Best liquid eyeliner pen

October 11, 2019

When you’re shopping for the best liquid eyeliner pen, you’re really looking for two important functions. First and foremost, eyeliner should highlight your eyes and really make them pop. Second, and just as important, whether you’re at work or out for the night, eyeliner needs to last a very long time. Unfortunately, a whole lot of liquid eyeliner pens only do one or the other… or neither of things at all. They can send you from stunning to smudged with just a little bit of sweat or even quick eye rub, and there are few things people notice faster than a big ol’ mess dark around your eyes.

That makes finding the best liquid eyeliner pen absolutely crucial, and MASSE has got you covered with liquid eyeliner pens chosen by real shoppers like you. You’ll be saying goodbye to raccoon eyes before you know it! MASSE is the only user-driven shopping platform that provides only real recommendations and answers from people who really use the products. The internet is overflowing with sites that host paid posts, fake reviews and sponsored content, but MASSE is powered by real shoppers who love sharing their favorite products. The only motivation here is to help you avoid tears of frustration — or, if you do wind up crying for some reason that has nothing to do with shopping, you at least won’t have racoon eyes or smeared eyeliner. But with the liquid eyeliner pens we recommend, you won’t have to worry about tears or smears.

Another great thing about liquid eyeliner is that you can get it in all different styles, from subtle fine lines to splashy, bold designs. Eyeliner is a pretty solid indicator of someone’s overall aesthetic adventurousness and each kind offers its own advantages. The classic liquid eyeliner pen is a tried and true way to apply a fine line relatively quickly. Traditionally, they’ve been great for smoky eye but have often smudge and spread, without much that could be done about it. Now MASSE users have recommended some great liquid eyeliner pen that hold their lines. They’re an easy way to apply some effective, eye-defining makeup and never go out of style. The best liquid eyeliner pens are smudge-proof, slip-proof, and trend-proof.

Liquid eyeliner pens vary tremendously in quality, and oftentimes, it’s only slight differences that make a huge difference. There are several areas where the liquid eyeliner pen can vary. First, you have the eyeliner liquid, which are comprised of film formers, thickening agents, and pigments. Most important for our purposes is the pigmentation, as the more powerful the pigments, the darker and more long-lasting your liquid eyeliner pen is going to be. Whether your pigmentation is iron oxides (which make for black and brown eyeliners) or ultramarine for a blue liquid eyeliner pen, you’ll want to make sure your eyeliner pen is very highly pigmented.

Then, you’ve got to consider the thickness of your liquid eyeliner pen’s tip. Think about it — when you write on paper, different pens create a range of handwriting varieties, both because of the ink used and the shape of the tip of the pen. A ballpoint isn’t going to look the same as a felt tip pen, so why would all liquid eyeliner pens look the same? The best liquid eyeliner pen gives you complete control over your eyeliner application and allows you to create the look you want with no problem at all. When you’re that precise, you can create the perfect cat-eye, and ensure you’re applying in a way that won’t lead to smudging.

The liquid eyeliner pens recommended by MASSE users can work all kinds of wonders. They enhance the eyes and are perfect for exacting looks like cat eye and rounded derivatives, and they can also be used in tandem with other eyeliner types to create a more complex and alluring effect. But no matter what style you’re looking for, MASSE users can recommend the best liquid eyeliner pens for your needs.

  • Schwing Liquid Eyeliner, Black Matte Finish


    By The Balm Cosmetics

    The Balm Cosmetics’ Schwing Liquid Eyeliner offers smart style at both ends of the pen. This MASSE-favorite liquid eyeliner pen has a vintage print on its base, like something you might see on a beauty product from the 1950s, but the actual liquid eyeliner end is very, very modern. You’ll have no problem applying fine strokes and bold lines with the innovative ultra-thin and tapered felt-tip applicator, and the very matte black liquid adds a striking emphasis no matter the style you choose. MASSE shoppers underline just how dark this eyeliner looks and really love how long it lasts without fading.

  • Eyeliner Pen - Feutre Fin


    By Viviene Sabo

    With a precision thin tip and no-smudge formula, Viviene Sabo’s Feutre Fin liquid eyeliner pen makes it easy to nail every look and keep it in place all day and night. Its jet black eyeliner goes on easy and dries within seconds, making it one of the best liquid eyeliner pens you can buy without breaking the bank. MASSE shoppers say “it’s a great budget alternative to more expensive eyeliners,” and that it “works perfectly” and lasts a long time to boot.

  • Dagger Tattoo Liner Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner


    By Kat Von D

    Some people tattoo on their eyeliner, which is a pretty big commitment to one single style. If you’re looking for badass dark black eyeliner but want to maintain a little more flexibility to try different styles, look no further than Kat Von D’s Dagger Tattoo Liner Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. It’ll last all day and its precision brush tip can be used to apply any number of different styles, plus it’s vegan and cruelty free, so you can feel good about looking good. One MASSE shopper says it “makes attaining the perfect wing effortless,” while others love the fact that it doesn’t come off unless you want it to.

  • On Stage Liner


    By Dior

    Dior’s On Stage Liner is the best of both worlds, a bold liquid eyeliner applied with a felt tip so that it’s so much easier to apply. The smudge-proof eyeliner comes in a number of different colors, with two shades of black (coal and matte) and matte colors from green and yellow to blue and violet. It’s a great eyeliner for applying a stunning cat eye, as one MASSE shopper points out, and most importantly, “it’s tough to mess up,” as another happy customer raves!

  • Flyliner Longwear Liquid Eyeliner


    By Fenty Beauty

    If you’re going to trust any celebrity with designing dramatic eye makeup that will turn heads and seize attention, we’re pretty certain that Rihanna is the right choice. This liquid eyeliner pen from her Fenty beauty line is specially calibrated to make a statement thanks to its triangular shape, which makes it much easier to hold, as well as its super-flex felt tip, which assists in creating the perfect fine lines with a smooth flow of highly pigmented liner ink that won’t get interrupted by slight twitches or bumps. Application “is so precise,” raves on MASSE user, while another loves the fact that it does not move or smudge.