Best face mask for blackhead removal

September 27, 2019

Good news: The best face masks for blackhead removal make it fast and easy to clean out those pores, remove blackheads, and get your skin glowing again. Blackheads are the result of pores becoming clogged with both oil and dead skin, then oxidizing because the pore hasn’t closed. That oxidization gives it the black color, which is sort of a mixed blessing — it doesn’t look particularly pretty on your face, but at least you know where they are. (Hey, we like to look on the bright side!)

Good face masks for blackhead removal make it easy to take care of the problem in a single step, no squeezing or popping required. By applying the right face masks over that area of your face, you can remove the blackhead and take care of the oil and dirt that would otherwise lead to more of them. Considering the fact that blackheads tend to cluster, this makes face masks for blackhead removal extra important. Really, face masks for black head removal are some of the most clutch and productive facial products you can buy, so it’s imperative that you get good advice on which ones to use — buy the wrong face mask and you might end up with dry or bruised skin, and no one wants that.

We at MASSE are well aware of the high stakes nature of these face masks, and so we’re here to provide recommendations for the best face masks for blackhead removal, directly from users who have really used them. We don’t allow paid reviews or sponsored posts, so you know you’re getting real recommendations for only the best face masks for blackhead removal. It should be quick and easy to find the masks that work best for your skin, so you can clean up quick and get on with your life. With MASSE, we make that happen!

  • Indian Healing Clay


    By Aztec Secret

    We really can’t add anything more to what our users say about Aztec Secret’s Indian Healing Mask — their enthusiasm really says all you need to know. This is heavy-duty facial mask for blackhead removal is “the holy grail for clay masks,” one user raves, while another super-fan says it “works miracles.” All you have to do is take a bit of the rub and mix it with apple cider vinegar, then apply it with a brush. It’s pretty powerful stuff — one user says it “really brings everything to the surface” — and clears out your pores, blackheads included, in just five minutes.

  • Peel & Polish


    By Pixi

    We’ve got another “holy grail” face mask here, which goes to show both how good Pixi’s Peel & Polish exfoliator is and how long our users have been looking for a great blackhead removal system. This face mask is powered by fruit enzymes, which loosen dead cells; lactic acid, which helps exfoliate; cellulose, key for fully peeling; and sugar extracts, which finish up with an impeccable polish job. This isn’t just a face mask for blackhead removal, it’s a full deep face cleaner and brightener!

  • Detox & Brighten Pure-Clay Face Mask


    By L'Oreal

    Charcoal and clay face masks can get pricey, but L’Oreal’s Pure-Clay Face Mask with Charcoal is actually a bargain given how effective it is at removing dirt, oil, and blackheads. The clay and charcoal are amazing at seeking and drawing out the impurities and blackheads from your deepest pores, but because it also moisturizes, you’ll feel not only cleaner and tighter, but also softer and smoother. You’ll look good and feel good, and MASSE shoppers say it’s just as good as the more expensive charcoal and clay masks!

  • Luminizing Black Charcoal Mask


    By Boscia

    Boscia’s Luminizing Black Charcoal Mask combines two major skincare ingredients into one highly effective face mask for blackhead removal. Activated charcoal excels at summoning and extracting pollutants such as oil, dirt, chemicals, and other unwanted particles, while Boscia’s signature blend of jojoba leaf and willowherb provides antioxidants and skin-calming botanicals. Our users love this mask because not only does it peel off easily, it does not hide the pollutants that it pulls off with it — sure, you might think that’s gross right now, but when you see all the gunk it’s removed from your face, you’ll absolutely love it.

  • Clear Improvement


    By Origins

    Here’s another charcoal mask that provides a deep, deep cleansing! Origins’ Clear Improvement combines activated charcoal that summons pore-clogging pollutants and blackheads, which are then swept up and dissolved by white China clay and lecithin. It’s an efficient, highly effective combination that makes Clear Improvement one of the best face masks for blackhead removal.