Best Small Diaper Bag

September 20, 2019

There are few more important items for a new parent than a great diaper bag, and if that sounds hard to believe, try going a day or two — or telling a new parents to go a day or two — without a high-quality, durable, multi-faceted diaper bag. There’s a solid chance you won’t get passed the initial freakout from a parent being told that they can’t use their favorite diaper bag, and even if you do, you’ll soon learn that not using the best diaper bag possible is a very poor idea that can only result in messes and misery. What we’re saying is that a great diaper bag truly is a life-saver.

As you likely know, babies and small children require a whole lot of sheer stuff — no matter how high maintenance you are and how heavy you travel, there’s no way you can come close to matching what a baby or toddler needs to go anywhere. That is, first and foremost, because you are potty trained (we hope!), which means you don’t have to carry around big pairs of fluffy new underwear to change into every few hours. It also means that you don’t need the wipes, baby powder, and other accessories that go with diaper changes, not to mention the many bottles of milk and pacifiers that keep a baby fed and happy while on the road (we won’t blame you for carrying bottles of other stuff, though).

So, yeah, as you can see, diaper bags are absolutely clutch, and the more storage they offer (especially without getting too bulky) the more parents are going to love it. So where can you find such an invaluable diaper bag? MASSE makes it easy to find the best diaper bags because we take all of our recommendations from real people who have really used the diaper bags they reviewed. We also don’t allow any paid reviews or sneaky sponsored reviews, because it’s hard enough being a parent without having to deal with all kinds of shady tactics messing with your important decision-making.

To make our list of best diaper bags, products need to be super-useful without being overly cumbersome. The whole point of a diaper bag is that it makes life easier when you’re traveling, so unless it’s going to be helpful and a large net positive, it’s not going to make our list. We’re here for parents, not any diaper bag or baby product manufacturer. As parents, you want brands you can trust, and MASSE is here to make sure you find them.

  • Life in Play ToteSavvy Mini


    By ToteSavvy

    As one excited MASSE shopper put it, with the ToteSavvy Life in Play Mini, your “style doesn’t have to change.” This insert turns every medium-sized bag into a temporary but high-quality diaper bag, with a series of pouch inserts that take care of everything you need to carry inside. It has six pockets and a washable changing mat, and the best part of all is that no one will know you’re carrying it, so you can keep your favorite bags even as you tote around your little ones.

  • The Original


    By Fawn Design

    So you want a dedicated diaper bag, but don’t want to look like a harried parent weighed down by a disorganized mess? Oh, we feel you. So does Fawn Design, which makes a series of fantastic diaper bags that as are chic as they are clutch. The black leather bag has 12 compartments in all, so you can carry all the diapers, bottles, and accessories you need, while still wearing a fashionable black leather bag — it works as both a backpack and messenger bag, so you really can maintain your style identity (and save your sore back). Our shoppers love the other colors, too, and rave about its interior size and exterior style!

  • Medium Leather Transport Tote


    By Madewell

    Not every diaper bag has to be a compartmentalized, mommy mission-focused bag. Madewell’s medium leather Transport Tote works really well as both an everyday bag for all your non-parenting needs — wallet, keys, book, laptop — but it’s also big enough to handle all the baby necessities without feeling bulky or weighed down. So whether you’re packing gym clothes or diapers, green juice or apple juice, this bag is “the absolute perfect size for a mom on the go,” as one satisfied MASSE reviewer put it.

  • Midsize Flap Mini Backpack


    By Wild Fable

    Let us continue to reiterate that just because a diaper bag has to be functional and emergency-friendly, it doesn’t mean that you should look like you are always carrying a diaper bag. As you’ve noticed at this point, our users really love diaper bags that double as stylish everyday pieces, and we totally understand why. Being a parent is your most important role, but you contain multitudes, which is why Wild Fable’s Midsize Flap Mini Backpack is so fantastic. It’s a cool, boxy backpack with a simple, convenient storage system, concealed by a chic black faux-leather outside and a snap foldover top. MASSE shoppers are into this diaper bag because it’s “super simple, but also lightweight,” which, as parents know, can be a pretty rare phenomenon!

  • Fold-Up Backpack


    By Paravel

    Want foldable and convenient? Paravel’s fold-up backpack was basically made for you (and your baby). One moment, it’s folded into a pouch you can fit into another bag or even a back pocket; the next, it’s a fully expandable backpack that is ready to hold all your baby needs without a sweat. It’s a full-sized nylon backpack, too, so you’re getting high quality, sturdy stuff here, which is not always the case with fully foldable and collapsible backpacks. Babies take up a ton of space, so every inch that this backpack gives you is invaluable!