Best baby changing pad
July 5, 2019

Bringing a new life into this world is a miracle, filled with magical moment after magical moment. But let’s face it — changing diapers does not count amongst the most joyous of those experiences, to say the very least. But diaper duty doesn’t have to be gross or messy, either, because with the right diaper changing accessories, keeping things clean and tidy is very easy, no matter where you wind up changing those diapers.

Most crucial is the baby changing pad. Whether you’re at home and using your deluxe changing table or need to find a flat area in a pinch to change your little one, a good baby changing pad ensures that your baby is comfortable and no mess is made, no matter how messy that diaper is. Traditionally, a great baby changing pad has had to fit over the tops of full-size changing tables, and that’s still a great feature to have, but increasingly, parents conscious of both cost and space are fully forgoing changing tables and just going with baby changing pads as their main diaper changing surface.

That change in diaper protocol has made finding the best baby changing pad more important than ever. So what makes for a great baby changing pad? You’ll want one that’s waterproof and easy to wipe, and it doesn’t hurt to have pockets inside to store some essentials like wipes and extra diapers you can use in a pinch. Still, there are so many different brands making baby products that you’ll definitely want advice from other parents and childcare experts.

At MASSE, we feature recommendations for the best baby changing pads and other baby products, like diaper bags and changing tables, from people who have really used them. We never allow paid reviews or sponsored posts because we want to ensure that you find the best baby changing pads for your needs, no questions asked.

Baby Diaper Bag Backpack
Portable Clean Hands Changing Pad
Peanut Changing Pad
Diaper Corner Baby Changing Table with Pad
Badger Basket
Hudson 3-Drawer Changer Dresser with Removable Changing Tray

Baby Diaper Bag Backpack

$31.99By: Mancro
It used to be that baby diaper bags were strictly functional accessories, clunky and unfashionable utilities that no one actually wanted to carry. Now, thanks to bags like Mancro’s Baby Diaper Bag Backpack, parents and babysitters can tote around all the items necessary for baby travel while looking legitimately stylish. The Mancro bag is an incredibly useful backpack with a large number of compartments, including one dedicated to wet wipes and two insulated pockets for milk and food. Our shoppers love the storage space — they really use the word “love” a lot in their reviews — and praise its style, ease of use (including its zipper) and the fact that it comes with a baby changing pad.
One thing they don’t tell you about having a new baby — OK, one of many, many things you just have to find out on your own — is that infants tend to make diaper changes difficult with their grabby, grasping, curious hands. Clearly, you don’t want their little fingers anywhere near the hazard zone you’re handling, but you only have two hands yourself, so it can be hard to handle everything. SnoofyBee’s Portable Clean Hands Changing Pad legitimately revolutionizes the baby changing pad by providing a foldable barrier that keeps your little one’s hands away from the diaper zone; it also comes with handles that can be used to attach toys to keep your baby occupied. It’s also easy to clean and very portable, as it folds up to the size of a clutch.

Peanut Changing Pad

$129.95By: Keekaroo
You can turn any surface into a baby changing table with the Keekaroo Peanut Changing Pad! The ingenious baby changing pad gets its name from its shape, but we’d also like to point out that it has a semi-hard, protective shell, much like its namesake. Legume comparisons aside, this baby changing pad is a smart, lightweight alternative to having a heavy or clumsy baby changing table. Its soft enough to keep a baby comfortable, easily cleaned, and requires no baby changing pad covers. Our readers call it “an essential” for new parents.
Want a full changing table but don’t exactly have the luxury of a whole lot of space? Badger Basket’s Diaper Corner Baby Changing Table is a perfect solution for families living in apartments or other close quarters. It’s designed to straddle the corner of every room and comes with a hamper and storage drawer built in underneath. It also includes a baby changing pad and a pad cover, so you’ll have everything you need in one package and ready to go in one place. MASSE users praise how well it works, especially in small spaces!
The Babyletto Hudson 3-Drawer Changer Dresser is a top of the line baby changing station that offers ease of use while looking good in just about every room. It features a baby changing table on top, with three easy glide metal drawers and a large cabinet underneath to store all the diapers, wipes, cleaning supplies, clothing, and toys you need to make diaper changes and cleaning time easy (and dare we say enjoyable). MASSE parents praise the storage options, especially because their location and convenience allow you to maintain a hold on your baby as you reach for necessary items.