Best Small Coffee Maker
May 10, 2019

Cars run on gasoline, humans run on coffee. That’s just science. And because our lives are busier than ever, having access to an amazing cup of coffee at any time of the day is absolutely crucial — not to mention a pure delight. That’s the wonderful thing about coffee: it’s hard to find something you both need and love, but coffee checks both those boxes. All good coffee anyway — and as you most definitely know from the cheap, stale coffee you find in offices and convenience stores, it can sometimes be hard to find delicious coffee. That’s why having the best small coffee maker is not so much a luxury as a necessity.

People take their coffee seriously and we take seriously how seriously people take their coffee. That’s a bit of a tongue-twister, but the point is, here at MASSE, we’ve made it our mission to bring you only the best small coffee makers on the market today. How do we know they’re the best small coffee makers available? Because they’re all highly recommended by real users who take their coffee really seriously. Our recommendations are based on real user reviews, with no paid promotion or sneaky sponsored posts.

The thing is, coffee is like the fingerprints of beverages — no two people like it exactly the same way. It’s easy to please soda drinkers, because every can and bottle is alike. Not so much with coffee. Some take it with lots of cream and sugar, others like it black. Flavored coffee offers a whole new world of choices, but some traditionalists like to keep their beans pure. Pot or pods? There are people on both sides of that debate, too. And now that the summer is coming, cold brew will soo be a hot commodity.

We’ve taken all these very strong opinions into account and factored them into our list of recommended best small coffee makers. There are traditional brewing pot machines, coffee pod brewers, espresso makers, and small coffee machines that do all of the above! Trust MASSE to steer you in the right direction, toward caffeinated bliss.

DCC-1200BKS 12 Cup Brew Central Coffee Maker
Coffee Makers with Wood Collar
12 Cup Manual Coffee Maker
Mr. Coffee
DCC 3200 BKS Perfectemp Coffee Maker
Vertuoline Coffee and Espresso Machine
A classic coffee maker with some truly modern amenities, Cuisinart’s Brew Central Coffee Maker can make enough coffee in one pot to satisfy a whole brunch party (or one very thirsty, tired coffee-lover). It brews up to 12 cups of coffee at once, while its Brew Pause allows you to pour yourself a cup before the whole pot is finished. MASSE users love how simple it is to use and the fact that you can program a brew time, so with this small coffee maker, you can wake up to a fresh, hot cup of coffee to get your day going right!
Watching a Chemex make coffee is a bit of a hypnotic experience. There is no more simple small coffee maker, and yet, it brews “the most rich and delish coffee” ever, according to one excited MASSE reviewer. It’s a true wonder — all you have to do is place a filter in the wooden top half of the beaker, fill it with coffee grinds, and slowly pour in hot water. It takes a few minutes to brew a cup, but your patience will always be rewarded. It also makes a “stinkin good cold brew,” in the words of another adoring MASSE user, and when you’re not using it for coffee, it makes a pretty solid vase as well!

12 Cup Manual Coffee Maker

$24.99By: Mr. Coffee
Mr. Coffee has never met a customer he did not satisfy. One of the company’s best-sellers is this sturdy, classic small coffee maker, which brews up to 12 cups of joe at once. It gives you complete control over how much you brew, with a clear window with measurement dashes and an automatic brew pause that lets you pick up the pot at any time. They also have a great price point for small coffee makers and last a very long time.
Cuisinart brings technology to your countertop with its Perfectemp Coffee Maker, which is a pretty apt name for this small coffee maker in particular. It comes with a number of important customizable settings, including brewing both normal and bold coffee, and new technology allows it to control the temperature of your coffee, too. And we’re not just talking hot vs cold brew, but a nuanced range of temperatures that’ll help ensure your cup is just right. It’s no coincidence that multiple MASSE reviewers mention that waking up to the Cuisinart’s fresh brew in the morning is so satisfying, they can skip Starbucks!
If you’ve ever visited Europe, you’ve no doubt noticed all the Nespresso machines, because they’re pretty much ubiquitous there. It used to be a treat for travelers, but now, you can brew your own rich, creamy, powerful espresso no matter where you live. With just a shot of rich, creamy and caffeinated Nespresso, you’ll be momentarily transported to coffeehouses across the European continent. All it takes is one of Nespresso’s Vertuoline Coffee and Espresso Machine and some of their patented capsules (which, as one MASSE user notes, are super easy to recycle). They are amongst some of the best small coffee makers in the world, and this model makes regular cups of coffee, too!