Best Christmas Gifts for Women

September 20, 2019

The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year, but let’s be honest, the joy isn’t exactly evenly distributed — especially when it comes to shopping. Sure, there is always a blizzard of cool new toys and video games pitched at kids, and plenty of sports equipment, tech devices, and power tools marketed (somewhat unfairly!) at men. But, without fail, each Christmas gift season, women wind up receiving receive the short end of the candy cane — they get targeted with ads featuring gifts to buy others, but there’s only a comparatively light flurry of great Christmas gifts for women making it into TV commercials and shopping guides.

Because it’s better to give than receive, we here at MASSE are here to fix this holly jolly injustice. As a community-driven site, we’ve put together a list of the best Christmas gifts for women, as recommended by shoppers who have really given and received the gifts that they’re reviewing. We don’t allow any paid reviews or sponsored posts on MASSE, because we’re not interested in any shady internet tricks that might steer your in the wrong direction. You can trust that all of the items on our list of best Christmas gifts for women are there for the right reason — they’ll be a big hit with the women who unwrap them on Christmas morning (or, you know, whenever they get a minute to themselves).

The best part of MASSE’s list of the best Christmas gifts for women? You can buy them all online! Let’s be honest, the Christmas carols in the world won’t make all that time spent braving traffic, shopping carts, and other feisty buyers at malls, department stores, and city markets any more pleasant. All you have to do is think hard about the woman (or women) for whom you are shopping, choose between our recommendations, and let your mouse do the rest. MASSE makes it easy — just decide on the indulgent beauty product kits, adventure guides, or other items on our list and move on to the next item on your holiday to-do list. Consider this our Christmas gift to you.

  • Contours of Discovery


    By Aesop

    The winter weather is always roughest on the skin, which makes this self-care set of top-notch bathroom staples from Aesop a perfectly timed holiday treat. It comes with gentle hand scrub, hand balm, and body products that feel as good as they smell (read: very good), all in a case our users call “really beautiful,” it’s one of the best Christmas gifts for women across the board. After all, everyone wants soft, clean, sweet-smelling skin, and so no one’s going to be disappointed by this one.

  • The Bucket List


    By Kath Stathers

    What comes after the holiday season? For many people, it’s a few months of cold winter blues, but you can help your favorite female avoid those winter doldrums with The Bucket List, a fabulous book that offers 1000 ideas for adventures big and small. Because it has detailed plans for big, life-changing experiences like driving through clouds in Nepal as well as more attainable, life-affirming experiences like drawing sunsets, The Bucket List is a great Christmas gift for women of all interests and appetites.

  • Staycation Ultimate Blush


    By Simone LeBlanc

    On the other hand, maybe you’re buying a Christmas gift for someone who can’t easily escape on an adventure, or just really enjoys being a homebody. No problem at all — Simone LeBlanc’s Staycation Ultimate Blush is one of the best Christmas gifts for women who love to feel pampered at home. Their gift boxes are loaded with accessories like a warm cedar/vanilla candle, soothing body milk bath, aromatherapy eye pillows, and more. Our users love that they come in different themes and price points, making them a great choice for everyone.

  • Natural Silk Pillowcase


    By Alaska Bear

    The holiday season is inevitably exhausting, so this lux natural silk pillowcase from Alaska Bear will make for an especially fantastic Christmas gift for women. After all, once Christmas is over, they can finally take a breather, and who doesn’t love a soft silk pillow to rest their head on? MASSE shoppers certainly love this pillow case, which comes with a whopping 600 thread count and is made from hypoallergenic organic fibers. They call it an “amazing product” and some of them even own multiple, so they can switch them out and keep them fresh, because they can’t sleep without them!

  • Lip Color - Wifey


    By Milk Makeup

    Milk Makeup is pretty aptly named, because this lipstick is just about the healthiest lip product we’ve come across. It’s loaded with shea butter and coconut oil, which nourish and moisturize your lips, while grapeseed oil and mango seed butter provide the antioxidants that cut off lip irritation before it starts. It’s not just good for you, either — this lipstick comes in an abundance of excellent matte shades, including the gorgeous dusty rose color known as “wifey.” Wearing this will lead to lots of compliments — just as satisfied MASSE users!