Best Face Sunscreen for Oily Skin

October 11, 2019

Sure, summer is long gone and it finally (finally!) is starting to feel like it’s fall, with cool temperatures and changing leaves. But just because you’re not spending time at the beach or sitting poolside in a bathing suit doesn’t mean you should stop worrying about wearing face sunscreen. After all, even if you’re not spending time at the beach, the autumn offers plenty of its own trademark outdoor activities, from pumpkin picking and hayrides to raking leaves in the yard (we didn’t say they were all equally fun!). And if you’re going to spend any time outdoors, you just need to be wearing face sunscreen — even if you have oily skin.

The importance of face sunscreen cannot be understated. Simply put, even short bursts of sun can lead to wrinkles and fine lines — in fact, it’s the leading cause of obvious aging. The sun may not feel so hot in the fall, but it still stresses your skin all the same. You should be saying yes to SPF year-round, and don’t be intimidated or worried about overactive pores, thanks to the many great face sunscreens for oily skin now on the market. There’s been a revolution in SPF protection, and in case you’ve been sleeping on skincare or just letting yourself get burned, there are now nearly endless options for face sunscreen for oily skin.

Here’s a basic SPF primer for you: Sunscreen for oily skin is available in a number of different forms, from light-as-air creams to sprays to even sticks. These new sunscreens feel a bit different when you put them on, but what they have in common is that they won’t leave your skin looking slick or feeling gross. In short, with new face sunscreens for oily skin, you’ll have all the protection you need to spend time outside and look as fresh as when you were playing in leaves as a little kid. And at MASSE, we’re here to help you sort through them, providing you the best face sunscreen for oily skin, as chosen by real people who have really used them. We want to help you shine in only the best ways, so we don’t allow any paid reviews or sponsored posts. Only the real deal, so you can enjoy the crisp fall air without worrying about worrying about the sun.

  • Everyday Sunscreen for Face & Body


    By Supergoop!

    Overjoyed MASSE users employ a lot of words to describe Supergoop’s Everyday Sunscreen, but the one we notice repeated the most is “amazing!” It’s a super lightweight lotion that absorbs in no time, leaving no grease behind while able to withstand water, sweat, and whatever else nature throws at it. At SPF 50, it gives you full sun coverage while being impossible to detect or feel. One MASSE user who uses it loves the fact that sheh “doesn’t look like a buttery french crepe” with it on, and we definitely can’t argue with that.

  • Sarasara UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Sunscreen SPF50


    By Biore

    For all the many kinds of face sunscreen out there, there’s a pretty solid chance you haven’t tried this liquid gel from Japan. It’s absolutely unique; it feels nothing like your standard sunscreen, as it’s far less thick and is filled with hydrating capsules that contain hyaluronic acid and citrus fruit extracts. Ironically or not, it’s also super water proof, lasting up to 80 minutes submerged in water. It’s a fantastic face sunscreen for oily skin thanks to its consistency, and MASSE shoppers also love that it doesn’t have that traditional sunscreen scent (or any scent at all).

  • UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46


    By Elta MD

    What’s just a little bit better than SPF 45? This is not a trick question: the answer is SPF 46! But our users don’t just recommend Elta MD’s UV Clear Broad Spectrum face sunscreen for that one little degree of protection — they recommend it because their dermatologists recommend it as an amazing face sunscreen for oily skin. It goes on easy and not only protects skin from both kinds of UV rays, it also uses lactic acid to clear out pores and help stop breakouts. The praise from MASSE shoppers is intense, with phrases like “it really is that good” and “just get it!” peppering their reviews.

  • Sun Protector SPF30


    By Maelove

    You shouldn’t have to choose between wearing sunscreen and makeup, and with Maelove Sun Protector, you don’t have to! This face sunscreen is made with 100% minerals, so it’s not just gentle on oily skin, it actually serves as a primer for makeup. You can go from not wearing sunscreen because you’re afraid of breakouts to getting the protection you need and rocking the makeup you want. Plus, MASSE users say it feels great on the skin. Wins all around!

  • Anthelios Clear Skin Sunscreen SPF 60


    By La Roche-Posay

    La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios Clear Skin Sunscreen isn’t just recommended by MASSE users (though they do recommend it in droves), it’s also got the approval of top dermatologists. This is one of the premiere face sunscreens for oily skin, with SPF 60 protection from both kinds of UV rays, a dry-touch texture that goes on matte, and a formula that actually absorbs oil, even when you’re hot and sweaty. MASSE shoppers say it glides well on application, feels good once it’s on and even works great under makeup.