’re looking to give them books or tools of the trade, you’ll have to know a lot of specifics. But at the same time, there are some graduation gifts that’ll make just about everyone happy — some are just more obvious than others.

First, you can focus on utility and practicality. It’s pretty convenient that graduates wear big robes, because they don’t have much money to keep in their pockets anyway. That means you can help them out with something they’d really want but can’t quite afford, like a pair of high quality headphones or Air Pods. You can also help them keep their future on track and job interview presentation sharp with portfolios, organizers, and accessories. Then again, gifts from the heart are always appreciated because graduation can be a scary time, so it always helps to know there are people behind you.

  • Going Places Compass Disc Chain Necklace


    By Dogeared

    No one's going to argue with receiving a cute piece of jewelry as a graduation gift, and if it has some special meaning behind it, all the better. This piece from Dogeared features a small compass legend available in silver or gold and lends a subtle yet profound message to a casual piece of jewelry: No matter what direction you go in, make sure you’re following your heart. MASSE users call it “really sweet,” and we really agree.

  • Major II On-Ear Headphones


    By Marshall

    Two facts to know about young graduates: They love music and they don’t have a lot of money. Unfortunately, in an age of cutting edge audio technology, being short on cash often means falling short on sound quality. There’s a good chance your favorite grad is listening to some janky earbuds, and by gifting them a pair of Marshall’s Major II Headphones, you’re pretty much guaranteed an endless stream of gratitude and long-term adulation. The headphones are really high-end in both their audio quality — Marshall is the music world’s pre-eminent amplifier company — and super comfortable. “These Marshall headphones are amazing,” one MASSE user raved, and that’s music to our ears.

  • Leather Slim Sleeve Wallet


    By Bellroy

    Transitioning to adulthood is a gradual transition, but there are a few obvious signs of a recent graduate. If they haven’t done so already, once someone gets that degree, they’ll want to trade in that canvas wallet (or, if they’re really hardcore, duct tape wallet) for a classy, slim leather wallet. Helping a new grad make that jump is always going to be appreciated, so this leather slim sleeve wallet from Bellroy makes for an excellent graduation gift. It’s a new take on the classic leather wallet, with smarter construction that makes it thinner without sacrificing quality or aesthetics. MASSE shoppers say they love Bellroy, calling it “a great wallet for a great price with a 3-year warranty.”

  • 2019/20 Portobello Agenda


    By Smythson

    It can be hard to adjust to the real world post-graduation, and even harder to seem like you fit in. It definitely takes time, but you can help ease the transition for your favorite grad with the right graduation gift. If you’re shopping for the aspiring grad (or the one who needs more of a hand than most), you’ve gotta look at Smythson’s line of gorgeous desk and organizational products. This Portobello Agenda is a sleek, well-designed, silk-lined weekly planner that starts mid-year, so the recipient can jump right into that next stage in life, one structured day at a time. As MASSE users rave, it “a classic, both as a graduation gift and a brand,” so you really can’t go wrong.

  • PIX Blue Ballpoint Pen


    By Mont Blanc

    Sometimes, traditional gifts are the way to go, because they’re endowed with automatic meaning and are pretty useful, too. A smart Mont Blanc pen, like this PIX Blue Ballpoint Pen, is a classic graduation gift that lets the recipient feel like a true adult and will give them the confidence they’ll need as they write their monthly rent check and realize how daunting the real world can be. It’s a great gift for a parent to give to a graduating child, as MASSE users point out, and it can last a very long time, making it a great investment as well as a meaningful reminder of a special moment for years to come.