Cute Bridal Shower Gifts
August 23, 2019

There are two basic ways to go about buying bridal shower gifts: you can purchase something off the wedding registry (if they have one) or you can get creative and find a cute bridal shower gift that will be absolutely unique and really appreciated. We recommend going with the second option — weddings are exciting times for many reasons, obviously, but that doesn’t always extend to presents, which tend to be standard, boring cutlery sets and appliances people will never open, let alone use. That makes giving a thoughtful, cute bridal shower gift more than just a gift, but a true act of love and friendship. A bridal shower can often be more stress than celebration for the bride herself, and when she sits down to open her gifts, it may not take many dish sets or cards with gift certificates to stores no one wants to shop at to fully drive her over the edge. In these dire situations, a cute bridal shower gift can really be a life-saver.

To help you find some inspiration for cute bridal shower gifts, MASSE provides recommendations from real people who have really given, received, and/or used them. Our job is to make sure you’re buying cute bridal shower gifts that the bride-to-be won’t have to fake enthusiasm for when they open them up and will actually be excited to use when starting their new lives. Because that’s really what a bridal shower is all about — it’s not some Christmas or birthday gift, for which presents can be somewhat random and inconsequential, but instead a gift meant to help a couple start their futures together.

To figure out what makes a cute bridal shower gift, you can start with eliminating the sort of stuff you’d find on most bridal shower gift recommendation lists. You know, cheap dishes and sets of cloth napkins no one is ever really going to use. Instead, as with the best choices for so many other kinds of gifts, you’ll want to find things that people really want but wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves. Gifts that help express and represent their love, make their lives easier, or classes things up a bit. Items they’ll be proud to own, whether they’re put on display, used to serve guests, or kept for private moments. Those are the best bridal shower gifts, and we’ll make it easy to find the ones that work for whoever you’re looking to buy for.

Slim Leather Passport Case
Master Bath Set
Hill House Home
Six Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven
Mara Crystal Champagne Flutes
Massage Table
Ironically, planning a honeymoon can be even more stressful than planning a wedding, especially if the wedding is local and they honeymoon is in a far-flung location. You can save a bride-to-be a little bit of hassle with a passport case that’ll keep their most important vacation item safe, and with this slim leather passport case from Cuyana, you’re going to help them look savvy and stylish on that honeymoon, too. You can get it engraved to personalize it, which is one thing MASSE users really love about it, and it’s very high quality leather, which is another thing our shoppers rave about. It makes for a cute bridal shower gift for just about everyone!

Master Bath Set

$355.00By: Hill House Home
It really is uncanny: As soon as people are married, they feel like real adults, and think they have to start acting accordingly. One of the little telltale signs of adulthood is having quality bedding and bathroom sets, and that includes towels. This Master Bath Set from Hill House Home will knock out the entire bathroom in one go, with four bath towels, four hand towels, four washcloths and a classy bath mat. They’re light and absorbent, and as one MASSE user says, the set “is as chic as it is useful!”
Not every newlywed couple has a giant, versatile kitchen, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want cooking to be part of their honeymoon nesting period. You can help them overcome their small surface area — or rookie cooking skills — with a single bridal shower gift thanks to this high quality, resilient enameled cast iron dutch oven from Lodge. An American company making top-notch kitchen products from their iron forges in Tennessee, Lodge has perfected the dutch oven and made it a fantastic multi-purpose device, great for both cooking and refrigerating, plus everything in between. Our users love it, with one raving that it’s “as beautiful and as effective for cooking” as much more expensive dutch ovens.
So many bridal shower gifts look past the wedding and toward the everyday life of a married couple, but some of the best and cutest bridal shower gifts are meant to be used on the wedding day (and other special occasions). It’s gifts like this set of stunning Waterford Mara Crystal champagne flutes are the bridal shower gifts that people will really remember, in part because they are perfect for the big day. Two champagne flutes make for a very intimate toast. MASSE shoppers value gifts like these, with reviewers telling us that they still cherish this set to this day, long after their weddings.

Massage Table

$109.99By: Massageing
You know what’s stressful? Getting married. It’s true — no matter how excited someone is for the big day, committing your future to someone is a bit emotionally draining, and planning a wedding of any size is absolutely exhausting. You know what would help the bride and groom relax? A massage! You know what would help even more? As many massages as they want! With this incredible (and affordable) massage table from Massageing, they can easily give each other quick muscle rubs or hire a professional to come by and deliver the tension relief they need — it’ll be helpful for after the wedding, too! At 75 inches long, it fits people of all heights, so it’ll be a cute bridal shower gift for everyone — and definitely a unique one.