Father's Day Gift Guide

May 24, 2019

It’s been said time and again that dads are super-hard to buy gifts for, but if you ask us, that’s a total misnomer — Father’s Day gifts are some of the most fun and easy gifts to find. And we’re not just saying that because most dads will probably love whatever you get them — we are of the firm belief that just because he’ll love any Father’s Day gift, it doesn’t mean you should be lazy and just buy him something rote and unimaginative. Maybe dads had to settle for another tie or pair of dress socks back in the day, but now you can find stuff he’ll legit really love, not just the “it’s the thought that counts” kind love.

Still not entirely convinced that Father’s Day gifts can be fun and easy to find? No problem — our huge community of expert shoppers are here to help! MASSE features products recommended by real people who have really used them, so you know that you’re not only buying quality, you’re getting something a lot of people have already swooned over. That way, you won’t have to go into Father’s Day worried that your dad (or husband, grandfather, etc.) will love their gift. Plus, we don’t allow any paid reviews or sponsored posts, so you know you’re getting the truth.

So, what have MASSE users told us about Father’s Day gifts? First of all, Father’s Day gifts can be just as diverse as any other kind of present. Dads are just like everyone else, in that they have a wide array of interests and hobbies. And we really mean wide — favorite dad hobbies can run the gamut, from playing sports and playing music to mowing the lawn or watching history documentaries while drinking home-brewed beer. That should come as a relief, but we’ll also understand if it’s a bit intimidating, going from what feels like zero options to almost unlimited possibilities!

But again, don’t fear, Father’s Day gift shoppers. We’ve put together a list of some of the most recommended and well-reviewed products that MASSE users say are big hits on Father’s Day. From classic, broadly appealing gifts like passport holders to electronics and books, we’ve got something that every Father will love, which we know because our users tell us that these gifts have already been smashing successes!

  • Passport Holder


    By Paul Smith

    Got a dad who does a lot of traveling? Help him feel like he’s flying first class no matter what his ticket says with this gorgeous Paul Smith passport holder. Paul Smith is one of the most iconic designers in modern Britain, having made his name with wry, cool twists on classic looks. This leather passport holder is sleek and dignified, and dad will feel like a high-flying jetsetter when he pulls this out, flashes his ID, and keeps on walking to his private plane (or, well, airport gate). MASSE users agree that it’s a great present for any dad that travels!

  • Flex 2


    By Fitbit

    As a general rule, dads love new technology and gadgets. Exercise… well, that’s a little bit more of a toss-up. But whether the dad in your life is a weekend warrior or more of a couch potato, they will definitely love the Fitbit’s Flex 2 wristband. It is Fitbit’s slimmest design yet, but it’s sleek look does not come at the expense of cool functions. As always, it tracks a wearer’s steps and vital signs, and also measures other workouts, including swimming laps and aerobic exercises. Plus, it’s call and text notifications, so dad can wear it and have fun with the family without having to constantly check his phone. And that is a gift for everyone!

  • R1-S Mach3 Razor and Stand - Monza Red


    By Bolin Webb

    OK, so you probably can’t buy your dad a sports car for Father’s Day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to indulge his passion for sleek, classic luxuries. Bolin Webb is the kind of brand that James Bond would have shopped at had he not been contractually obligated to wear certain sponsored products — based in the English town of Birmingham, the same city that is home to 007’s beloved Aston Martin and Jaguar luxury vehicles, Bolin Webb makes a whole range of high-end items, including this hand razor. With a design inspired by British sports cars and a gorgeous metal design, it’ll last the test of time and give dad a certain thrill every time he uses it.

  • National Geographic Stunning Photographs


    By National Geographic

    Did your dad ever take you camping? Did you enjoy it? Well, answers to that may vary, but the point is that many dads absolutely love nature and the peaceful harmony it provides… especially when they’ve got a house full of kids. National Geographic’s Stunning Photographs coffee table book will allow your father to experience some of the most rapturous moments nature has to offer whenever he wants, taking him to his happy place on demand. As MASSE users point out, you really can get a coffee table book that matches any and all of your dad’s interests, making it a perfect all-purpose Father’s Day gift.

  • Kindle Paperwhite


    By Amazon

    Looking for a multi-purpose Father’s Day gift that’ll satisfy both your dad’s curiosity and love of technology for years on end? The Amazon Kindle might just be the Father’s Day gift you’re looking for. Once just a small e-reader, the Kindle has been redesigned to serve as an all-in-one high definition streaming media machine, with access to tons of apps, content, and more. One MASSE user describes it as the perfect gift for her retired father, because it gives him “high-def Netflix access and the ability to download as many spy books as he pleases.” Plus, Amazon is always putting new media on sale, meaning that dad can fill up his device with more books and movies as he wants!