Best Gifts for Her

October 4, 2019

You can know someone better than you know anyone else in the world and still find it difficult to find a gift for her — in fact, the closer you are with someone, the more pressure you might feel to really nail a gift for her. When you’re shopping for gifts for a girlfriend, wife, best friend, daughter, or even co-worker, you’ll be looking for something equal parts personal and useful, affordable but nice enough to seem like a real investment — but even that doesn’t exactly narrow it down all that much. Add in the fact that you want to want to buy gifts for her that feel original and not like they’re something you’ve given lots of friends or family members, and the search gets even more specific and high stakes. In short, when searching for a perfect gift for her, you need all the help you can get.

Well here’s a gift for you: MASSE is here to help you cut through all the clutter on the internet and find the best gifts for her, no matter who she is. We are powered by recommendations from our users and allow permit reviews from people who have really given, received, and/or used the products in question. That means no sneaky sponsored posts or paid reviews, so when you’re looking for the best gifts for her, you can be sure you’re not actually just buying the best gifts for someone’s affiliate link account. Our goal is to make sure you’re buying great gifts that make her smile (a big hug is an even better outcome).

So, where to start? Some gift ideas for her are extremely niche, while others have more broad appeal, but no matter her age and what she’s into, you’ll find something that will be a hit thanks to our wide variety of gift suggestions. On the broad end of the spectrum, no one’s ever said no to comfort and indulgence, so items like robes work great no matter who you are buying for, whether they’re teenagers or beloved grandmothers. If you’ve got someone with an eye for art, collectors books and cameras can make for great gifts, and fashion plates will always love jewelry (and we’ll help you determine which are most fashionable, of course).

Below, you’ll find an assortment of ideas for the best gifts for her — you should choose wisely, but none will disappoint!

  • Cami Sleep Set


    By Cuyana

    This Cami sleep set from Cuyana is so soft and luxurious, you’re probably going to want to buy one for yourself, too. Made from 100% silk, it’s loungewear with a lingerie flair, with spaghetti straps and a plunging back to go with short, comfy shorts. MASSE shoppers love this set, calling it “both functional and indulgent,” and say it’d be a great gift for a special woman in your life. One MASSE shopper suggested that it might prove an extra big hit with new mothers, who spend a lot of time in PJs and loungewear.

  • Custom Print


    By Ideal Bookshelf

    If she’s a bookworm, art-lover, or ideally, both, this custom print from Ideal Bookshelf will make a perfect gift for her. You simply submit the names of some of your lucky recipients favorite books (or, make some up), wait 1-2 weeks, and then present them with a quirky, beautiful custom print of their perfect bookshelf. All the gifts on this list are well-reviewed, obviously, but only this one was called “the number one best present I have ever given or received” by one adoring MASSE user. It’s a perfect gift to frame and place over a desk or in a study, too.

  • Pentax k1000


    By Kodak

    The Kodak Pentax k1000 is one of the most iconic cameras of all time, and for good reason. It’s a high-quality camera that captures gorgeous, stark, expressive photos, but it’s also incredibly easy to use. It’s been around for generations and continues to serve both beginner photographers and more advanced artists who want to keep things simple. Note that it’s a film camera, anyone will need to get the photos they take developed, but that’s part of the magic. As one MASSE shopper put it the sort of thing you buy for someone because they want it but won’t buy it for themselves.

  • Striped Wooden Catchall Tray


    By Mark and Graham

    Mark and Graham’s Wooden Catchall Tray ticks off two important boxes, as it’s both useful and very personal thanks to the free monogramming option. Its smart, simple layout makes staying organized super-easy while looking classy on a table or dresser. The variety of colors and designs, meanwhile, can match many different aesthetics, and the monogram really puts it over the top. Mark and Graham is one of the hottest home accessory brands right now, making their products some of the best gifts for anyone in your life.

  • U.S. Apothecary Bath Bomb Set


    By Pottery Barn

    Not all gifts hit the mark for all people, but we’re pretty confident that these apothecary bath bombs will make just about everyone happy. The world is more stressful than ever, and nothing is more relaxing than a hot bath with Epsom salts and fresh, soothing fragrances. This bath bomb set comes with four refreshing and soul-renewing scents: Milk + Oatmeal, Orange Water, Violet + Yarrow, and Elderflower. This is a great gift for her, no matter who she is!