Family Christmas Gift Ideas

November 5, 2019

Sometimes, Christmas gift shopping can really be an exercise in creativity. Sure, some people make it obvious what they want (especially kids, who like to remind you over and over what they’d like “Santa” to bring them) but it’s more fun when you’re not working off a wishlist and need to find Christmas gifts that match individual personalities. And if you really want a fun challenge, try looking for family Christmas gift ideas that’ll make everyone happy! Yes, it’s usually impossible to make everyone happy, but trust us: the right family Christmas gift idea can really get the job done.

We understand why you may be skeptical. Sure, the holidays are a time for families to reunite and spend time together, but all that togetherness doesn’t hide the fact that oftentimes, members have different interests, so when they’re opening a family Christmas gift, there may be very different expectations and reactions. Mom might love to get an old vintage teapot as a Christmas gift, but it’ll probably put her young son to sleep. Meanwhile, that son’s video games may not exactly excite a dad who’d rather be fishing or watching football. So finding family Christmas gifts is really about identifying things members of different generations might like to do together (or at least all use separately, after the holidays). Of course, complicating that is the fact that you can’t often go around and ask everyone what they’re into, so you’ll need a little help.

So how can you find a family Christmas gift idea that everyone can enjoy? All of us gift-giving experts here at MASSE are here to help you! MASSE is a community made up of shoppers from all walks of life, sharing their honest reviews and recommendations of products they’ve really used, bought for others, or received as gifts. Here at MASSE, we don’t allow paid reviews or sponsored posts, so you know the recommendations for family Christmas gift ideas are totally honest and accurate. That way, you can feel good about your Christmas shopping and bringing families together. It’ll be a Christmas miracle!

  • EasyShare P850 Digital Photo Frame


    By Kodak

    A picture frame has traditionally kept moments frozen in time, and with Kodak’s EasyShare Digital Photo Frame, you can keep memories in real time. Instead of switching out photos one by one, this picture frame allows you to upload lots of photos and display them in a beautiful slideshow. Kodak’s technology ensures that they’re sharp and vibrant, with color that’ll never fade. This is a great family gift idea for basically any family, and don’t be surprised if moms are especially delighted — MASSE shoppers say their mothers absolutely adore this thing.

  • Charades for Kids Game


    By Pressman Toys

    Sure, kids (and a lot of adults) love video games, but if you really want to keep connections strong and laughs flowing, sometimes you’ve got to put away the controller and have an old-school family game night. Charades is a classic game, but it’s generally more geared toward adults, which is why Pressman Toys’s Charades for Kids game is such a great present. The best family Christmas gifts bring families closer together, and this one definitely qualifies.

  • Family Style


    By Great Jones

    A family that cooks together stays together, and this five-piece family style cooking set from Great Jones ensures that everyone will have a role to play in the kitchen. It boasts several different pots and pans, as well as a dutch oven that everyone raves about. They’re ‘really good quality,” according to MASSE shoppers, and between us, they are much more affordable than most other high quality brands. A great family Christmas gift for every family that likes to eat!

  • Indoor Cornhole


    By Front Porch Classics

    We listed Charades for Kids a few entries above, but if the family you’re shopping for isn’t really into acting and/or guessing games, an indoor cornhole set makes for hours of easy fun on family game night, too! The classic bean bag-tossing game comes with eight bags and two foldable game boards, and it’s meant for indoor play (hence the name) in small spaces. That means that it makes for a great family Christmas gift idea for all families, and as MASSE shoppers attest, owning a Cornhole game means “so much fun with family and friends!”

  • CF091 Coffee Bar Black/Silver


    By Ninja

    The Ninja CF091 Coffee Bar is a deluxe, top-of-the-line coffee brewer that just about everyone would be thrilled to have in their home. It makes for a great family Christmas gift for both families with older kids who drink coffee and little kids whose energy requires parents to chug as much java as they came. This coffee bar produces six different volumes of coffee, from cup to full carafe, and five different kinds of brews, from classic to cafe forte. It also brews k-cups! MASSE shoppers really love this coffee maker, calling it “lots of fun and easy to use.”

  • World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar


    By Vat19

    Sticking candy in a Christmas stocking is an age-old tradition that you can really spice up with the World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar from Vat19. It’s a milk chocolate bar infused with chili extract that registers at 9 million Scoville Units, which is three times as hot as a ghost pepper. As one mischievous MASSE shopper suggests, you could give this as a Christmas gift to every member of a family and then let them make some memories together while sweating their brains out!

  • Off-Broadway Puppet Theater


    By Crate & Barrel

    There's something magical about puppetry that appeals to everyone, from little kids to full grown adults. And the only thing more fun than watching a puppet show is participating in one, which makes this cute Off-Broadway puppet theater set from Crate & Barrel such a wonderful family Christmas gift. It’ll provide hours of educational time together for parents and children, expanding their creative minds and strengthening their relationship. It’s a simple and simply adorable theater, with cute curtains convenient and pockets for puppets and ample play room.

  • Matching Family Pajamas


    By Hanna Andersson

    There are few more classic Christmas images than a loving family clad in matching pajamas and gathered around the fireplace, and there even fewer designers that make more precious, stylish, and seasonally appropriate pajamas as Hanna Anderson. Their pajamas come with iconic designs such as Christmas trees, snowflakes, and cute animals, as well as more contemporary ones like their Star Wars line. MASSE shoppers love these pajamas because they’re “high quality” and “offer something for everyone,” two attributes that together make them fantastic family Christmas gifts.

  • Personalized Music Box Ornament


    By Pottery Barn Kids

    When families come together to put up and decorate the Christmas tree, taking out ornaments sends them on a walk down memory lane. Every ornament tells a story, and it’s a child’s first ornaments that tend to have the sweetest, tear-inducing tales attached. This personalized music box ornament from Pottery Barn Kids is a sweet, classic ball ornament that plays “Jingle Bells” and is inscribed with the words “my first Christmas,” making memories forever. It’s a perfect family Christmas gift, because as one MASSE reviewer says, they love hanging ornaments like this with their kids every single year.

  • Thank You Popcorn Tin


    By Gourmet Gift Baskets

    Popcorn is one of those snacks that just about everyone loves, especially because it comes in so many different flavors. From classic buttery and salty to caramel, kettle, and cheesy, there’s something for everyone. This popcorn tin from Gourmet Gift Baskets offers all those delicious options, so it’s a great family Christmas gift idea for all kinds of families, from families with little kids to all adult children.