Cute Christmas Gitfts for Boyfriend

November 5, 2019

Whether you’re in the early fluttering heart days of dating or comfortably in a long-term relationship, finding cute Christmas gifts for your boyfriend can be a bit of a challenge. Sure, there are infinite Christmas gifts out there for little kids, you’ll likely not have much problem with finding presents for your parents, and you’ve probably got plenty of stuff on your own wishlist. But as you most definitely know, guys can be super-hard to shop for, especially when it comes to Christmas gifts for boyfriends — you want to find something with meaning for your boyfriend, but you also want it to be a gift that they’ll actually use. Plus, you’ll probably want it to be Instagrammable, and maybe something you can benefit from too, because why not? And the fact that guys tend to not be super-communicative makes finding a cute Christmas gift for your boyfriend an even bigger challenge. (If you’re not gonna share your feelings, at least share a wish list, right?)

So how do you shop for cute Christmas gifts for your boyfriend, despite these little complications? You turn to your many, many friends at MASSE, that’s how! (Obviously you know that, since you’re here, but we just got excited). MASSE is a shopping platform that’s made for and by real people, with reviews and recommendations provided by users who have really interacted with the products they talk about. When you’re searching for cute Christmas gifts for your boyfriend, you don’t want to have to worry about getting tricked by shady spam reviews or sponsored posts and then buying something ridiculous so we don’t allow any paid recommendations. It’s hard enough to figure out what’s going on in your boyfriend’s head, so you shouldn’t have to decode product reviews, as well.

You obviously know your boyfriend best, but when you’ve got so many shoppers recommended and reviewing Christmas gifts, a few trends and categories emerge as frequent favorites. There’s a lot of great insight to be mined from these reviews. We’ve found that men are much more in tune with their facial maintenance these days, so grooming products — razors, beard oils, and the like — are great ideas for cute Christmas gifts, while tech gadgets and fancy liquors are also classic favorites. No matter what your boyfriend is into, we’ll help you find a cute Christmas gift for him that’ll top anything Santa could have brought.

  • Monthly Grooming Subscription Box for Men


    By Birchbox

    Birchbox began as a makeup and beauty product subscription service targeted at women, but now they’ve expanded their magic monthly delivery to the men’s market, as well. The company’s Monthly Grooming Subscription Box for Men provides a potpourri of excellent grooming products, from moisturizers and deodorants to hair care and beard oil. And because it’s customizable based on a guy’s hair, skin, and personality, it’ll always hit the mark. That makes it a cute Christmas gift for any boyfriend, and as one MASSE user points out, it means his Christmas gift will last all year!

  • Simply Picture Frame


    By Lawrence Frames

    One of the big differences between men and women, especially in their 20s, is in their home decor. Not to stereotype, but generally, women are way better at decorating in organized, personal, and sophisticated ways, while guys very often have movie and sports posters hanging on the wall, entirely unframed. You can help them take a step forward (and give yourself a bit of aesthetic relief) with a picture frame from Lawrence Frames, which produces simple, classy frames that are good for everything from posters and photos (of you guys together, of course) to certificates and letters (written by you, natch).

  • Men's Braided Wrap Bracelet


    By Tateossian

    As one MASSE user puts it, “men don’t expect jewelry,” which is what makes this braided wrap bracelet from Tateossian “an extra special gift.” It’s not at all showy, with a simple double wrap of braid nylon and synthetic leather, so your boyfriend can wear it and remain understated and sophisticated. It can make for “an unusually sentimental gift” for the right guy, and we think it makes for a very cute Christmas gift for just about any boyfriend with a little bit of style.

  • Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones


    By Bose

    If your boyfriend loves music, gets absorbed in podcasts, or spends hours playing video games, he knows the value of a good pair of wireless headphones. And if that’s the case, he most definitely knows that Bose makes state of the art wireless headphones, which means he’ll absolutely freak out if you buy him this pair of noise cancelling wireless headphones for Christmas. They don’t just produce rich, immersive sound, either — they also sync up easily with an Amazon Alexa, work for phone calls, and have 11 different levels of noise cancelling. A MASSE shopper called these headphones the kind of cute Christmas gift boyfriends daydream of, and we’re pretty confident she’s spot-on with that assessment.

  • Mezcal


    By Corte Vetusto Espadin

    Put down the eggnog and go for something a bit more refined this Christmas season. A bottle of mezcal from Mexican distillery Corte Vetusto Espadin is a perfect Christmas gift for any liquor-loving boyfriend with an advanced palate and an appreciation for smoky booze and generations of tradition. This Mexican drink, made from the heart of the agave plant, will make for an exotic Christmas gift that your boyfriend will savor (and hopefully share with you — this stuff is great).

  • Men’s Wicked Good Slippers


    By L.L. Bean

    There are still two (or three!) months of winter after Christmas, so these fur-lined suede slippers from L.L. Bean are the kind of super-cute Christmas gift your boyfriend will most definitely get a lot of use out of. L.L. Bean has sold over 4 million of these warm, cozy slippers over the last five years, and for good reason. MASSE shoppers say they last a long time, stay super worm, and are really comfortable — everything you want in slippers!

  • Eau de Toilette for Men


    By Coach

    Now this is definitely a cute Christmas gift for your boyfriend that will definitely be a present for you, too. Coach’s classic Eau de Toilette cologne has a strong and masculine scent with notes of spice, fresh forests, and city elegance. MASSE shoppers say it “smells amazing,” and whenever your boyfriend wears this, you’ll swoon a little bit and want to get a little (or a lot) bit closer to him.

  • Cloudknit Sweatpants


    By Outdoor Voices

    Once the Christmas season is over, there are still two or three long months of winter. This is prime cuddling season, and these uber-comfy Cloudknit sweatpants from Outdoor Voices make for the perfect cuddling attire. Your boyfriend will absolutely love them, and as MASSE shoppers tell us, if you can pry them off him, you’ll be wearing them whenever possible yourself. As one user wrote, “they are unbelievably comfortable even in 3 sizes too big.”

  • Blue Agave Sriracha Hot Sauce


    By Yellowbird

    Here’s a sweet stocking stuffer if your boyfriend loves spicy food: Yellowbird's Agave Sriracha Hot Sauce is a unique blend of chili peppers and cool blue agave, making for an addictive dip and sauce for tacos, burritos, and meat. It’s a cute Christmas gift that should last a long time, because you can only eat so much at once!

  • Leather Carriage Duffel Bag


    By Latico

    So we know that we said the few months after the holiday season are prime cuddling time, but if you’re going to be traveling at any point during the winter — or really any time at all — your boyfriend look like a baller with this leather carriage duffel bag from Latico. It’s 100% pure Italian leather, well-made and as sturdy as it is stylish. MASSE shoppers suggest filling it with cute notes and little somethings to make it feel even more personal, too.